Click and Bank Review – Automatic Google-Ranking Sites?

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Click And Bank Review

In this Click And Bank review, I am giving you my opinion and advice based on my research of the product.

You may have heard of Clickbank before. It is one of the oldest and most reputable Affiliate Networks out there, for digital products.

You can sell products from Clickbank, with or without your own website, there are some training out there on how to promote without a website. But basically you need to promote the products by putting your affiliate links in other networks, such as YouTube, Facebook and so on.

Unless you have a really big audience, you will definitely need to have a high budget if you really want to get any result.

Some marketers claim that you can start with 5 dollars a day, well, that is 150 dollars a month for paid advertising. Your results can be great but is risky.

Or you can have a website of your own that generates traffic by diverse ways, preferably organic traffic from people in Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Then you could finally have a hope at conversions.

With Click and Bank, you have an entirely different approach.

You can actually get everything mentioned above with Click and Bank. That’s why they named it Click and Bank, because it is just that easy, or so they say.

I will let you know why or why not we would recommend you getting in on this venture.

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Click And Bank Quick Facts

Click And Bank Software Review
  • Product type: Web Based Software
  • Developer/Product Owner: Dan Green
  • Company: EByte Marketer
  • Sales Page (Not an Affiliate Link):
  • What does it do: Creates websites automatically, based on niches and uploads automatic content daily.
  • Cost Price: From first sales page starting at $47 (As of the date of this review).
  • Up Sells: Expected and many in my experience
  • Does It Work?: Probably as it is promised.
  • Does it bring the results advertised?: 100% NOT.
  • Legit Or Scam: Software Is Legit, Results Are Unknown, it can go either way. Claims are very unrealistic.
  • Testimonials: Are not proof if you cannot actually access the source.
  • Recommended: NO

The Premise

Click And Bank Review Promises

The premise in itself is promising.

“A Web Based Software that creates fully automated 100% done for you Clickbank affiliate sites that rank themselves on Google!”.

What a line!

However, it at the same time sounds gimmicky. You will need to really evaluate if you are going to go down this road.

You will be committing yourself to completely unknown content.

They made mention in the video of spinning software. As far as I am aware, spinning software does not exist that provides any content of quality or that makes any grammatical sense at all.

If it does exist, probably is an advanced an expensive software, and I’m not sure it would pass Copyscape for originality. I also don’t believe that it would be error-free as they suggest.

The Content – Where Are The Limits Of Quality?

Click And Bank Sites Look

They have a saying in the writing world that Content Is King. It’s become so commonplace that many people forget where it is from.

That in and of itself proves the problem. There are still copyright laws in effect. Content does have to be original for people to want to read it.

In addition, the person that runs the site can get into a lot of trouble if the content is proven to be from someone that didn’t want their work “spun.”

The fact of the matter is, this software Click And Bank cannot afford to give you content that is new every day for the low fee of $47.

With the possible up sells you will find after buying the original product, you may be offered to unlock new features, more advanced. Most likely some of them were already offered with the $47 price, like Done For You. In my experience, Done For You comes normally after upgrading to some OTO (One Time Opportunity). These OTO’s will exist forever anyway, one time is the “rush factor”.

They will probably be using the same content and then rapidly rewriting it for other sites. They may not even rewrite it. Your site might say exactly what your competitor says.

This won’t really make for an interesting read.

Neither will certainly do to the eyes of Google, and it will probably never rank.

If you want to know how experts rank, take a look at this article where I describe the usage of a really powerful cloud-based, top affiliate marketing software.

Clogged Up Internet

I know the point of websites is to make passive income, but at what cost to actual knowledge? If you’re getting “machines” to rewrite content, it can’t really be that great.

Where’s the integrity that it takes to research an article that actually makes sense? Something that’s written by a real human for other people to benefit from?

I mean, the content may be alright, but from what I saw from their sample websites, it looks a little iffy.

The graphics are even questionable. There is a lot to be said for just making a site quickly to sell products.

To the least, it would be nice if they would look as nice as the sales page of Click And Bank.

I’m not sure it will lead to anything other than a clogged up Internet.

What is Going on Here?

The site is also giving away prizes and other promises of money in pop up fashion.

You’ll see quite a few pop up’s if you continue down the rabbit hole. It’s all making me feel like why bother making a quality site at all? You can just enter all these draws and pay your fee and you will be getting in on a huge moneymaker.

However, the sites are not likely to rank high on Google if they’re like what I saw. They look like advertorials or just plain old Internet advertising. It would be hard to convince anyone that they landed at a real site at all.

Click And Bank Awful Looking Sites

Aside of content being well produced by this automated software or not, there is something that will be missing: Keyword Research.

Google loves sites that base their content on what the people is looking for. This is the most important thing when writing content. Not only content has to be unique (original, re-written, spun, or any other way), but it also has to be Audience Needs Targeted. Set that in mind!.

If content has no references at all from Google searches, it will definitely not please Google. Or any Search Engine for the matter.

There is no discussion about it.

They are right about one thing they say, well… Google says!

Google Says

However, that is not all what is needed, and if you do not really optimize your content, something that a machine will not do, then you are doomed to rank at the bottom of the list.

This is one inaccurate claim they make:

The Promise Of Automated Ranking In Google

Your Site will never rank automatically just because you have original content. There is optimization needed too. That aside that this content “extracted and mixed” is not original at all.

Overall Conclusion – Click And Bank Review

I’m going to give this platform a score of 3 out of 10  in the end.

I wasn’t impressed with the video. I see them making a lot of promises, but I’m not sure that Click and Bank can deliver anything other than those annoying advertisements.

The sites are rudimentary at best. I have no clue what the content will look like exactly,  but it’s seeming like it’ll be shared content that is just spun for the different sites.

I don’t know how they will afford writers to do the spinning.

It seems like they’re waiting to grow to $47 a month until they implement more quality checks. But this is probably also some sort of “buy now” technique.

Hype in offers

Or, they will stay at a one time fee and just do the bare minimum. Either way, it’s a pass for me.

If you still want to try, you may like to know that they have a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee, but I would read the small letter when buying. It may not be a “no question asked” refund.

ClickAndBank Money Back Guarantee

Recommended: NO

My Recommendation (If You Are Interested In Making A Real Online Business)

  • Chose your group of interest or niche. It has to be really something that you care about, love and/or want to learn more and share with everyone.
  • Create your own website, it is an asset, and it will be where you can add the content you want, and you are really passionate about.
  • Write quality content, original and engaging. And most important: Helpful!
  • Learn SEO primary techniques, on and off site. If you know few basics and you apply them, you can literally tell Google “Put Me In Page One In Front Of All The Eyeballs”. It is really a simple process. (I have articles that have ranked in first page and even position 1, just few hours after being published and indexed). Mainly Keywords Research.
  • Grow your audience with quality content, and learn how to monetize your site with Affiliate Marketing.
  • As a product of the above and gaining authority with Search Engines, you can sell anything you want and make real good money.
  • You will not chose what to sell then, the Affiliate Companies will come to ask you to sell their products…

How Can I Do All That?

There is one platform online called Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get all the knowledge and tools to build your own money-making, Affiliate Marketing website.

And you can start for Free, there is no need to pay any money upfront to see how business are really created and done.

C&B VS Wealthy Affiliate Starter

With Clickbank, Amazon, Share-A-Sale, or any other network out there, it will all depends on what are your goals and what you want to promote and sell. That based on your niche or interest.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Marketing here.

You will see some members recent testimonials too.

You can also get my Guide To Create Your Own Online Business Here, it’s free, upon signing up to my  subscribers list. It is on the right column to this post: ===>>

If you feel this information is valuable and can help anyone, please share with the social media buttons. And do not hesitate to drop any question you may have in the comments box below.

You may also want to check out this post for another product review:

Thank you for being here!


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8 Responses

  1. Hello there thanks for sharing your thoughts about this platform, it is of great value. Well I presume this is my first time hearing of this this platform and from the way it seem it is not really that bad. I think it is actually cool to know that one can earn some rewards by clicking on pop-ups from the site and also it is not expensive to start up. I think it is worth giving a try

    1. Hello Philebur,

      As I said, I do not recommend this software or many others alike. There are too many grey areas and too many unclear and unrealistic to impossible claims. If you feel to try, be sure that there will be a funnel where you will have to pay for the offers that you saw on the first page and already are supposed to be unlocked. 

      Anyhow, I wouldn’t try and if you really want a recommendation of trust and real future, here is mine.

  2. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such exclusive information with us. I was actually doing some reviews online when I saw your post. I was referred to these click and bank. But I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not so I decided to look around and look at how much , thanks 

  3. Thanks for this awesome review about click and bank review. These type of products always get me excited as I think I’ll be able to get traffic and money quickly.

    However thanks to people like you who write thorough reviews and explain REALLY how it works, I am able to not spend my money on these scams.

    Keep up the great work and I’ll be sure to look out for more of your post.

    About how long would you say it takes to naturally get content ranked in the search engines?

    1. Hi Michael.

      I am happy that my review enlightens you.

      When you have the right knowledge, that is not so difficult to acquire if you have the proper training, to get content ranking in search engines may take hours.

      I had one of my posts recently ranked in page one on Google 21 hours after being posted (probably a few hours after being actually indexed).

      I simply apply the knowledge I get from Wealthy Affiliate to my content, and it simply works.

  4. Thank you for this helpful review Pablo of click and bank. You helpfully highlight the risk (& it does sound risky as you say) that you need to spend US$150 a month in advertising.  The point you make about whether it works or; 100% NOY is really striking and a helpful red flag.  The fact that the results seem unrealistic enhances this point. Unknown content and put your site/name to it.  I don`t think so.  As you quite rightly say, the risk of problems with copyright is a problem. Graphics an issue.  Content written by machines?  This does not sound like something I want to get involved with. Your point about google content and picture says it all.  Be original! 3 out of 10, sums it up nicely.  Thank you.  This is not something I would wish to invest in.   I am grateful I found this frank assessment of Click Bank.   I was interested to learn to see you have a link to Wealthy Affiliate.  Are they the only platform you would recommend or are there others you would suggest too?

    1. Hi Trevor. I am glad my review serves you.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate only for now. See I am always in the search of legit and fair opportunities that people can make a living or s decent side income online. It would be easier to promote crap, but I am convinced that the journey is truly important and gaining valuable knowledge and experience along the way.

      And for that matter for me to really recomend something I must be sure that it will add value in many aspects to people’s experience online, not just money.

      I am testing other things, systems, methods, but I am not ready yet to recommend 

      One thing I could give faith of being legit and worth it to try is Clickbank University. But I am with Wealthy Affiliate still as the number one. Especially for beginners.

      Thank you for your comments!


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