Profit From Home System Or Scam? Profit Tearz Review

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Home Profit System Or Scam? Profit Tearz Review

Profit from home system or scam? To a layman, Profit Tearz is the heaven on earth or a dream come true that we all wish.

With its super promising figures, on how you will make the quick bucks, doing almost nothing is a sweet fairy tale to the ears.

But let’s review its model and see how it works and whether it’s recommendable or not.

If you intend to make money online, then have a careful look at this system before it is too late.

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What Is Profit Tearz?

Profit Tearz is a product promotion platform that makes you earn money with CPA or click per action, as most people know, and affiliate marketing.

You can start with Profit Tearz in three steps:

  • Step one is getting you what they call a Profit Tearz link, which is not an affiliate link, but it’s they don’t disclose where you will get the link. This is a strategy they use to hook you, and not opt-out.
  • Step two is where you are supposed to fire your Profit Tearz link using their so-called free traffic. But is there anything like free traffic? I think your guess is as good as mine.
  • And the final step is where your juicy part begins, you getting paid finally.
Home Profit System Or Scam - 3 Steps

Profit Tearz In A Nut Shell

  • Creators: Jason Fulton and “Mr. X”
  • Sales Page (Not Affiliate Link):
  • Product Type: Software For CPA + Affiliate Marketing Profits
  • Includes Training: Yes
  • Price: Starting From $47
  • Upgrades: Yes to unlock features
  • Refund Policy: Yes (Not specified the period of time)
  • Recommended: NO

If you really want to make money online, here is my top recommendation. Free to start, and the trial period includes 7 days of limited Premium Features (paid features but at no cost for the trial). The time you can host a free website and use a free account is up to 6 months.

So Who Is Profit Tearz For?

This is a software for all online marketers or any other person who wants to make money online. Or at least, that is what they claim on their sales page.

But of course, who is landing on this sales page is looking to make money online, or got curious about it, so they have to say “is for everybody who wants to make money online”, is logical.

Profit Tearz options are priced differently to fit into different niches.

Below are some of its products, and the niches they serve.

Also, their pricing and their unimaginable super-profits. Interesting? Let’s dive into it.

Unimaginable Profits

1. Profit Tearz – Underground Secret Commission Site

This product sells at 47 Dollars on the higher end and goes for 27 dollars on down-sell.

It is a front end product and is mostly designed for students who want to get some profit by tapping into its network of “Hidden underground commissions.”

Setup is easy and faster, and it allows you to just plug into the Profit Tearz underground secret offers.

It is very enticing, but a lot of information is hidden with the so-called underground secrets. It makes the product and the company questionable.

2. Profit Tearz – Advanced 500X Edition

A very high promising product that goes for 47 dollars on down-sell and 67 dollars when it’s on upscale.

This product promises to unlock Profit Tearz’s number one income-generating skill that will take you approximately 100K a year. Very enticing, right?!

To make such an amount of money, a lot needs to be provided. The enormous sweet numbers thrown out at you are just a bite to catch you and subscribe to their product, but nothing to support their claim is out there.

Their magic method of using emails to make money is not substantiated, the information provided is vague, and you need to be careful while facing a product like this.

3. Profit Tearz – DFY Affiliate Profits

A high-end product that goes for 197 dollars, a product that allows you to generate commissions without selling anything.

It will enable you as a subscriber to use the already built channels to earn money while developing your channel.

What’s confusing and catchy is how they attract potential clients with a promise of getting free commission and building a marketing funnel in a record sixty seconds.

Very impressive it sounds, but how it’s done is hidden. All you being told is cough your hundred and ninety-seven dollars, and you are in for a super-normal commission.

4. Profit Tearz – $1K Paydays

This Profit Tearz product sells at $57 on downside and dollar $77 on up sell.

This product promises to unlock ways and methods, which are secret, of generating revenues from multiple sources to a tune of $1000 paydays.

Well, this is just hype to get into your head and give out your dollars with an expectation of making a thousand times more.

The product doesn’t explain how this method works, and everything is fuzzy about it.

Besides  this benefit is already offered in the first page, without any upgrade, without mentioning that you will have to pay more money to unlock it.

Pay Days $1000
This Screenshot Is From The First Sales Page

5. Profit Tearz – License Rights

This product retails at 97 dollars on the higher end and 47 dollars on the lower side.

It targets students with a promise of keeping 100% profit on any license right sold. It is a very insane offer and enticing as well.

Final Considerations

Profit Tearz offers products without proof of how they work, and also their promises are quite unrealistic and contradictory. Is it a Scam? I answer that further below.

The company uses a lot of hype and psychology to entice potential buyers in subscribing to their products. So do bloggers and reviewers who obviously are re-selling the product.

Profit Tearz needs to provide more data to support their claims, in my opinion.


  • Support if it is any good
  • Guarantee (Claimed as a 100%, but then is specified clearly that only for technical reasons or the sale is final. You will have to explain clearly and demonstrate that it doesn’t work, but without the knowledge of why it doesn’t work, that is though, mostly from a beginner stand-point)
  • The developers are real and they have many other products for sale (although one remains incognito, at least on the first page you will see).
Is This 100% Refund Guarantee?


  • Unrealistic claims
  • Money cannot be made easily online
  • Contradictory claims, on one end, you can make money easy and fast without doing nothing, and then there is a banner that says is not a “Quick Riches Scheme”…
  • Too many upsell and more money are needed to unlock features mentioned on the first page and a one-time payment.
  • One of the product launchers is unknown (Mr. “X”)s I am not sure what kind of marketing effect has, but there is probably a reason for the matter.
  • The front sales page doesn’t have any disclaimer at the footer.
  • Using of “Pandemic Proof,” “Act Now,” “Gigantic Discount,” “Bonuses,” “No Hidden Fees,” and other “Eye-Candies,” as benefits when they are actually just selling techniques
Home Profit System Or Scam - Contradictions
This Is One Of The Contradictory Statements

Final Verdict: Home-Profit-System Or Scam?:

Not Qualifying as Scam, in my opinion, but a lot more information and the proof is lacking—lots of techniques to sell upgrades involved and unrealistic claims. I do not consider it a reliable “profit from home system.”

Not Recommended

Score: 1/10

One Real-World Recommendation And More Reviews For You

To make money online REALISTICALLY, it is required real training, hard, smart work, and tools that are proven to work for the different aspects of the business. Real people with the same target support is also much better than a resolution center.

No Upfront-Money: Totally Free To Start

My recommendation is this platform, where I create sustainable businesses online.

My Realistic Way To Make Money Online

I recommend you watch closely all aspects of a product, especially the wording and sales techniques. Even if you don’t know them, some are fairly obvious.

Here are some further reviews for your knowledge:

Thank you for being here, and I hope this article is helpful for you.


If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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26 Responses

  1. I know that finding a good article does not come by so easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and writing an article to help others with useful information like this,transparency is also a keyrole in owning a business although the site has lots of hidden things and promises heaven on earth,i find it hard that any platform can give out or dish out money without lots of efforts being applied,but if one gets paid the exact amount as promised then its a go for me but if otherwise i’d back out.

  2. Heloo Dear, thanks in a million for sharing this informative  and beautiful review on profit tearz. I have been longing to knowing more about this platform. I have actually heard a few things about it which promptws me into making more research. Well it’s well confirmed that the system is no scam but actually filled with so many unrealistic hyped up claims and I don’t really find that interesting.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yep, it is not attractive to me also, but is good to share the opinions one have, because for others that may feel attracted it may ring a bell to decide more informed.

  3. Hello there, thanks so much for this review on ” profit tears”.

    This review will enable one to know where to invest your time and energy in. Profit tears to me is contradictory, it says it’s not a quick money make scheme bit it seems easy to make money. It doesn’t seem straight to me, it is also a ” no” from me.

    1. That is what I found weird, if you tell someone you will have to work for results, then you cannot claim that you have to do absolutely nothing…

  4. Hello there, profit system looks to good to be true. Their informations appear to unrealistic and they use promiscuous language in an attempt to lure people into the system. In my opinion I still won’t refer to it as a scam but there is much more need to real with their explanation on how it works. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Well, your opinion is appreciated. My opinion is not far than yours, the unrealism of the whole thing is what made me think this is a no go.

  5. Hello Pablo, thanks for sharing such a useful article and I really feel there is much to be learned from reading this post. Profit tears is just like every other online scam site that we have today and people fall, victim because they do not read a review about them before joining. This one has a good idea, but the upsell is a turn-off and the hidden da about it makes it suspicious. 

    1. I cannot fully disclose what it is inside, because I did not actually test it, but I will not, because I don’t feel comfortable spending money for trying something as it is unclear, I don’t like the hype and the techniques used, and I have my opinion that if that is the starting point, the rest may possibly be more of the same.

  6. Trust me, I really did need to compliment you on the effort and time geared towards carrying out a thorough investigation on profit tearz, its products and service line, and also sharing your candid advice with us here… Your finding will go a long way to help me carry out further research… Thanks for the information…

    1. Hi Evans,

      There is nothing wrong with test new things, and there is nothing wrong with always checking first. Thank you for your kind comments.

  7. Profit Tearz does not sound like a good software product to buy. First of all I reacted to that one of the owners call him/her self Mr. X. How suspicious isnt that? Red flag number 1.I agree with you that this company raises more questions than answers. Red flag number two: You do not sell anything. Then what are they doing? A very fuzzy and unclair product indeed. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is a well known blueprint for success and a full online training Package. One of a kind with low total cost. Great Review! I had never heard about this software before, I do not think I would have joined it anyhow. Too many red flags for me.

    1. Thanks for your comments Hilde. Is great that you can see the red flags, but unfortunately some people is more easy to convince with very well planned techniques. Either way, I think more and more people is starting to be more conscious and research more. Wealthy Affiliate is by far The Road To Success, for anyone who realizes that making money online doesn’t just happen from the night to the morning, and for that matter, the tools and support needed are all provided at a very low cost, and one can start freeand in time and progress move on, without the hype for mysterious objects.

  8. It’s always good to enter explicit programs where they clearly state what they are all about and I’m glad that o didn’t jump in to join this platform at all. I must tell you that I am more than happy to see now that I wouldn’t be joining even though I had thought it was a good one. Thanks.

    1. Hello Henderson,

      Yes indeed, I am glad you didn’t too. It looks really good and enticing, but always better to make some research.

  9. Hello dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, I was actually doing some research when I saw your post, I believe these post has been helpful to me, I also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these websites and providing such useful information, wealthy affiliate is one of the best program I must testify to, thanks for sharing the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  10. Sounded very enticing. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually worked?  I too have never heard of it, but it sounds like so many other programs out there who are just interested in getting your money.  Since it just came out, I bet it was a hair-brained scheme that they came up with while at home avoiding the virus. Anyway, I liked your thorough review on it and you saved me a lot of time going through all the content and clicks.  I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before and it seems legit since they DON’T say you can get rich without having to work at it. Thanks for  your honest review of Profit Tearz. And you do provide Pros – so if anyone does want to spend their money on it, you have provided feedback. Thanks!!!!!  

    1. Hey Janice, well I would not try it, but I found some things are worth to mention as pro, however, not sure if they are really there. Funny that you mention that Wealthy Affiliate does not promote a quick rich scheme, I found it kind of contradictory that this home profit system also says they are not, but in most of the page they promote crazy money a day.

      Thanks for your support!

  11. From your clearly explained Article I would not enter into this program. I like things to be explained and clear before parting with money. Secrets on how things are achieved are not a good selling point in my opinion. I definitely think I will not be joining Profit Tearz. I have looked at your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate and that looks a lot more promising and everything is clearly explained.

    1. Well the thing is I always try new things, whenever they at least make available the possibility of trying for free and checking things out, for instance checking if is something that one can understand.

      Going through a funnel of upsales and unlockings, definitely is not really giving that opportunity. That is my personal opinion.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      If you ever need to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, please do not hesitate to check it out.

  12. Thank you so much for your review on Home Profit System. I came across the home profit system the other day and just want to know what is it all about. I just wanna make sure that I invest my money on a good product. 

    I personally do not like their pushy sales strategies by taking the advantage of the people who are suffering from the pandemic. The false claims is just too outrageous. They certainly target newbies. I will not waste my money on a bad product. 

    1. I personally think this could be a good fit for really experienced marketers with a lot of subscriptions and more knowledge of the market, could be, but obviously they are targeting anyone, and that is not so good.

      Hopefully more people come across good advice with regards of products that may not be the best suit for them.

      Thanks for your comments!

  13. Thank you for your honest review on profit tearz.

    Working online for 4 years, I don’t think i’ve come across this program before and i’m glad i came across your site.

    I believe that if the system does not provide the same type of value you paid for whether digital or info products, then you shouldn’t invest in it. 

    I would also recommend Wealthy Affiliate over any program to get started with!

    Thanks again for sharing this valuable information.


    1. Hey Lorenz,

      Probably you did not came across because it came out just few days ago. I am always dogwatching for the people who has no idea and these “sweet candies” attract the bees. Thank you for supporting Wealthy Affiliate, we know that there is nothing better to have peace of mind and build a truly successful online business than this community.

      Hopefully more and more people can join WA and get the benefits that we get in every aspect.

      You may like to check this review too and maybe share to others. vSuite Review – Comprehensive Check Up Of Traffic And Sales Software



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