Best VPN Service 2020 | PureVPN In Depth Review

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Pure VPN - Best VPN Service

If you are in the search for the Best VPN service 2020, then you are in the right place and you will find in this article all the information about PureVPN, how to install it, use it, and all the benefits for your data security.

Whether you are running a company or personal business through an online platform, optimizing its security is crucial. And this is because hackers or online intruders are out there ready to pounce on anyone who is sloppy when it comes to protecting their data.

Suffering a data breach by hackers/intruders can be quite costly as there may be loss of personal info, company records, and money.

To some extent, the breached information may be used in committing fraud, among other illegal affairs. Therefore, keeping your data safe is critical, whether its business-related or just personal data.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer the best protection service that guarantees the safety of your data. However, the challenge often comes in when choosing the best and most effective VPN to work with.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, to products or services that I recommend, after thorough testing or research. By following these links, you will not have any extra cost in the event of a purchase or service acquired, and these affiliate links support the mission of my blog. For more information, you can read my Disclosures Page.

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Why PureVPN Is The Best VPN Service?

There are plenty reasons for giving this qualifier to this service, but let’s start just with some amazing perks:

1. The 7-day full access, no limits trial for only $0.99

And a 40% discount afterwards.

2. 31-day money back guarantee

Do not miss out on the offer! Hassle-Free 31-Day Money Back Guarantee.

3. Buy 1 Gift 12 Free VPN Accounts

Now, you can buy any of the premium plans and send 12 invitations of free monthly accounts to those you care about. You can invite a dozen people from your family circle, friends’ list, or from your peers so that they too can experience the true taste of Internet security, anonymity, privacy, and accessibility.

4. Access Restricted Content Like The Best Netflix Libraries

access Netflix shows from the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom with PureVPN

You can easily access Netflix shows from the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom with PureVPN. Plus, you can get rid of buffering while watching HD shows on Netflix after connecting your device to a VPN because it prevents ISP throttling. The good news is you can view all 7 Netflix libraries that offer 4,335 movies and 1,197 TV shows.

Access 7 Netflix Libraries

5. No Log Certified VPN

What you do online is your business alone, period. When you connect to PureVPN on your devices, you can be sure there’s no information about your Internet activities that third-parties can use to identify you. 

Here you can find more information about this critical certification

There are many VPN’s in the market. Which One To Pick?

Differentiating between those out there to deliver quality services, may feel impossible versus money-oriented only. But don’t be stressed over this.

After thorough testing and research on various VPN services, our pick among the best is PureVPN.

We will look at its review and what to expect if you are to opt for their virtual private network services.

It includes vital features you need to check out, how to use it, the subscription plans, pros, cons, and FAQs you might be interested in knowing the answers.

What is Pure VPN?

This platform was created in 2006 and has built a name for itself over being the best in delivering outstanding VPN services. They were being G.Z. System subsidiary, this platform headquarters is based in Hong Kong, a location safe from the government prying eyes.

This platform has more than 2000 servers that are distributed across the world in 180 plus locations. That said, they own their infrastructure, thus ranking them as global players when it comes to encryption and data protection.

Further, their products and services are available to both mobile and desktop platform users and support casting devices such as Amazon Fire and Chromecast.

For better insight before choosing to work with this platform, the following is a review of what it is and how it works. Also, it comprises of benefits and setbacks that you have to weigh their value before deciding a way forward. So, let’s have a look at what this platform has to offer:


Best VPN Service 2020 Advanced Features
Some Of The Advanced Options Included

One of the things that makes this platform stands out among the rest is the diversity of the great features they offer.

For example, you have access to an Internet Kill Switch. It’s compatible with main protocols, over five simultaneous connections NAT firewall, and split tunneling, among others. 

That said, they do offer a plethora of amazing features that allow you to customize your online experience through a VPN. In that note, the following are a list of features it comes with:

  1. P2P
  2. Intruding Eye
  3. Ultra-fast speed
  4. Servers Everywhere
  5. Secure Wi-Fi
  6. Fast Streaming
  7. Over 2000 servers
  8. Technical support around the clock
  9. Allows a maximum of 10 multiple logins
  10. Split Tunneling
  11. Internet-kill-switch
Best VPN Service 2020 Features

Advantages of Pure VPN

Pure VPN

1. Say goodbye to data breaches.

With high 256-bit-AES security encryption, your data is safe from being breached.

2. Multiuser protection

By allowing a maximum of 10 users to connect simultaneously, this platform can be handy in protecting your entire household devices.

3. Link your business to a safe network

The last anyone would need their vital business data being access by intruders/ hackers. But with this platform, you can save your document online, share files, and even transact business at ease through a safe network that is secured.

4. Hide from government surveillance

Various internet laws are coming up to limit and monitor user content. In most cases, this usually slows down internet performance when it comes to speed and content you need to access. But with this platform, no need to stress, as it gives you online freedom to do whatever pleases you at your convenience.

5. Free from country blocks and bandwidth limits

With this platform, you can stream wherever you want on the internet without being limited by country blocks and bandwidth limits. All you have to do is connect to the server of a location you wish to access their content.

6. Protect your online presence

This platform offers iron-clad security to ensure your online presence is secured from hackers who may want to intercept your data.

And this is made possible through amazing features such as Wi-Fi security where most hackers are found. With this platform, you will be protecting your data from the Wi-Fi hotspot hackers/thieves.

Secondly, it comes with encryption features that make your data to look gibberish to the hackers. Therefore, through this feature, your data is safe from any data hijack or communication intercept. 

Lastly, this platform has over 2000 servers that are secured to ensure you can browse safely.

7. Complete freedom on the internet

When it comes to the internet, freedom is all about not being afraid to browse, share files through P2P, or deal with buffers while streaming. And thanks to this platform, all that and much more is possible. 

8. Guarantees your online privacy

Do you love to keep things to yourself; well, you can extend your privacy to online with PureVPN.

With this platform, you can be invisible and browse online without leaving behind any digital footprints.

And that’s not all; it’s also an excellent option for companies that want to keep their information safe from intruders and competition.

Things like app permission, geolocation, I.P. marking, device I.D.s, and Cookies can be used to trace your activities. But by choosing to use PureVPN, all your data is secured by restricting access to it.


Best VPN Plans

This platform offers one of the most attractive methods to meet your needs and budget. The recent unlimited seven-day trial gives you full access to all the features that PureVPN has to offer. So let’s have a look at these plans and their pricing:

1-week trial plan at $0.99

After that, you can benefit from an annual subscription of $6.49 every month. That is a 40% discount from the standard rate of $10.95 without trial.

With this plan, you are granted full access to PureVPN. It means you can explore all the features this platform offers within the given period at an affordable rate of $0.99.

Monthly plan

Standard monthly plan at $10.95 without any discount

Six-months plan

Half a year plan at $8.33/ month with a 24% discount to benefit from

Further, you have multiple methods of payment you can use to meet your plan payment at ease. Some of them include VISA, Master Card, PayPal, and Amex, among others.

How to Start PureVPN and Using Step-by-Step

By now am sure you are well acquainted with this tool and the features it comes with. Probably, you have set it up, but do you know how to use it? Well, if you don’t, let’s have a look at how it can be done.

Before we get to that, it’s important to note that this platform supports many devices. And this includes both desktop computers and mobile devices. Some of the options it can apply to include Windows, Mac, Router, Android, and iOS.

Thus, to set it up on any of these devices, consider the following simple steps:

  1. Download the app/software depending on the device you are using (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Router).
  2. Then through your credentials, launch the app/software.
  3. Choose a particular server location and connect to it.
  4. Wait for a few seconds or minutes for the connection establishment.
  5. Now it’s ready for use.
Pure VPN set up step 1
Step 1
Pure VPN set up step 2
Step 2
Pure VPN set up step 3
Step 3
Pure VPN set up step 4
Step 4
Pure VPN set up step 5
Step 5

Login with Chrome Extension

Below is how easy is to log in with the Chrome Extension, but it is also as easy with windows and android apps. Really simple to use and couple of click you are secured.

Pure VPN Login with Chrome
Chrome Extension Login
Pure VPN Login with Chrome 2
Chrome Extension Connect
Pure VPN Login with Chrome 3
Chrome Extension Connected

Windows Setup

Watch the video below to set up PureVPN on Windows

Android Setup

Watch the video below to set up PureVPN on Android

Mac Setup

In the below video tutorial you will see exactly how to set up PureVPN on Mac.

Manual set up of PureVPN

Not everyone is fortunate to be in a region where they can access local VPN apps/software. If you are in such a situation, don’t stress. With a manual VPN set up, you have a chance to secure your data. And this is thanks to in-built virtual private network settings that are available in most devices. Click the following and follow the steps on how to set it up depending on the device you are using:

PureVPN supports every internet-enabled device

How to Use Essential Features of Virtual Private Network

Choose a protocol for VPN, or it can be done for you

If you find it hard to pick a Virtual Private Network protocol, this can be done for you at ease. Further, you have the power to change it at your pleasure.

In this case, OpenVPN and IKEv2 are considered the best choice for your data security and staying up to date. 

With IKEv2- it is much faster with excellent connection stability while OpenVPN, on the other hand, provides excellent security. 

Pick A Server Location

The next important thing to do is select a country with a server to connect to. But it all depends on your goal. What do you want to achieve? For instance, if your target is accessing the Netflix library of another country, select that country server. 

However, at times our main concern may be the speed of browsing or online streaming. If this is the case, then don’t hesitate about picking a server in your own country. The closer the server is, the faster the speed.

And lastly, not all countries have online freedom, but with virtual private networks, it doesn’t matter where you are. This platform allows you to bypass censorship and experience infinite of possibilities.

Click to Connect

With Quick Connect, you can instantly connect to the best with just a click, as simple as it sounds. There is no skimping on security and privacy. This feature allows you to appreciate what an excellent online speed feels like. All you have to do is click open the application/software and then click on the Quick Connect, and the rest will take care of itself. 

Pros and Cons of PureVPN


  1. Great customer support
  2. Unmetered torrenting with the chance of using Netflix
  3. Internet privacy
  4. Compatible with all main protocols
  5. It comes with amazing features such as split tunneling, VPN hotspot, Multi-port, and Kill switch
  6. Great compatibility
  7. 256-bit common encryption
  8. Refunding Policy
  9. Comes with inbuilt anti-malware and antivirus support
  10. Ranks among the budget-friendly VPNs
  11. Various payment options such as crypto-currencies among others


I personally find there is nothing to say against PureVPN, in my very own experience. Really hard to find them a fault, although I been reading some cons in other reviews, I did not experience them and I disagree, whether is Windows, Chrome or Mobile, totally satisfied.


What is A VPN?

Also known as Virtual Private Network, it can be termed as a technology that is handy in enhancing your online security and privacy.

It does this through traffic encryption and hides your actual I.P. address. Further, this platform is advantageous in providing free internet services without censorship and surveillance worries.

What is it used for?

This platform is handy in various ways, but it all revolves around keeping your data safe.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter that you are running a business or simply want to keep your home or family safe. This platform takes care of all your online security. That said, it is used to:

  1. Maintaining your privacy
  2. Prevent the loss of intellectual property
  3. Protect multiple devices simultaneously
  4. Guarantee secured transactions
  5. Improves data integrity
  6. Prevent data breaches
  7. Access streaming media worldwide without restrictions

Why you need a VPN?

Why You Need A VPN?

There are tons of reasons why you need a virtual private network. In this case, let’s have a look at some of the primary but compelling reasons:

Freedom from Online Discrimination of Prices

Yes, you had it right. There is online discrimination of prices everywhere. In simple terms, many providers and among them retailers impose product rates depending on the county one comes from.

In some cases, you may be lucky enough to be in a country with low price rates or unfortunate to be in a country with the highest price rate.

But that’s not all. This discrimination goes beyond consumer products in various e-commerce stores.

It also applies to flight bookings, hotel reservations, and car rentals. But with a virtual private network, you can ditch this discrimination and enjoy better price rates.

Issues with FCC policies and laws on data retention

Through the rollout of FCC policies and laws on data retention, the internet is metered and quite slow. Through the implementation of these laws, slow downloads and streaming speed is inevitable.

But through this virtual private network platform, you have a chance to avoid all that and enjoy super-fast streaming and downloads, among other internet services.

Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is currently a game-changer in the world of shopping. Through it, you can purchase anything you want from your home comfort and have it delivered on your doorstep.

However, this reliable service also poses a significant threat as you are susceptible to online fraud through your credit card. But with a VPN provider at your service, you are very secured with nothing to worry about.

Safe Internet while in Public

Nowadays, you can access internet connection everywhere, whether in a Café, Subway, or Hospital. However, this great convenience and reliability also come with high risk. 

By connecting to public internet connections, you are risking your privacy. Hackers and identity thieves are on an alert in attacking users with penetrable online defense.

With VPN, your data will be safe while connecting to the public network.

Access to your favorite content

With a virtual private network, it doesn’t matter where you come from. This platform offers you unmetered access to your favorite content.

All you have to do is pick a plan and join. You can choose a location where your ideal materials are being offered.

For example, if you want to access content from netflix, you can do it from 7 different worldwide libraries.

Steps before buying a VPN service

Steps Before Buying The Best VPN Service

There are various kinds of VPN services in the market. Therefore, to get what will work for you, you need to consider certain critical factors.

These factors will ensure you get not less than the quality service that you deserve. So let’s have a look at them:

1. Encryption Protocols

Before diving into any other things, encryption protocol should be your primary concern. While there are tons of deals, you may easily fall for unreliable kinds when it comes to VPN encryption.

Some of the options you will find include Open VPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEV2, among others. But to be on the safer side, consider a VPN service that has L2TP/IPSEC, IKEV2, and L2TP/IPSEC to offer.

2. Servers

Servers play a vital role in ensuring the VPN service you choose will be impenetrable by intruders/hackers.

Therefore, you need a platform with tons of servers distributed across many locations around the world.

By not considering this, then why are you opting for VPN services?

3. Speed of the internet

Everyone wants to have a fast and reliable internet, right? However, the major setback about VPN service is the capacity to slow the internet speed.

At times, it may depend on the server location. But don’t be worried. This issue can be fixed when you get in touch with your provider, really quickly.

4. Pricing

While free VPN services may seem like an excellent opportunity to save on budget, it’s the worst move possible.

Well, free is great, but it’s always said that you get what you pay for. That said, free options may not be as secure as paid plans.

Thus, to be on the safer side, you can consider payment plans from various best providers before opting for a given one.

By doing this, you will be able to find an option that fits your budget. In most cases, consider the annual pay plans as they tend to be inexpensive in the long run compared to monthly plans.

5. Reviews

Many people often opt for reviews as the first or last resort before purchasing a given product or service. And yes, they right.

Customer reviews often have bits of facts that may give you an idea of what you will be diving into once you choose a given product or service.

You can do this effectively through an online search and look at the experts’ opinions about the product.

6. Device Compatibility

Most VPN services support most platforms in various devices like iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac. But you will find some not available for specific platforms.

You can confirm this, especially if you have two devices with different platforms like an iPhone and Windows.

Further, how many devices can it support simultaneously? It’s an important aspect to consider. In this case, you should find the number of devices you want to connect and choose a platform that supports it. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, PureVPN delivers a load of great features and over 2000 plus servers in various locations worldwide. It’s an excellent value for your money when you consider the cost of an annual subscription.

And even though the user interface seems a bit intricate with lots of clutters, the fact remains that this software delivers what the best VPN should do.

Further, you will spot great features offered by other best providers at nearly or over twice the monthly fee.

You can take a look at the pros and weigh against the cons then consider whether it fits your needs. Nonetheless, it’s a great deal that you do not need thinking twice before opting for it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you try PureVPN, if you liked this article, please share it and leave me your comments or questions in the box below.

Thank you for being here!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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4 Responses

  1. I use Nord VPN myself and while it has great features it does have some issues on PC.

    However, it is really fast on mobile devices and multiple devices are allowed and I’ve found that it is the easiest to use and navigate.

    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hi MichaelThank you for sharing your comments.
      One of the reasons why I recommend PureVPN as the best VPN service is using multiple devices too, but mainly the speed wether mobile or desktop.
      Maybe you want to try it sometime.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your so informative article about VPN. Since the lock down, I have brought my office computer home to work from home. Everytime I have to log onto VPN before I can access to my company’s server. I don’t understand what this VPN for until I come across your this article. I have hear people said VPN is good. In fact, I didn’t even know there are other VPN service in the market. Your this article really full of information. I love you put up some videos which actually does help alot in understanding. Thank you!

    1. Hey Janet,
      Oh great that my post shed some light. To be honest I was also a bit in the darkness with the topic until recently. I started with PureVPN because I wanted to see some Netflix libraries, but soon I learned that is great to keep safe, especially when traveling and using public networks, and if you are making sensible transactions online, even more.
      But VPN is very useful in many other ways, I hope the videos shared and links help you to understand it even better.
      Thanks for your comments.

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