13 Great Affiliate Marketing Networks to Join In 2020

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Best Affiliate Marketing Networks- Work And Earn From Home

If you are searching for great affiliate marketing networks to boost your revenue this year, then you are where you should exactly be.

For one reason or the other, your goal for creating a blog is to earn income. 

And this is where these programs come in handy. Affiliate marketing ensures you convert your traffic into good money. However, this can only be true if you use quality products that many audiences are interested in. To make it easier, this article provides you with the 13 best Affiliate Networks.

They are networks that cluster millions of products among them, in all categories, while there are also independent high-pay affiliate programs that you can join, the networks provide with products and services for almost any vertical.

They have been selected carefully to ensure you get the result you expect from your marketing efforts. So, whether they are meant to market digital or physical products, a large scale or small scale business brand, this list has the exact platforms to boost your business and earn you good revenue.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process through which a person earns a commission after marketing products or services of a given person or company. It happens when the affiliate selects a given product they love from their search, that you recommend, and buy it. 

After that, they market the product and promote its sale. And it’s from the purchase where you earn a commission. Through the affiliate links, you can track every transaction from one given website to the other.

Watch the video below: What Is Affiliate Marketing? By ShareASale

Factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program

1. Binding agreements and fees

Avoid at all costs a network that requires a fixed monthly pay or a starting-fee. These networks are based on performance, which means they will make money every time they deliver sales. So if they claim a starting or monthly fee, it means they don’t believe they can provide profitable sales to your website. 

2. The right choice of company

This is an important aspect to consider. You should be able to control the businesses and brands connected to the network you choose. I am sure the last thing you want is to find your brand linked to non desired products or not related to your niche. And lastly, consider the relation of the network with more notable and renowned brands. 

3. Competition

To stay ahead of your competitors, avoid networks they are using as this will also reduce competition. 

4. Background information

Don’t just opt for any network, run a background check to ensure they are credible, and deliver what they are promising.

5. Support

There should be a means to communicate with the network help desk in case any technical issue arises.

6. Transparency

You need a network that is transparent to earn a good commission. With that said, it means you should be aware of where the traffic and publishers are coming from and the precise orders you are given. 

What are the best affiliate networks to join?

Based on the above points, here is a list of selected networks to join.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ Affiliate
Great Affiliate Networks To Join In 2020 - Commission Junction

CJ stands out among the best choices if you want to connect with various types of merchants. They boast over two decades of success and experience in this field and with incredible annual sales of about $15 billion. Through their platform, affiliates get a good share of yearly payout from a sum of $1.8 billion. 

Therefore, whether you want to partner with great merchants like GoPro, Office Depot, or Priceline, this is the right network. Also, there are a good number of small merchants with high performance. 

However, this platform is an incredible choice if you are an established affiliate. The merchants found here are a bit selective when it comes to who they will partner with. And lastly, you may lose your account if you don’t earn for about six months. 

But if you have a good-sized audience with steady traffic, don’t think twice; this platform is what you need. 

2. ShareASale 

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks - Share A Sale

ShareASale is a massive platform with thousands of merchants and million-plus affiliates. It is a perfect choice if you want a network with a broad option of affiliating marketing. With this option, you don’t have to join multiple systems; it’s an all in one solution you need to try out.

So whether you are dealing with SAAS, physical goods, or digital downloads, this platform got you covered. Lastly, it’s a platform with a good reputation, and it’s no wonder big deals like OptinMonster and WP Engine are exclusive users. 

3. Amazon Associates

Work And Earn From Home - Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an excellent choice for only those dealing with products, whether physical or digital. Thus, if you deal with services, you have to seek other options. What makes this platform an ideal choice is the flat rate commission. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much sales/revenue you’ve driven. 

What’s more, Amazon Associates stands out as the most exceptional network with a massive volume of both digital and physical products. Further, the conversion rate of this platform is quite extraordinary and assuring for whoever wants to make a good commission. 

Lastly, with this platform, you can make a commission from almost anything. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that you will earn a commission from other things your referral audience buys. For instance, if you refer a person to purchase toothpaste, you will also get a commission if they decide to buy a music system within the cookie’s duration. 

Although Amazon has slashed their commissions recently for many verticals, and so has disappointed many of its associates, I still consider it is a great network due to the easy of sign-up, promotion tools and not to say that it has the most complete product catalog in the world, and presence in many countries and regions as well.

The solution in regards of the commission rates, is to promote higher value products, that in turn will give higher commissions.

4. Impact

Best Affiliate Networks - Impact

Are you searching for ways to grow your business? Then Impact programs will ensure you get exactly that. This program provides a platform for a great partnership that will offer you a competitive advantage and an opportunity to grow your business. 

To make this possible, Impact utilizes certain principles which are: to discover great partners among the millions and recruit, optimize, engage, as well as contract and pay them. With these four principles, you will find the best partners that will work for hand in hand with you to promote your business growth. 

5. ClickBank

ClickBank - Work And Earn From Home

Are you searching for a network platform with millions of options for digital products and high commission? Then ClickBank is the right network for you. However, you can also deal with physical products but not as plenty as digital options. 

That said, you have to watch out for certain products as they can be quite questionable despite this platform’s solid reputation. Therefore, do thorough research first before deciding to deal with a particular product to offer.

ClickBank also showcases one of the best platforms for Affiliate Marketing Learning: ClickBank University

6. Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare - Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Rakuten LinkShare fits the description if you are searching for an excellent performing network platform with a solid reputation and high performance. Being ranked as the topmost network consecutively for seven years, expect nothing less than the best results. 

This platform boasts of great merchants like Papa Johns, Macy’s, Best Buy, and Walmart, just to mention a few. It also makes it an ideal option if you want access to a variety of merchants, whether big or small. 

7. Pepperjam – Ascend

Pepperjam-Ascend - Best Affiliate Networks To Join In

Having access to great and reputable merchants is a great option, but Pepperjam takes it to a whole other level. Through allowing one on one contact with your favorite merchants, you have an opportunity to create a stronger relationship and loyalty. What can be better than this?

Further, with two decades of experience in this field, they have a solid reputation for looking up. So if you prefer quality over quantity, then this is the right platform for you. However, if your focus is on access to plentiful options of merchants, Pepperjam only allows selected few who they prefer. 

8. AvantLink

AvantLink Affiliate Networks

AvantLink provides a platform that empowers businesses to boost their awareness through quality partnerships. Further, they are serious about a quality business relationship by only selecting merchants and affiliates who are serious. 

Here is a reference of the programs affiliated to this great network.

This means that merchants and marketers/affiliates will be vetted before joining this platform. That said, the program doesn’t provide a platform for profits only but a place where marketers and businesses can access their promising features. 

Some of these include advanced API, real-time reports, and high converting tools that are all next-generation technology. Lastly, you have a chance to utilize unrivaled customer support that is quick and customized to suit your needs. 

9. FlexOffers

Flex Offers -Affiliate Networks

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner in this field, FlexOffers is the best option. It’s a great affiliate network that will guide you through this marketing technique effectively without a doubt and offers thousands of affiliate products and services. 

Also, it’s a great choice if you need excellent support as well as a quicker turnaround when it comes to payments. Despite being a new kid on the block since 2008, this platform host a promising number of reputable merchants you can try out. 

10. Sovrn//Commerce (Formerly Viglink)

Sovrn//Commerce (Formerly Viglink)

Sovrn//Commerce (Formerly Viglink) is among the best platforms to make quick and easy money. Its means of operation are unique and different from other monetization programs. With this program, you can convert your outbound links into good revenue. 

So every time the users purchase from the referral, you get to earn a commission from it. Furthermore, with this program, you don’t need multiple affiliate accounts for every network. This program covers all of them for you. 

But, that’s not all, through Sovrn//Commerce, expect to make good money through content leverage, insights as well as automation.

You can create also an account with your Google credentials.

11. Awin

Join Affiliate Networs - AWIN

Awin is yet another popular platform with thousands of merchants to choose from. It’s a big company that owns Shareasale since 2017; however, the two platforms are independently running. 

With this Awin, there are plenty of both digital and physical products to choose from. On this platform, expect to work with big names like Gymshark, HP, AliExpress, Etsy, and XE money transfer. And if you prefer working with small merchants as well, there are plenty of great options also. Lastly, you get to enjoy a low payout limit of $20.

12. Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts -Work And Earn From Home

It’s not easy to find an excellent performing travel affiliate network with incredible tools, quick support, and transparent statistics. But with Travelpayouts, all that and much more is possible. This platform comes with over sixty travel programs-affiliate-programs with exclusive offers. 

To ensure you have a great experience, it comes with free, customized, and unique tools to use. Some of these include widgets, white-label, WordPress plugin, API, Mobile SDK, and deep links. 

But that’s not all; you have a quick responding team at your disposal whenever you need technical assistance. So sign in with this platform and monitor your progress and performance through this feature on the dashboard. 

13. Shopstyle Collective

This platform is an excellent option if you want to monetize your content while growing your audience and business brand through data, guidance, and innovative tools. This platform offers you a direct link to top influencers and merchants you will be working with. 

So when you join this platform, you will have full access to product catalog and brands partnered with this platform. To earn a good commission by choosing Shopstyle Collective. Lastly, it doesn’t matter the size of the traffic you have, and this marketing platform is ready to serve you. 

Shopstyle Collective - Work And Earn From Home
Great Brands Such As Adidas Are Available In ShopStyle Collective

How do these networks work?

These networks work through the spread of product marketing responsibilities as well as creation among different parties. Also, it utilizes the capabilities of different individuals to formulate effective marketing campaigns. 

On the same note, the contributors can have a share of the sales profit. But for these methods to work effectively, three essential parties have to be in place. They include: 

  • Sellers
  • Advertisers or affiliates
  • Consumers

So let’s have a look at the role each of the above parties plays briefly:

1. Sellers

The seller can be a large scale enterprise or a solo entrepreneur or a merchant, vendor, or retailer with a given product or service to market.  For instance, a seller with a drop-shipping business may use an affiliate website to attract new visitors. 

2. Advertisers or affiliates

An advertiser or an affiliate can be a company, individual, or business that deals with marketing the seller’s products/services. In simple terms, the members work to persuade consumers into buying certain products or services. Through this, they benefit from a commission of each sale. 

3. Consumers

Consumers are essential in any form of business, and the same applies to affiliate marketing. They are the drivers of marketing affiliates. And this is because, for every purchase, they make the advertiser and the seller share the profit. 

The benefit of these great affiliate marketing networks

  • Robust tracking: With these networks, you can track every referral and sale as well as every commission you make
  • An easy strategy to promote products and services
  • Strategic growth: The networks offer you practical strategies to boost the visibility of your site as well as an increase in sales.
  • A leading commission in the industry: Through the networks, you are bound to earn good revenue for every referral you make.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about Affiliate Networks. So, it’s about time you make your pick, especially if you are searching for an effective strategy of controlling your income by focusing on revenue options based on performance.

Through working hand in hand with the seller, you will attain passive income without having to worry about creating your services and products. However, you need a vast affiliate marketing network to make your success possible. 

Therefore, you can select great affiliate marketing networks from the above list and begin making good revenue. But always keep in mind that what your clients will like is the key factor to consider.  

Finally, simply adding products to your menu doesn’t guarantee sales, you need to provide your users with an experience that will lead them to click on those links to make sales.

Combine the power of the greatest networks with independent affiliate programs, and you are on your way to have a passive source of income from each of the products you promote.

Thanks for being here!

If you have any question or comment or experience to share, please share it in the box below, I will be pleased to help you out with any query.

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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