1 Page Profits – Is It Good Or A Scam?

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1 Page Profits Scam

This post is to review the 1 Page Profits Software by Brendan Mace.

I have personally tested the software and some of the upgrades, so this will be a first hand information for you.

One of the most craved things for online businesses is traffic, especially if you are trying to sell others products, with Affiliate Marketing.

The software is real, yet it doesn’t really deliver what is promised.

Let’s check it out

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1 Page Profits Quick Facts

Product Type: Software To Sell Clickbank Offers

Launched: 23 April 2020

Product Launched By: Brendan Mace

Sales Page: https://www.1pageprofitz.com/1-page-profits37941142

Price: Basic Product $13.11

Upgrades Costs: Many (Even over products offered as bonuses).

Guarantee: Fake

Recommended: No 

Scam: Yes in my personal experience. You can see proof below. 

What Is 1 Page Profits?

It is a software that attracts sales to popular offers in Clickbank, by generating automated backlinks to those offers.

The system claims that nothing has to be done and in 20 days backlinks will be generated slowly for white hat SEO, bringing you free traffic and sales.

Some of the claims made on their Sales Page:

  • “Even if you’ve never made a dime online before… This drives autopilot commissions in just 2 steps: Paste in your affiliate ID (Clickbank) and Plug in the FREE traffic…” and in a joking way, they have a blurry step 3 that says “There is NO Step 3” with a cheeky smiley next to it
  • “Enjoy daily passive commissions. This is truly copy and paste easy”
  • “Picture banking $1000+ Commissions day after day without any experience, paying for traffic, a subscriber list”
  • “5X Easier and 10X Faster than any other affiliate marketing method”

These among other really bold claims.

What do you need to do?

Is not just DFY or you just click a couple of times and this is ready to work.

But it is not so difficult to understand and in fact, if the system would work, it is quite beginner friendly.

Once you are logged in you have a back office like this

Back office

There you will create “campaigns” to sell Clickbank products. By default there are 5 products that are quite popular in Clickbank, but if of any value the only one would be Clickbank University 2.0. This is available if you buy the Pro Version upgrade ($37).

Back Office Offers

The rest are in my opinion not interesting at all, well maybe for a minimal percentage of the population, which really will not bring big sales.

For each of these offers you have to introduce your Clickbank hoplinks, and wait for the automated traffic to create the backlinks in time. I really wanted to test this, if it works, why not?

Turns that the backlinks stopped to be created at 27% and ever since nothing happened.

Meaning no traffic at all, not one single hop in Clickbank, and definitely no sales at all.

There is also an instant traffic feature where you have to spam your contacts in social media. And the only social media button provided to share is actually facebook. All the others are really known but not popular enough.

Spam your family with this software

So you need to have a huge list of fans or be some influencer.

Not for beginners, definitely.

Cost For Upgrades For Pretty Much Everything That Is Announced On The First Page

No Surprises? Are you sure?

I already talked about the $37 Pro Version.

Remember the bold claim of $1000 commissions that was on the first page? Well you need to upgrade for that, and definitely you will get absolutely nothing but more offers to promote, with perhaps higher ticket or higher commissions.

But in the end without traffic it is useless to have any offer of any kind or profit level.

Unlimited Traffic Offer is also a paid upgrade… although it was offered on the page where you buy in the first place the software. A software that includes “all that said”.

There is another upgrade to ‘Platinum” but I did not wanted to find out what it is

There is a license rights update ($67), which I did purchase purposely, I paid for it but I never got the access. 

Here you can see the message on my back office:

I did purchase this because I really wanted to test the extent of this, and given that there was a 100% refund for 30 days…

But this was also promised for free on the first page, wasn’t it?

1 Page Profit Scam Bonus Is For Sell?

So “normally your would have to pay”… this time… you pay anyway!

Who Is Brendan Mace?

It is considered one of the “Gurus” of online sales, he has launched many products of the kind, whether software or training.

He is also very effective at selling similar products from his peers of this type of launches, as it is really shown in the leaderboards.

His products are normally well sold by creative videos or by himself showing as a “nice guy” who wants to share with you “his secrets to make millions”.

The reality is that this gentleman knows all the secrets and shares no one in his products.

Most of the products from Brendan Mace claim that you don’t need a Blog, Ads, Social Media, Writing, or doing absolutely anything.

That is no secret once you have like him, several lists, on several autoresponder services with hundreds of thousands of people.

Not to say that each one of those lists generates thousands of leads daily.

That is not built from the night to the morning in fact, and so the high volume of people increases his probabilities of sales. Regardless of the products being good or not, as long as they are convincing.

Then comes the eternal funnel of upgrades, high tickets, and personal coaching and DFY as usual.

I personally bought 2 products from Brendan Mace, and I got absolutely nothing from them, in terms of knowledge, money or any of his promises.

The One Page Profits “Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee”.

1 Page Profits Guarantee Scam

I tested to the edge and decided to go even for upgrades that were promissed as bonuses as discussed.

First I approached them asking for the backlinks to stop.

Then I asked for a refund in light of all the misleads and lies.

I never got a reply for either technical support or refund, not even saying “NO”.

Here both emails, no answer so far, the last one was on May 13, 2020.

“The Hard Way” 

So this page calls the hard way to all the below activities:

  • Creating Blogs & writing daily content
  • Posting 8 times a day on 6 different social networks
  • Making videos to share on 6 or more social networks
  • Answering questions in forums to “build authority”
  • Studying SEO
  • Creating Websites
  • Learning Advertising

Just to cite some of them. Funny enough this is what Brendan Mace and his team do, all these above “hard way” tasks, he has been done and continues to do to thrive. So what is the real secret taught to his customers? To be lazy and don’t do what really brings success?!

Maybe this is the only honest thing on this page, they are the actual hard way, but the only way that works.

I hope by now you have made your own conclusions but in case you didn’t below is my verdict.

You can see here how you can learn ethical ways to make money online.

Score: 0/0

Recommended: NO

Scam Or Legit?:

Software exists, but doesn’t work, doesn’t deliver what promised and there are a lot of hidden things, for that reason for me this is a Scam.

Although I did not dig deeper on this product, I am sure with what I saw that by keeping buying updates, I would lose more money.

Not only that, I will get no results, no support and no refunds of any kind.

I am not sure how the refund % is so low on such high sales, but probably because like me, they don’t revert to those who ask for refund.

One More  Warning… And A Good Recommendation

Also be aware of a new product launched, that judging for the characteristics, in my opinion tends to be similar to this one. The Name is “Set And Forget”. So watch out! Same starting price, same style page, same bold promises, and same names… 

There are also lots of positive reviews for it as well as for 1 Page Profits Scam, these are of course people selling these products to their audience.

So yes, they will say all is good, even without testing!

I hope this post opens your eyes to the reality of the online world, how some smart people play with the despair of others.

If you are really looking to learn how to make money online in an ethical way, here is my recommendation, it may be the hard way, but hey!… there is NO OTHER WAY!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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20 Responses

  1. Over the years I have experienced many products that just didn’t deliver. It is good to see a good documentation of how so many are scammed. I am so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliates a few years ago. I still bought many of these products, but it only helped me see how good WA was. I always tell people to try it for free before spending money. If a company will not allow a free trial to be careful.

  2. Hello Pablo,

    I always enjoy reading your articles. They are really interesting and useful to me; and for that reason, I even viewed more posts. Thank you very much for sharing this invaluable information concerning”1 Page Profits – Is It Good Or A Scam?”, I honestly appreciate your diligence.Everything is amazing.

    Most of us end up being scammed by these deceivers. Lost of promises but at the end of the day, nothing happens.

  3. oh my god, i am really glad i got to see these post, i already saved it so as bto come back for future reference hello dear, thanks for sharing such amazing concise information with us all , wow what wonderful content you have here, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, thanks  alot I really do fancy these page, your description of each word’s you shared with us makes it easier for the readers to form an opinion, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  4. Quite an interesting review you havehere and I must say that you have really fine into details here which makes the review quite a lot more worthy here. Thanks you. Well! Sewing the review about this 1page profits, I would ay that it isn’t exactly what I would put my money in cua it is not encouraging.

  5. Hello there,  thanks for this very detailed and informative review on 1 Page profit, I must say this review is very timly for me because I plan on investing on this platform after  the advert poped up on my socail media page,  I reluctantly did this reserch just to see  if i can get some information regarding it and here this review have just saved from throwing my hard earn money into the waste bin. Thanks so much, you don’t know how much this means to me.

  6. Hello, I would want to say that I am indeed lucky for seeing this review on the 1 page profits. I came across this platform and it really looked interesting to me , but then I thought of carrying out a research on it. This review will really help people out there not to fall victim to this scam platform. I so much agree with you that the 1 page profits is a scam. This review has helped me I hope it will help others as well 

  7.  I really appreciate the honest review. You know we don’t get that too often. People just want to make money and will promote whatever. I also appreciate offering an alternative that can be trusted and is not a scam.

    I have a saying, heard many times before from other people, that goes “anything worth having will not be easy to get” It’s so true! Doing research first before jumping in will always help so thanks for the tip!

  8. Pablo, 
    This was helpful. One thing that I hate is not being serviced correctly. A company not following through on what they promised. If you offer a money back guarantee, you should stick by it. As a testament to your recommendation program, I would have to agree. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program and users will be more value from it than 1 Page Profits. i’m looking forward to your review on Wealthy Affiliate.

  9. I honestly don’t trust any company that tells you that you’ll be doing $100+ in commissions every day. If that were to be the case, then wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now? Another red flag for me is that it claims to work and make your job easier but it doesn’t provide any proof of doing so. Not to mention it just launched a couple of days ago so the claims can’t be real. 

    1. Hey Stephanie! Indeed hard to trust on this. I did but I also wanted to risk to see further. Someone has to right?

  10. I have always wanted to learn new things from home in order to earn my full income from home and it took me 5 years to realize my dream. It is in fact true and practical to do so when there is guidance of mentors like we have in WA community.

    Thank you for sharing this with others as well and I hope many will also find their way out here.



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