Best Marketing Tools 2020 – Resources For Your Success

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Best Marketing Tools 2020

This post is a list of the best marketing tools 2020, based on my very own experience.

These are the tools and resources I use on my businesses online, and they are proven to be effective. Also they have a huge reputation.

Especially designed for Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and other online marketing disciplines, they will enhance your workflow.

I hope you have the chance to test them and use them, they are absolutely great.

And they all integrate seamlessly to WordPress, and some of them to many other services out there, such as Shopify

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Elementor Pro

Best Marketing Tools 2020 - Elementor Pro

Elementor is a robust plugin for creating websites visually in WordPress. It has a superb collection of elements, templates and in particular marketing tools.

The concept is very simple, any page, post or template can be created with elementor, visually. That means you don’t need to use the back end of your WordPress site and refresh and preview every change.

Simply what you see is what you get, all your writing content and media can be easily done by dragging and dropping the elements.

Elementor Visual Page Builder is a free plugin, and it has enough resources to create stunning websites.

The elementor pro version ads more to it, with a huge gallery of blocks and templates, website kits and more marketing tools and integrations with third parties.

Some advantages of using Elementor Pro:

1. Editor Features

  • Drag And Drop editor makes creating websites a fun process
  • Viewing each element while styling
  • Every change made is instant, reducing the working time considerably
  • Every detail can be fine-tuned
  • All site elements designed from one screen, including your header, footer and content. Streamlining your productivity
  • Intuitive editor interface, copy/paste, copy style and Navigator features, easy to quickly familiarize with
  • Finder for any element
  • Save and reuse elements globally
  • Editing history, you can literally return to any change you made, and save in draft mode
  • Design features that make your site alive, stunning animations, parallax and huge library of resources, such as fonts and icons

See my full Elementor Review here.

(The link will open in a new tab, so you don’t miss the next tools here).

2. Marketing Features – Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

  • Flexible, powerful and intuitive drag and drop Landing Page Builder. Create high-converting landing pages
  • Build your Forms visually, never interfering with your workflow
  • Easily integrate with other marketing tools, such as Email Marketing or sales carts
  • Drag And Drop Widgets: Price Table, Form, Call to Action, Social Icons, Share Buttons, Animated Headline, Testimonial Caroussel, Slides, Countdown, Counter, Facebook Button, Blockquote
Elementor Marketing Widgets

3. Some Next Level Marketing Features

  • Action Links: Connect with your audience via Whatsapp, Google Calendar, Gaze and others
  • Lightbox overlay that pops up when visitors click on buttons, images or links
  • Google Schema supported Star Ratings and Review Sliders
  • Evergreen Countdown. Visitors get the exact same time frame regardless of when they enter the page
  • Sticky Bars, headers, footers and other elements, always visible on scroll
  • Request Parameters, track every action in along the funnel

Elementor Plugin is Free. Recommended also the Hello Elementor theme, light and fastest way to work with Elementor.

Cost of Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro Personal: $49/yr. For 1 site.

Elementor Pro Plus: $99/yr. For 3 sites.

Elementor Pro Expert: $199/yr. For 1000 sites.

Plus And Expert include all the same features but they have a higher number of licenses.

Price includes support and updates yearly.

To see Elementor in action, try first the free plugin: Click the logo below:

elementor PRO

Get Response – Incredible Solution In Email Marketing, Automation And Sales Growth

Best Marketing tools 2020 - Get Response

Get response is a state of the art cloud platform for marketers.

From creating leads and sales funnels to full email marketing campaigns and automations, Get Response has it all.

I personally have tried various services, and for the price and the advantages, by far I prefer Get Response.

Here are some of the features of this robust Email Marketing Engine.

1. Get New Contacts

  • Build Landing Pages
  • Create a Sign Up Page
  • Make a Form
  • Import Contact
  • Create a ready made campaign for leads generation
  • Create a list building funnel

2. Keep In Touch

  • Single Emails and Newsletters
  • Email series Autoresponders
  • Create automated workflows

3. Grow Online Sales

  • Create new Stores
  • Grow existing stores
  • Create Sales Funnels

4. Extend Campaigns Reach

  • Integrate with social media
  • On board Facebook Ads
  • Create A Webinar or Webinar Funnels

Keep Control And Optimize

With a great back office of stats and reports, you can keep an eye of what is going on with your campaigns, including a Real Time Delivery World Map. Then you can use this data to adjust your campaigns performance.

Without any doubt the above features make Get Response a full marketing platform for creating, engaging and keeping contact with your audience, while seeing exactly how everything is happening.

There are so many more features, but to put the red lace on top, the on-boarding is free, 30 days trial, and they have great email based courses and certifications for free to get you to the next level in Email Marketing.

Get Response Price – 30 Days Free Trial

Pricing: Free 30 days trial no Credit Card asked.

Basic Price starts at $15/mo. and includes:

  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited automation templates
  • Sales funnels (1 funnel)
  • Unlimited lead funnels
  • Facebook Ads
  • Sell e-products

Take a look at Get Response: Get Response Free Trial 30 Days

Jaaxy – The Best Tool For Keywords Research

If you are creating content, definitely you need this tool. There are many ways to research keywords, but there is no tool that I have tested or tried better than Jaaxy.

These are some of the features of this excellent Keywords Research Tool:

1. Keywords Research

The importance of Keyword Research is not just the keywords themselves, but the metrics that determine whether this keyword will be successful in ranking or not. That is of course given that you are not stuffing keywords or following Black Hat practices.

The Keywords Research feature at Jaaxy, provides the following information, for the exact keyword searched and many related suggestions:

Jaaxy Best marketing Tool for Research
  • Average Searches Monthly
  • Traffic Estimated If Ranked Page 1
  • Quoted Search Results (The number of ranked websites competing for the exact same keyword)
  • Keyword Quality Indicator, based on the parameters above, whether this keyword is best to use or not
  • SEO Score based on searches and competition
  • Domain availability of the exact keyword

With the data that Jaaxy provides (this is a very high technology cloud tool, there is nothing like this really), you can rest assured that your focus keywords for your content are sure winners.

2. Other Amazing Features Aside Of Keyword Research

  • Alphabet Soup searches
  • Saved lists of keywords searches
  • Searches History
  • Search Analysis of competing websites over keywords
  • Affiliate Programs based searches
  • Brainstorming feature

3. Jaaxy has a Starter Trial account that is totally free.

The free Starter Jaaxy version includes:

  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 SiteRank Analysis

Jaaxy Pro And Enterprise run at $49/mo. and $99/mo., respectively.

They include unlimited searches and more advanced and automated tools.

There is another type of membership: Jaaxy Lite. Jaaxy lite includes a lot of features unlimited and also automated, however this membership is not available for purchasing

It is included for free with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

Either way you sign up for Jaaxy, you are signing up also for a Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate, which is also free.

Say you start with the free trial of Jaaxy and use it for your marketing purposes and research.

At the same time you are signed up for Wealthy Affiliate starter, and you can have there many other marketing tools and training for free, so really worth it to try.

Final Words

These are tools I love and use, including Wealthy Affiliate, which best feature is the community of entrepreneurs, and there are no high tickets pursuits.

Best recommendation if you want to learn Affiliate Marketing.

Do not take my work for it. I have provided you with access via links to these tools for you to actually go and give them a test yourself.

So I hope you have enjoyed this article and found it useful, and I will see you around my blog Work And Earn From Home.

Thank you for being here!


If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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22 Responses

  1. Hey nice article you have there. The importance of an effective marketing tools to the profitability and market share of a  business cannot be overemphasize. A company who employs the right marketing tools will definitely outsmart it’s competitors to gained competitive advantage. Your tools are quite viable and effective, will definitely try some

  2. as an anticipating digital marketer or affiliate marketer striving to successfully make it at the top of online marketing, it is necessary that you must have the best of knowledge on the best marketing tools needed to help you overcome competition in the marketplace, these tools goes a long way to promoting your product and increase in sales which leads to more profit… thanks a lot for sharing this intriguing marketing tools… off to share

  3. Helooo there, I really want to appreciate you for taking out your time in putting up this amazing and interesting post to the members of  the public, it’s indeed going to be useful out there, I must say that teeese are indeed the best Marketting tools, the elementor pro is really a fascinating tool with beautiful features.i find it very interesting.

  4. Hello there,  this is such a very detailed and informative post, i really don’t  have experience with any of the above you’ve mentioned,  as I am a newbie online and I’m currently setting up my business,  I am in the process of building my website  so I thought it wise to arm myself with everything I’ll need to have a smooth running of my business,  hence my search for the best marketing tool.

    1. As your business grows you will need more powerful and better tools. I reviewed these ones because they really skyrocket my marketing efforts. Worth it to try!

  5. I have been using Jaaxy for a while now and have had great results. What is really piquing my interest right now is the Elementor plug-in. One of the most frustrating things about trying to edit the look of my site through WordPress’s backroom is it seems very limited. I love the fact that Elementor is much more visual. From your description, it sounds like those advertisements for building a site through Wix. Is this true in your experience?

    1. Similar in concept, but created for WordPress. There is a huge advantage on PHP programming Vs. HTML (Wix).

      Also if your site is created in WordPress, then your options for visual builders have to go that pathway.

      I have done sites in Wix before, I find the core of Elementor has much more Back Bone.

  6. Hi, Pablo, thank you for your review of the different online resources that can boost our online business. I have no doubt that your judgment is right and I am taking your word for it. The EP expert carries so much value compared to the EP personal and as a result, I will like to go for the EP expert. My question, doesn’t the use of EP expert requires a specialised skill?

    1. Hello Debbie,

      Like anything else it takes a bit of time to understand it, but I can assure you that it is really worth it to learn to use it, because it is actually not hard at all. The interface is really beginners friendly and you can be dragging and dropping and editing styles like a pro in no time. Bottom line, once you get a hold of the features, you are really streamlining your productivity a lot.

  7. I love Jaaxy and get response, and the fact that the later gives a 30 day trial is amazing, as you are able to try out the features before you buy. Do you recommend getting elementor pro as a beginner, as it seems quite expensive, especially if you are not making much money anyway. 

    1. Hi Jazzy, well Elementor Free includes already a bunch of great features that can streamline your work and make your site beautiful.

      I would say you have time to invest in Pro, and that is not expensive $49 a year, provided that you will have an arsenal of improved widgets and tools, especially marketing features.

      But it is all depending on your budget.

  8. Hi Pablo,

    I really liked this article. So much valuable information is given.

    It really is amazing how you can now add some amazing effects to your website by simply dragging and dropping. 

    The Elmentor plug in is free and well worth taking a look at. The Elimentor Pro does come with a rather high price tag but if it brings traffic I am sure it is worth the expense. It definately gives your website a professional appearance.


    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your comments. Indeed is a very robust program. To be honest I do not see it as a high tag $49 a year for one site, with all the incredible features included in Elementor Pro and how much the work is streamlined, plus the training and support resources. But of course this is my personal opinion and we all have different value scales.

      Not to say about 3 websites and 1000 websites licenses. The lather being ridiculously convenient, to even make an agency.

      One way to put it is if you are a user of Elementor for some time, free version, then when you become pro you have had acquired the knowledge and practice with most of features and settings, that for itself only makes Elementor Pro already paid.

  9. Hi Pablo

    This is a great article – thank you! I did not know much about Elementor and Get Response, although I have heard of them before. Your article gives a clear overview of both of these tools, which will certainly help me to decide whether I will want to use either of them in the future.

    1. Hello Shell,

      Elementor has a completely free version that is very well equiped, from where you can really test how it works and even stay on that free version. 

      Get Response has a free 30 day trial.

      So you have reasons to try, at no risk and then see if they actually work for you.

  10. Great post you have about Elementor Pro. I just started my first affiliate site, less than 2 months ago and downloaded the elementor plug in – free version. I have absolutely no skills with websites and it is the first one I have ever created and elementor free version was fun and easy to use. I have considered upgrading because with the free version, I could not use all the widgets and I was only able to design my homepage, but I can not modify the headers, footers and post pages.

    The price I believe is definitely worth it! Thank you for the great review.

  11. You’ve put together a great list here. I can speak from personal experience on all three and currently still use GetResponse and Jaaxy! GetResponse was my very first email automation system 10+ years ago and I moved back to it just over a year ago. Well worth it. My site previously had Elementor Pro on it and it was worth the cost for sure. Keep up the great work. 

    1. Thank you Jason for your comments.

      I am really satisfied with these tools they are cut edge software and they really make my work professional and easier.

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