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To hire blog writers when you are time-limited to reach your publishing schedule, may be painful. Especially if you are on a tight budget.

Takes time to find quality content at reasonable price.

When it comes to sites where you can get excellent quality articles, Hire Writers is one of the best options.

They are a site that has around 20,000 writers, but there are usually always around 100 jobs in the queue waiting to be picked up.

The site is user friendly, and it’s easy to sign up as a buyer.

In this review, we will explore the in’s and out’s of this site.

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1. The Sign Up

Hire Blog Writers Dashboard

You will have to put down a small deposit to join the site.

However, you can take heart that when you hire blog writers, you don’t have to pay for any articles that you don’t like.

You get a preview of what was written.

Usually, you will find that these professionals know what they’re doing.

They’re successful on this site because they deliver for the price point.

When you sign up, you don’t even have to give your real name.

There is no way that the writers can track where the articles go.

Additionally, the writers sell their copyright with the article. This is a phenomenal deal when you think about it.

2. What Is The Process of Buying Like

Hire Writters, the process of buying

When you hire blog writers, you probably want to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

These writers have already been screened for their capabilities.

They go through a test and essay writing process. Then, the company will decide if they want to hire the writer as part of the team.

Considering this is a worldwide site, a team of 20,000 really isn’t that much.

You’re getting people from all over the world buying.

However, you don’t need to worry because there will always be someone willing to take your article.

Your chances of your job being worked on are higher if you actually follow the system.

You should offer rates that are in line with the Hire Writers price structure.

If you want to land those better writers, you should consider shopping around until you find someone you really like.

You can then request this writer, or group of writers.

If your payment is better than average, you have more chances that your writers will give you their time and have a quick turn over rate.

3. Some Drawbacks

Hire Blog Writers Post Download

This site is mainly a great place to find writers, but there are a few drawbacks.

One of them is that you have to take responsibility for what is written.

Yes, you do get a great deal. However, you have to do your own fact-checking before printing it.

The chance to make money off an article this well priced is enormous.

But, and this is a big but, you are taking legal responsibility for what you print.

You will have to be extra careful in the editing process. That is probably why the articles are so well priced.

You are getting a ghostwriter but you will be the face behind the content, not them.

The site works around this though by only hiring people that are competent at their job. Those who give substandard work consistently are fired.

I’ve looked on the review sites of Hire Writers so I know they’re picky with who they keep on.

Again, you have the option to fire and not pay for any work that isn’t up to your standard.

You should try to be reasonable though and remember what kind of price point you’re offering.

You probably won’t get something that gets accepted into the New York Times. On the other hand, you will get content you can happily post on your blog.

4. The Turn-Around

This is a fast process. You can set your deadline for the article.

You can decide if you need the article within 6 hours of the writer accepting the job.

This is usually classed as an urgent project. If you are really desperate, you can try a 3-hour deadline.

However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the job picked up quickly.

With that said, the competition on the site for jobs is fierce. The ones that pay well are snapped up right away.

Those that are stingy with their rates usually wait around for a while until a writer has the time or is feeling a bit low on funds.

Follow the price structure set by the site to avoid your job waiting around.

You can give a writer lots of time, on the other hand. You can even give them a week-long deadline.

When you set your timeline, do it reasonably. If you’re not willing to wait a week, then don’t set it for so long.

On average, most people give a 24 hour to 48-hour deadline.

The writers usually want to pick up jobs that they can complete, get paid, and then move onto the next one.

5. The Message Board

Message board Hire Writers

If you need to talk to a writer, there is a message board.

You don’t get to choose who takes your job unless you request.

Nevertheless, you can communicate with the writer later in the message area if you need to e-mail them so additional instructions or ask them a question.

The writers have the option if they take messages, so it is not always the case that you can get ahold of them.

Try to be brief when chatting with them. These are jobs that are well priced but you are not paying for the writer’s time to message.

Some people don’t like that they can’t collaborate that much with the writer.

However, some clients love to just have someone who is focused on getting the job done.


you want to hire blog writers, Hire Writers is a great place to start. The writers are vetted and the system works.

It works well because the writers love their gig and they’re not in it to rip you off.

They just want to share their talent and get paid to do what they love.

I hope this article have shed some light for your content needs. You can also see the benefits of freelance blog writers here.





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