Learn To Make A Website For Free In 2020 To Earn Money

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This is a very special post, where I will show you how to create your own website for free in no time, but you will also learn the skills to make it your business, from the very basics, so read on and really get every word.

Since you are here, know that it will really help you, and if you really want it, possibly change your life. So if you do not have the time to stick around right now, bookmark this page, and I have an email-based, 1-week step-by-step guide that you can sign up in the yellow box above.

Moving on, before you think about it, or if you are already doing it: it will be very easy and in a few steps and clicks you will have your website up and live, then with a few tweaks you will have a website ready for business.

And you will get also access to lots of tools, resources, training and support from experts, as soon as your website is created, so you do not have to worry or think too much, because you will not be alone, just enjoy the experience and then see what else you can do!

No tech or business knowledge required. If you already have some knowledge, bonus! But if you don’t, this is for everyone; the steps are the same for beginners and more experienced alike.

Let’s begin…

Quick Navigation

You Don’t Need Developing Skills

As i said it before.

Back in the years, you needed to know web development to create a website, writing lines and lines of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other codes.

Now it all can happen with the press of a few buttons.

WordPress is a Content Management System, that has all the code done for you, and all you need is a good platform where you can install your website.

You need some hosting, no worries, I have sorted that out for you.

Then you will chose a template, and the system will create the website for you.

In addition you need some security and speed and Search Engine Optimization features, but they will be all installed as well for you, within the platform I work with, and create this and other websites of my own.

First of all, you need to access the platform. It is free and below you will see how to do it.

It Is Time To Get Your Package

What is it included?

See below:

  • Free Website
  • Secure Hosting
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) = Encryption of all the data for your and your visitors
  • Site Speed Technology
  • Variety of Templates to choose your style
  • Picture compressing
  • SEO plug in (to help you to rank your site in Google and other search engines)
  • 10 Lessons to get your website and your business rolling
  • And the help and support of the best community of online entrepreneurs and beginners alike. There is no gaming here, nobody is here spamming and sending funny messages like in Facebook, there is a lot of nice people ready to help you, and so many others seeking for help.

So do not wait, there is no trickery here, your Free Starter Account will give you the above and more.

Create your Free Starter Account (All needed is your name, your email, an username of your choice and a password, nothing else!)

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

How Will You Make Money?

Now you will learn the secrets of the best business online: Affiliate Marketing.

What is that? you may be asking… Maybe you heard about it, but did not get interested, Marketing is a bit of a scary word, but this is your chance to know that Affiliate Marketing is something different, and not scary at all!

I will explain it to you in a very simple way: Affiliate Marketing is promoting other people’s products and services to earn commissions for your sales.

It doesn’t mean you have to go knocking doors, spamming your friends and family to promote. Absolutely not.

How it really works is through links. Just like the one above where you have the opportunity to create your free website today, you will be able to add those links to your website, and when people visit your website, they may click on them, and they may end buying something, generating you income. Multiply that for many visitors and many sales, and you are in business.

Here there is something that I need to clarify, this business is SIMPLE, but it doesn’t mean is EASY.

There is no such thing as EASY MONEY ONLINE! There is a lot of hype and sites that offer you all kinds of products and systems that will “make you rich in a very short time”. They are just Scams! It doesn’t exist such a system, and if you heard it, hear this now: Stay away from those promises!

Affiliate Marketing Simplicity

The system works in a very broad sight like this:

  1. Choose a Niche. (This is a group of interest), what do you like? What are you passionate about or is your area of expertise? Or what would you love to research, learn and share about?
  2. Build a website. (This step is already sorted, I already gave you access to Wealthy Affiliate and your free Starter Account.
  3. Attract visitors. No, you don’t have to pay advertisement, call your friends and make them crazy or start shouting around your neighborhood for people to visit your site. This is a very organic process, and this is the only step of the 4 that is your most important part. This is where you have to put your work and effort, but if you like what you do, it becomes a pleasure.
  4. Make Money. In time, this come by itself, and as long as you keep doing step 3, it will multiply.

My Equation To The Affiliate Marketing Business:

Be Sure Of Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3 (Keeps Feeding And Growing Step 2 With Step 1 food) = Step 4. Rinse and repeat and it will never stop growing.

It’s simple, not easy… Remember! There will be many other steps in between, but you have to keep it focused to the 4 basic steps.

One Simple Example Of How This Works. Anybody Can Do It!

Create Your Own Website For Free In Any Niche

Let’s say that you like Dogs. You actually love Dogs. And you know nothing about dogs, except that is men’s best friend and walks in four legs… (OK, you know more, but this is just in purpose for you to understand that anyone can do this).

Then let’s say that you are interested in helping people who have dogs to have more knowledge and answers to their questions, or purely to hear dog stories.

That is your niche, you found something to do out of your passion for dogs.

So your website now, will be called something dog-related, mypuppysite.com, or any way you want to name it that sounds with your passion.

Steps one and two accomplished!

Now comes step 3: 

You will help people with dogs, their dogs, their love for dogs even if they don’t have, their little sister’s dog, their very old and grumpy dog, their dog’s needs, their nutrition, their hair… You can even make your broad topic “Dogs” really specific, for example, if you are interested in helping people with dog’s nutrition solely, that is a Niche too, just more specific.

We are on step 3 but you can just tweak your niche and narrow it, as you gain specific knowledge, and you love dogs, and you love this new knowledge you are acquiring, and you love helping others with that, it gives you satisfaction, then is really a pleasure to do it.

How do you help people? Giving them answers to their questions and giving them what they are searching for.

How do you know who is searching for what, where and when?

Look at the image below. (I just took a screen shot while I am writing).

Create Your Own Website For Free In Searches

I just typed “dog food” in Google, and even before I press enter, I already get all those suggestions; what are those suggestions that Google showed me? They are what the people is constantly typing in the search bar:

That is what they need!

But you need to learn which of those words are not used by everyone else or used by a small number of other websites. That in order to stand from the crowd and make Google find you and place you in its first page, where everybody can see your site, click and visit it, and see what you have to say to them on what they are searching for.

Those words are known as Key Words, and they are the “food” for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, and that food becomes the food of people hungry for answers.

Now you may be having another question, and I know it: How do I know what Key Word to use?

I will leave that question unanswered… because you will see that inside your Free Starter Wealthy Affiliate Account, in the Training Section.

Click on the link below:

The Online Entrepreneur Certification, Level 1, is included with  your Starter Membership.

And you will really understand it there!

Create Your Own Website For Free In Easy Step By Step Lessons

I cannot stress this enough: The lessons above are totally free, and if you find that Affiliate Marketing which is a lot of fun and learning, is no fun for you, or Wealthy Affiliate is not what you expected (It will blow your mind away…), then at least you learned something new, and you know that this is available, maybe not for now, maybe for the future, or who knows, maybe you really realize of the opportunity you have, and work hard enough to become really successful.

Here is another tool that you will have access to research keywords, once you are inside Wealthy Affiliate

Keywords Research Tool

We keep on building up a pile of great things for you!

How Will I Give People What They Looking For?

This is very specific to step 3.

You will write relevant and captivating content, giving answers to people’s questions, a solution to people’s problems, or a good idea.

Nobody thinks like you, and more important than the Key Words, is your intention to help others.

People write trying to stuff their articles with Key Words, and they fail, because they forget to help others.

And writing is not difficult: I am not a writer (maybe you already noticed, LOL!)…

All you have to do is write in a relaxed way, just as if you were telling something important to a friend.

When we talk to other people about what we like, or something that we know or learned (that they had no idea but they were wondering maybe), we do it in a natural way, and our mind just send us the ideas and the exact words to say, because we believe and we love what we are talking about, and we have that satisfaction of impressing, or helping, or giving support, or sharing our knowledge, or gaining respect or authority.

That is the secret, you tell people about your niche, based on what you found out they need, but with your own personal and natural style, just like chatting about it.

And then, when people find what they looking for in your articles, you start earning followers, visitors, recommendations, and with a website that is ready to convert that into more help by leading others to buy needed products or services, to which you are Affiliated and proudly recommend, as they are the solution, then you will make money.

The “Catch” (You Can Only Catch Yourself…)

OK. We are arriving to a conclusion.

The conclusion is very simple. You have now in your hands a unique opportunity to experiment for yourself at no cost.

See it for yourself and ask others inside

And you may be asking, what is the catch? The catch is this: Your Free Starter Account will give you a lot of valuable tools, resources and your free website and hosting and all what is mentioned above, and the basic training to start your Affiliate Marketing Business and see if this is what you like to do, and see others like you doing it, from the very beginning.

You will also see some others that are really successful and give a lot of help along the way.

Maybe you will decide that this is something which you can escalate and grow and live from (and I told you this already, anyone can do it, just with hard work and determination, the rest is all set for you, remember SIMPLE BUT NOT EASY).

And if you think so, know that by writing all these tips and helping you to understand this kind of business, or showing it to you for the first time, is not only on my best intention, but also in my best interest.

Wealthy Affiliate Helps Me To Make My Business Real

I do this business myself, and my niche, if you did not guess yet, is Make Money Online, because I was scammed many times with all those “shiny objects” out there, and if you are here, maybe is because you were searching for ways to make business online in a honest and legit way, or maybe you also got deceived.

Maybe just because you want to build a website of your own, and you really can, for your business, for your curriculum, for a friend, you don’t have to do Affiliate Marketing, but as you arrived here, and not somewhere else, then you get the bonus of knowing that from your website you can also make money, without even thinking about it, just posting on it content about what you love.

And I that will be proven when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate.

So the catch, if it catches you, once you see everything for your self is….

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Just so you know, if you find this post somehow inspiring, and gave you an idea that you did not have, or motivated you to just be curious about Affiliate Marketing, then go ahead and try your new Starter Membership, which is totally free and you will have enough resources and help to understand more and give it a try.

Absolutely nothing to lose.

I am sure you will love the experience, but you have to see it for yourself.

If you see the potential, and you chose your niche, build your website, and learn some other skills along the way, find out what people need and start giving them that, and you see how others progress and succeed, then you may like to check out the Premium Account at Wealthy Affiliate.

Try first your starter account, then if you want to try more, there is an amazing bonus of -61% to try Premium.

Personally it is the best investment I have ever made, only for the training and knowledge I have received and the great support and help of the amazing Community.

Once you have seen enough inside for free, and done enough to decide to do more, then you will have the opportunity to upgrade from there too.

And I am making money out of it, and of course, if you sign up for a Premium Account, I will get a reward for this, a commission. There is no lies here.

That Is How Affiliate Marketing Works And How You Create Your Own Website For Free In Reality!

To me this is my motto: “Making money to helping others to succeed in any aspect of their lives, is honest and is totally legit”.

So that is the “catch”. But is not a catch, is a truth, and I get paid for helping others, not for sitting sending spamming emails.

You don’t have to believe me. Just see it for yourself.

Create Your Own Website For Free In Wealthy Affiliate University

I really hope this post has been of any help of any kind for you, but mostly I really wish that you will go and try.

In the end, is nothing to lose, and I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate may change your life.

It did change mine!

If you need to know more, please let me know in the comments box. IOr see me inside when you become a member.

Or if you have any comment, suggestion or want to share this message… You can also do it with the social links below.

My username there: PabloWA

See also My Crash Course for Affiliate Marketing and Guide Through Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you and see you again!


If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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6 Responses

  1. I would first like to mention that this is a helpful post and i am very sure that the content of your superb article will be of much help to a lot of people, just as it has greatly helped me. very good article on how to create your own website for free and earn with it. this just so perfect for me

  2. Hello Pablo, you have a very wonderful post here with this details that you have given here about wealthy affiliate and how one can easily create a website without prior knowledge about tech or any of that stuff. I own a website with WordPress and I opened it through wealthy affiliate. I joined with a starters account and after seeing how good the training is, I opted to move up to premium. Today my website is standing tall and I’m glad. Everyone can start making money with their website. Good illustration with this post.

  3. LOL!  “You know nothing about dogs except they walk on four legs and they are man’s best friend.” Sorry, but that was hilarious!

    Excellent article, thank you.  You definitely make it sound easy to pick a niche and start a website!  We all know this stuff is possible, but to actually implement it without a lot of failures is harder without some sort of course or how-tos.  So thanks again!

    1. Hello Selenity Jade!

      Yes blog posts lack humor and simplicity sometimes. People tend to complicate.

      The steps in between and the how-tos are briefly mentioned, I don’t expect people to trust me much until they can really see for themselves what I am talking about.

      The essence is that Wealthy Affiliate provide starters with the best set of tools and skills and support and that the Affiliate Marketing requires 2 steps to be constantly done, they are hand-on-hand.

      The other two steps, one and four are the easy part, do what you love and get rewarded!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comments!


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