27 High-Pay Affiliate Programs 2020

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27 High-Pay Affiliate Programs To Join

This article includes 27 High-Pay Affiliate Programs that you can access directly from here to join, if you are an affiliate marketer, and want to increase your success, then this post is for you.

As an affiliate, your main goal is to find affiliate programs that generate good income and align with your audience. Of course, you have also many free to join great affiliate marketing networks like Amazon Associates, an excellent world platform that has something for everyone. However, its 3% commission rate requires so much effort to make a good earning. And this is where other high affiliate platforms come in handy.

In this article, we are going to address various types of affiliate platforms and programs, independent from networks. These programs cover multiple categories to ensure you get your favorite match. So whether you are specialized in fitness, beauty, fashion, finance, travel, VPN, web builders, web hosting, or email marketing, there is something for everyone.

Let’s dive directly into these programs.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, to products or services that I recommend, after thorough testing or research. By following these links, you will not have any extra cost in the event of a purchase or service acquired, and these affiliate links support the mission of my blog. For more information, you can read my Disclosures Page.

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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program can be defined as a form of arrangements through which the online merchants pay affiliates commissions for driving sales to them. In this case, the affiliate sites use specific links from the merchant. The payment is according to the agreement between the two parties. 

Factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program

With so many things to have in mind, choosing a program to work with may seem complicated, but it’s not as challenging as it looks. To make your work easier, consider the following factors when choosing a program to work with.

  • It should be preferably within your niche
  • Choose what you love for effective marketing, but also what is competitive
  • Consider program competitors of the affiliate you are currently working with
  • Should be admired by your audience
  • The reputation of the vendor is very important to look at
  • Consider the inclusion of high price products with high percentage commissions (you can get more money for the same work).

The best high-pay affiliate programs

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the affiliate platforms we have on this list.    

1. PureVPN

27 high-pay affiliate programs ultimate list

Commission: 40% for every sign-up

Cookie duration: 90 days

PureVPN is a leading program in the industry through its most robust and high performing VPN software for iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows. It’s a great platform if you want to make a high commission rate of 40%.

Further, this program has great features to ensure every affiliate has a superb experience helping clients opting for their services. And this includes state of the art control panels that allow for sales monitoring, choosing graphics, as well as landing page amongst others.

That’s not all; this program has constant updates to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. And this is through the incorporation of the latest information on campaigns and sales.

2. Booking.com

Affiliate program Booking.com

Commission: 25%

I am sure one way or another, you’ve encountered this platform while booking for your vacation. It’s a great platform with multi-language support to ensure minimal language barriers.

Further, this platform hosts over a million hotels and thousands of websites, providing you with a vast audience to grow your business and increasing the potential of earning a good commission from referrals.

What’s more, this tool gives you access to great tools that are handy in ensuring you get a better return. Such tools include:

  • Widgets
  • Co-brand
  • Banners
  • Links
  • Search box

Lastly, Booking.com is a global brand. Therefore you have the most massive audience who are potential clients. So, take the first step to make good money and join Booking.com.

3. A2 Hosting

Affiliate program A2 Hosting

Commission: Up to 10 sales-$55; up to 15 sales- $75; up to 20 sales- $100 and up to 21 plus sales- $125

Cookie duration: 90 days

Are you for the quickest way to make money? Then A2 Hosting is an excellent choice. With this program, selling to earn commissions is pretty easy and fast. And considering the securing of up to $125 for every new client, this is a great offer you should not miss. 

And that’s not all, with their principle of selling more to earn more, you can earn more than $125. All you have to do is get in touch with the affiliate manager and set a deal, provided you are making more sales. Lastly, this program offers excellent features, such as:

  • A high rate of conversions
  • Ease of use
  • Longer cookie life
  • Real-time stats
  • Tailor-made landing page and client welcome email if you are a top affiliate.

4. Bluehost

Blue Host Affiliates

Commission: $65 for every sign-up

Cookie duration: 90 days

Bluehost stands out among other hosting providers for being flexible and affordable. While hosting above two million domains, it ranks among the most paid as well trustworthy program.

Further, this program comes with great plans such as WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting.


  • Easy to join with high commission
  • Long cookie duration of 90 days
  • Highly recommended and trustworthy to work with

5. HostPapa

Host Papa Affiliates

Commission: $56 per new sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

As a beginner or a person running a small scale, choosing the right web host can be quite tricky. But thanks to HostPapa, you have a great solution at hand. this service is quite different from others similar. It comes with an easy to use interface. Its features make it a perfect choice for beginners or small scale business owners. 

To ensure you have a great experience using this program, it comes with useful features such as:

  • Higher commission available for top performers;
  • Custom landing pages;
  • Make outstanding commissions with unlimited earning potential;
  • Robust affiliate platform with an advanced click and conversion tracking;
  • Custom discounts available for top performing affiliates;
  • Advanced traffic performance reports;
  • Deep linking to any of our pages;
  • Dedicated affiliate manager;
  • High converting ads and banners;
  • Dedicated affiliate Offers for geographical regions with currency and language support for the target audience.

6. SITE123

Site123 Affiliates

Commission: $183 maximum earnings per sale

With thousands of different ways to create a website, SITE123 has got everything you need. This service has a more straightforward user interface that ensures you understand everything within a few minutes. Further, it’s a useful platform if you want to spend the least time coming with the design and everything else needed in a website. A great offer indeed.

Further for affiliates, it comes with great features like fast pay, easy banners, free of standard fees, conversions tracking, large commission, and fixed commission. Therefore, join SITE123 and experience these fantastic features, amongst others. 

7. SiteGround

SiteGround Affiliate Program


  • Up to 5 sales/mo $50/sale
  • 6 to 10 sales/mo $75/sale
  • 11 to 20 sales/mo $100/sale
  • 21+ Sales/mo Custom commissions

Cookie duration: 30days

Siteground program is more of a solid option with great features and performance. It’s a great alternative for those looking for web hosting. And this is due to exceptional quality services. Furthermore, for affiliates this tool boasts of  amazing features like:

  • Custom landing page
  • Campaign tools
  • Great customer support
  • Complimentary hosting
  • Reliable tracking
  • Attractive visuals

If you are ready to join the world of affiliates, consider the top-notch services from SiteGround. This program will never disappoint you, so make sure you go for it and make great commissions.

8. HubSpot

Join Hubspot - 27 High-Pay Affiliate Programs

Commission: $250 for Starter/Basic, $500 for CMS or Professional, $1000 for Enterprise

Cookie duration: 90 days

HubSpot is a great platform, especially if you want to manage your Sales, Marketing as well as Customer Services. Further, it’s a handy program for email marketing, blogging, and webhosting. While having over 70,000 clients, this is a great platform to grow your business fast. Also, you have an opportunity to work alongside top companies like VMware, Subaru, and Atlassian.

Last but not least, HubSpot ranks amongst the top supportive platforms. Through joining, you can access guidance on how to navigate several of their affiliate programs. Further, signing up is free and immediately start earning commission from the referral program.

9. Wix

Wix Affiliate Program

Commission: $100/month

Cookie duration: 30 days

Why make dozens of mistakes perfect, yet you can avoid a single mistake and still be complete with Wix. This program comes with great features that are simple to use. To ensure you create a flawless website, Wix is among the top sites for lucrative commission. So join today and follow three simple steps to hundreds of dollars in the form of commission from referrals.

10. Shopify

Shopify-eCommerce affiliates

Commission: $58 for every user who signs up and $2000 for every plus referral

Cookie duration: 30 days

Shopify ranks among the most significant platforms when it comes to e-commerce. Through hosting over a million stores as well as users, it’s an excellent platform if you want to make good money.

With these platforms, you stand to benefits from plans like Shopify plus, advanced Shopify, Shopify basic, and Shopify lite. Further, you have a 2weeks trial period. So join the platform today and start earning good money from the referral commission.

11. Singorama

Singorama Affiliate Program

Commission: 70% on products instant download and 40% on media courses that are shipped

Cookie duration: 60 days

This program comes with an unbelievable rate of commission. At 70%, when it comes to instant download, this is the best offer. Further, this platform has taken a further step to ensure you get a lucrative deal. And this is through commissions from products they are offering alongside their plan.

And when you are a member, you will enjoy constant updates, including upcoming events. Thus, rather than working out like a mailing list, this platform offers an opportunity to stay in touch with affiliates.

12. Green CulturED

Green CulturED affiliate program

Commission: 40% recurring per referral

Cookie duration:

Green CulturED is the best option precisely if you love cannabis or running a business that deals with it. Therefore, this platform is handy, especially for those with established brand awareness. 

Unlike other programs, Green CulturED is a bit picky when it comes to working with people. Therefore, opt for their services if you are thinking of expanding your current audience and even earn much more.

That said, let’s have a look at the following features that come with this program. They include accurate tracking, Real-time report, payout and services, easy to join, and multi-channel promotion. 

13. Transistor Podcast

Transistor Podcast affiliates

Commission: 25% recurring monthly

Are you tired of being broke? Well, take the first step to financial victory with Transistor Podcast Affiliate Program. This platform is the simplest and easiest to use. All you have to do is join, and then get the affiliate links and promote.

Thus, earning a 25% monthly recurring commission for every subscriber is a good deal to make some extra income. Further, it has very useful tools that are conversion-focused. Therefore, you aren’t only boosting your organic traffic but also remaining connected to your audience.

14. Ruzuku

Ruzuku affiliates

Commission: 50% from annual plan sale

Cookie duration: 90 days

Ruzuku is among the best platforms that care about your welfare when it comes to earning a good commission. That said, you have a length of 90 days to take credit from your referrals. It is a better deal of return for your marketing efforts. However, the payment is disbursed quarterly. Therefore, it’s a great platform, especially if you want to make savings. 

15. Elementor

Elementor Affiliate Program 50% commission

Commission: 50%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Avoid stressful programs that require intensive marketing but pay little. With Elementor, earning your commission is as simple and easy as 1, 2, 3. This platform sells itself with a 50% better deal commission.

What makes Elementor the best choice is the excellent features it comes with. This feature ensures you have a smooth running of your business as you earn. That said, you get a dedicated team to serve you any time, affiliate kit for effective marketing campaigns.

And considering they are among the top leading in the market, you have direct access to an endless amount of potential clients to sign in.

16. ClickFunnels

Click Funnels Affiliate Program

Commission: 40% recurring commission every month

Cookie duration: 30 days

ClickFunnels is growing fast, a favorite tool amongst entrepreneurs in various industries around the world. With this tool, you can create landing and sales pages with integrated funnels that promote client conversions. In return, you get fast product sales.

The below video explains the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

This tool can be costly but worthy considering the heavy load of marketing tools it has that are effective in promoting a fast and easy sale.

They also have a 100 day free Affiliate Bootcamp program.

17. SEMRush Affiliate Program (BERush)

BErush, Affiliate Program from SEMrush

Commission: 40% lifetime recurring

SEMRush offers a lucrative deal that is too good to ignore. With 40% as a recurring commission, you will have a constant flow of revenue aside from other business you are running.

Apart from that, it’s a popular SEO tool amongst expert marketers around the world. It has excellent features for advertising research, keyword research, competitor analysis, as well as an SEO audit.

They have a 7 day free trial.. more than 45 SEO, Content and Analysis Tools, and is the number one (Highly Recommended) marketing kit available.

They also offer incredible courses and certifications for free in their SEMrush Academy.

Thus, irrespective of your specialty in advertising or content marketing, this program is a great deal that’s easy to sell. So, sign up today and start making quick money.


18. FanDuel

Fanduel Affiliates

Commission: Up to 15 users- $25, up to 100 users- $30, and up to 100 plus users- $35, further, 35% commission in the next 2 years from your referrals revenue.

Cookie duration: 30days

FanDuel offers a great deal to both its affiliates as well as clients. By covering various kinds of betting sports, this allows each better to have access to their favorite. Further, it’s a popular platform with over 6 million audiences. It’s a considerable reputation, and a huge audience makes it an attractive choice in the market place. Therefore, if you want to make a vast sum of money out of commission, with an amazing interface and marketing tools for your affiliate efforts, FanDuel is right what you need. 

19. GetResponse

GetResponse - Email Marketing Affiliates

Commission: Either $100 one time bounty or 33% monthly recurring

Cookie duration: 120 days

GetResponse is a favorite program among marketing experts. Generally, this service has plenty to offer. As a member, you will have access to effective marketing campaigns. Further, it also comes with pre-built features from the landing page up to the sales page.

Therefore, with GetResponse, launching a whole new marketing campaign is a few clicks away. This tool boast of its performance due to high end features such as:

  • e-commerce tools,
  • Traffic generating tool
  • Email marketing tool

With these features and much more, making a massive return from sales and referrals will be your new habit rather than a goal to fulfill.

20. Elegant Themes (Divi)

Elegant Themes Affiliates

Commission: 50%

Cookie duration: 180 days

If you are focused on earning a living as an affiliate, don’t think twice about making Elegant Themes your favorite.

This platform offers a 180-day cookie duration that increases your chances of earning. Further, they have one of the highest commission at 50%, ensuring your marketing efforts are compensated well. 

But, that’s not all, with Elegant Themes, also offer commissions on subscriptions that are being renewed annually.

Lastly, this platform is famous worldwide, and the perfect choice if you want to lessen your marketing effort. That said, this tool practically sells itself.

21. SpyFu

SpyFu Affiliates

Commission: 40% monthly recurring

Cookie duration: 365 days

Cookie duration determines the maximum time at which you can get credit from your referrals purchases (provided they do not clear cookies in their browser before). It’s not very common to get a better deal when it comes to this feature, but SpyFu is out there to ensure you get what you deserve by all means.

Through its 365 days cookie duration, you have a 100% guarantee when it comes to getting sure returns from your referrals.

Further, this program ensures you can receive your pay twice every month.  A feature that ensures you never run “empty” once you have gathered a good number of active users. Lastly, SpyFu has a promising 2.5% rate of conversion. What can be better than this?

22. Teachable

Teachable partners program

Commission: 30% recurring commission

Cookie duration: 90 days

This tool is an excellent choice for those who love to deal with online courses. And considering the rising demand for practical online course tools, Teachable delivers the best-performing programs. Currently, it stands out as one of the best options, especially for beginners.

Further, it comes with a fantastic feature like a suite that allows anyone to build a fascinating course website.

Therefore, with this tool, you don’t need to worry about your technical skills. It’s a handy tool for both professionals as well as beginners. 

As part of the program, you enjoy excellent deals like a 30% lifetime recurring commission as well as 90 days cookie duration. Isn’t that great?

23. Podia

Podia Refer-A-Creator Program

Commission: 30% recurring commission

Cookie duration: 15 days

Podia fit the description of all in one marketing tool that ensures you generate a significant amount of organic traffic and get huge returns.

With this program, you can create, migrate as well as host a website without straining. Further, this tool allows you to integrate with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, among others.

What’s more, site customization is most uncomplicated, through its flexible layout, you have full control of the site appearance.

Last but not least, this tool supports webinars, membership sites, email list building, and product validation.

Therefore, sign up with this program today and experience the fuzzy feeling of making good money.

24. AWeber Advocates

AWeber Advocates Program

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie duration: 12 months

Aweber is a well-designed program to boost the growth of the small business as well as promote a higher rate of return. And with over 100,000 active audiences, this is a great platform to boost your business awareness. Further, it is free to sign up with a good 30% commission for every sign-up.

Lastly, this program comes with unique features to boost the growth of your business rapidly. And some of them include email sale notices, stats for visitors, and sales and customer referral newsletters, among others.

You can try the service for free and even carry on with it for your sales efforts, not only of this service but of anyone you would like to promote via affiliate marketing.

They also provide great training for users and for affiliates the best set of creatives, videos, and all the needed tools.

25. ConvertKit

Convertkit Affiliates

Commission: 30% monthly commission for every new sign-up

Cookie duration: 60 days

Whether you are a creator, influencer, marketer, or blogger, this is a perfect tool if you want to make a good earning. Through its tailor-made email campaigns, you have an opportunity to grow your audience rapidly. Further, with a two weeks free trial, you have enough time to gather enough audience for your product.

With this platform, you also stand to benefit from:

  • Tracking your progress through the dashboard
  • Evergreen webinars
  • Video assets and graphics to build your content
  • Training course

With all that to offer and a great set of tools for affiliates, you can surely be making your way to a healthy side or even full income with ConvertKit.

26. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Best Affiliate Program For Education Platform

Commission: 25% / new user

Cookie duration: 15 to 60 days

Whether you are earning your income as an affiliate or through the creation and sale of online courses, LearnWorlds is an excellent choice. For members, this platform offers 25% commission forever / new sign up, which is a good deal if you think about it. Further, you have access to a maximum of 60 days of cookie expiration. It is more than enough to earning credit from your referrals.

If you opt for this platform due to its services, you are also in a much better place. With LearnWorlds, you have access to powerful and effective sales tools, accurate analytics, and integration with tons of third party marketing campaign tools. Hit the button below to try it for free, or check out this thorough review of the platform.

27. eToro

eToro, best affiliate program for investing platform

Commission: 25% per referral

Cookie duration: 45 days

eToro can be termed as cutting edge in the financial markets. With this program, you can earn money through trading or perhaps as an affiliate. Through the affiliate referral program, you can earn up to 25% sales commission and gain from a promising 45 days cookie duration. Further, this platform also incorporates a means to earn via second-tier programs for referrals as well as popular investor income generation.

Bonus Program: Wealthy Affiliate

Here is a bonus program to this post. It is The Wealthy Affiliate Referrals Program.

Not only at Wealthy Affiliate you can have all the tools and resources to succeed with your Affiliate Marketing efforts. They also offer an outstanding affiliate program with great commission rates.

You can incorporate this program to your portfolio, while promoting any your other affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate Referrals Program
Great Commission Rates

They also offer to its affiliates the greatest training programs in Affiliate Marketing: The Online Entrepreneur Certification and The Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Affiliate Bootcamp - Work And Earn From Home
The Affiliate Bootcamp
How Much Can You Earn With Wealthy Affiliate?

Final Remarks

Irrespective of the program you prefer you want to join from above, there are specific factors you need to keep in mind. These include cookie duration, commission rates, and average order value, among others.

Further, the payment plan of the program is crucial to consider. If you use affiliate marketing to earn a living, find a once or twice payment option for every month. However, if you have other earning sources, then any payment plan is okay.

Lastly, don’t rush in picking any program; ensure you have full interest in what they are offering. For it will show that you are creative in attracting traffic and convincing your audience to sign up for that particular program. Thus, through following the above guidelines, excellent returns are assured.

Last but not least, most of these programs are instantly accepting partners/affiliates. Some of them will review your application, so make sure that you enter all the correct data and your means of promoting in the affiliate form provided by each.

The other thing is that all the mentions in this list of high-pay affiliate programs are free to join, there is no cost whatsoever, something that you always need to look into before partnering with any product or service.

For more options to affiliate partnerships, here is my list of 13 great affiliate marketing networks to join.

So Which Ones You Joined or will join?

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it functional to you, and it provided new ideas to develop your blog or affiliate business online.

Are you already affiliated to any of these options?

If you made it all the way to here, please share your comments or leave a question if you have it.

You can also share this content with your colleagues or friends.

Thank you for being here!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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6 Responses

  1. You really have shared some very good choices for affiliate marketing, so do you really feel these programs will earn someone more income than a Shopify store?

    Many of the programs you share I do recognize them, but you have shared a few that are new to me that I am going to check out after I finish this comment


    1. Hello Jeff,

      Well, it all depends. With online stores, you may need to deal with drop-shipping and suppliers, for instance, something that I am not interested in doing, but totally valid. I make more money with affiliate programs because I have my focus on sharing quality services and I am growing my audience in that way, but of course, if you are growing an audience of online shopping fans, then you will succeed more with online shops.
      Thanks for your comments and if you have any other questions I am at your service.

  2. What a great list, thank you so much, Pablo. Very useful. I always thought that for programs like Bluehost and Aweber you would need to be a client first before you can become an affiliate? If that is not the case, then a whole new set of possible partners open up for me 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie,
      Thank you for your comments! You do not actually need to be a client to be an affiliate of Bluehost or AWeber Advocate.
      Simply sign up for their affiliate programs. For AWeber, you will be accepted instantly, for Bluehost they will review your application.
      In that sense, I am glad this article opens those opportunities for you. 🙂

  3. Hello,
    Well done on such an informative and in-depth article. It’s great that you summarise everything in the bottom too, it makes it easier for me to come to a judgement. Do you think it’s best to focus your energies on promoting just one programme or can you promote a few of them with success?

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for your comments!

      I am glad you find my article useful. You can promote anything you want, given that is useful and relevant to your site and niche.


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