How To Create A Business Online – The First Steps

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In this post, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a business online.

A vast community follows these steps, and they work; it is all about following them and completing every task.

I will tell you precisely what you have to do, and in no time, you will have a business online started, and you can make it grow to whatever limit you wish.

This program is for everyone and anyone, and it is free to start without any experience or knowledge required.

All that matters is that you let yourself be taken from the hand through the journey.

Are you ready? Here we go!

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Here Is Something That You Need To Know Before We Begin, As Honest As It Gets:

Making money online doesn’t happen fast or easy. It takes time, patience, work, and determination to succeed.

I am asking you please to set that in mind right now, you will be creating a real business, and you will be learning how you will make money online, the authentic way, and that is not going to happen from the night to the morning. I will show you the process.

You may want to run now to see the next offer: “you will be a millionaire in a month”…” make money today”…”earn 30K per month just copying and pasting”…” make $3000 a month with surveys”…

Here are some examples of that kind of stuff:

Don’t do that to yourself. Stay with me if you want to know how you will start creating a substantial income for your near future, learning real skills in no time, and having genuine help along the way, from the very start, which is so needed and not available for the scams above.

I did all that, Surveys, MLMs, Digital Marketing things, and they did not work, and I “crashed and burnt,” lost money, lost time, and effort. All a waste.

Would you trust this?:

Create Business Online - Avoid Scams Like This

If you did not notice, they call people stupid (if they need a foolish system) and claim you will make $1300 a day. There is no way to make that money with a dumb plan. So this is a big Scam! If you see this screen, run for the hills!

Why This Training Is Different?

For making logic out of it Creating this course for you and others (and help you and them personally along the way) is way more complicated than filling surveys, so if it were possible to make that money they claim, you would not be reading this now, because that is what I would be doing, filling surveys.

Do you think I will be doing this what I am doing right now? Definitely Not!

That is in proof of the honesty of this work I am doing right now.

I do this to help others, but I also do it for money. Making money training and guiding others to succeed is honest.

Making money trying to scam people with things that only work for the top of the Pyramid, which is not honest at all.

All those promises are a BIG LIE! I have already been caught in those nets, and struggle to survive and finally got out, while some are trapped for life on the “surfing” and the “Rat Race,” and they all die.

The successful “Gurus” are always the same names, I had all those names in my inbox before, and now I have them going directly to spam.

They successfully use their methods out of their expectations and desires of riches, a normal human condition. Still, they abuse it to make themselves as rich as they are, squeezing the little money from thousands.

I will give you something valuable that will enhance your knowledge and skills and maybe, with your help and perseverance, a very successful business and a bright future!

Give your self the chance!

So Onto The Training

I am going to introduce you here to the way I do legit business online.

Remember I told you that this is an opportunity that I had and I decided to share it with people who deserve to have a better option.

It is Wealthy Affiliate. And the way that you will make money online is learning the secrets of the most profitable and sustainable and legit way online, which is the Affiliate Marketing.

Do not get scared with the terms “Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Marketing”… it will be very easy.

Today I will be easy, this is the first part of the training, and it was dedicated in the beginning to tell you about the bad things out there, to create awareness that this is completely different and it is a Real Opportunity, not a scam.

Now for your first day and steps I will be really nice, take my hand and let’s begin.

Remember: do not just read, go ahead and do every one of the steps, and the ones inside, and you will see that this is a real opportunity and a very legitimate option, this is the reason to follow the steps, that you are somehow “toured” inside.

Step 1 – Create A Business Online = Create A Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Account

In order to begin you need to Create a Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can do it clicking this link ==>> Create Your WA Free Starter Membership

The link will open in a new tab so you can continue reading this training and follow along.

It will be a screen like this:

Create Business Online - WA Starter Account

There is where you will have the tools and the knowledge to create your business.

This training is a guide through the amazing Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

I am a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I will share with you more about in future days, but for now lets stick to the steps.

Learn more about me and my site.

So go on and do step 1, it is completely free, no catch.

You will be not asked for Credit Card or bank info or nothing but basic info, Name, Email and your membership Username and Password.

That is it! It will take you a few seconds!

Tip: Create a username that is Business-Motivating for you, such as (YourName)Success or (YourName)biz. You can change your username after anyway so no worries if you are not feeling creative yet. It is just a little shortcut I give you right now.

Just so you know you will receive an official welcome message from me and also you will be welcomed directly by Kyle, one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Step 2 – Start The Online Entrepreneur Certification

Once you completed step 1 this is what you have to do right away.

Start with your Free Online Entrepreneur Certification training, module 1, lesson 1, and complete the simple tasks.

You will be taken directly there after completion of your signup, however if you did not or you get lost somehow, click on Dashboard and follow the WA buddy

Create Business Online - Follow the WA Buddy!

Here I am going to make things easier for you. If you did not take step one yet, do not worry, I am giving you here direct access to the training, and on the way you will have to take step 1.

????Click here to begin your first lesson.

Create Business Online - Lesson One, Getting Rolling

Note: You will probably get excited at the training you will get for nothing, so you may start doing other lessons too. Do as you want, explore all you want, Wealthy Affiliate is for you and I am not here to tie you, but to help you.

Just to give you a little idea, but really is minimum, these are the lessons from the first module that you get completely free: It is really unbelievable! And that is nothing!… There is much more!

Create Business Online - 10 Lessons OEC

My recommendation though is that you take only the first lesson and do not release from my hand yet. It is easy to get lost in the first steps. That is just a little advice. But if you feel to do more, you may be laughing at my emails on the next steps…????

So go on then, start your first lesson and enjoy it. There are some easy tasks to complete and on the right side you have some tick-boxes to mark them completed. That is it!

Create Business Online - Track Your Progress

These few first tasks are easy and they are very important, they include Adding an Image. There are some you can choose from but you may like to add yours, so I get to know you inside and every member.

The other little tasks are to say a little about you, like a Profile Intro. Or you can say about you all what you want. Tip: Keep it brief first, do not waste too much time on that. Your training is more important and you can update your profile after.

You see? with easy instructions and with small tips I am always holding your hand. After this training I will release you, but you can come back to me any time for help with anything. Deal?!

And that is all for today! Give yourself a tap if you completed the 2 first steps.????

It is very important that you complete them before taking the next, that soon will be posted. If you did not take them yet, do it as soon as you can, so you can get onto the next  steps easily!

Take This Training Seriously But Have Fun Too, Starting A Business Online Is Fun!

Taking this training is something that will really be good for you, so take it seriously, but enjoy it too!

Luckily I found this opportunity and got out of the “Hamster Wheel”. Now I have a real direction online and that is where I am going to. No more running in a treadmill.

And humbly, this is the opportunity I want to share with you and for that is this simple course, but it encloses the pure truth distilled from all the best out there.

And thinking logically (I love to find the logic of everything), why would nearly 1.5 Million People trust and build businesses online with Wealthy Affiliate? I leave that open for now…

My Commitment And What Is Next.

Since you showed your interest for becoming successful by reading this post and hopefully following the steps, I am looking forward to guide you through them and to help you whenever you may get a bit stuck.

For that matter, I have created this series of posts that will show you in the next few days, a different step to take into your successful Online Business.

So bookmark, you can do it also using the G button on the floating social bar, if you are using Google Chrome.

I hope you got pen and paper and have begun and continue with the right foot this guiding program. That is only going to benefit you in many ways. There is no scam and no harm.

You have nothing to lose and that is a real statement.

Your steps for today are your priority, make sure to complete them, I am assuring you that you will find them easy and a lot of fun!

After you complete these 2 steps for today, feel free to explore Wealthy Affiliate. Perhaps chat with some of the members available in the live chat and ask them if they know me…

Many of them do, and if they are available in the chat they will tell you about me more. So that is good. Ask also about Wealthy Affiliate, get in touch with new members and see how they feel. And ask more experienced ones too.

You will notice easily in the chat who is an expert and who is giving the first steps.

You can also ask some questions if you have any and they will be ready to respond, and maybe me if it happens that I am in.

I do not want to overwhelm you with too many ideas today. Stick to the training and then explore freely your WA platform.

Bookmark This Post

Or if you have taken the actions, continue on the next post. The best is coming!

This guide to create a business online will continue in the next post. So I will take you all the way to your business online being a reality. But for now, you have enough to do and enjoy!

What do you think about this training guide? Do you think it is worth it a try?

Do you need more help? Please drop a line in the comments box below with your thoughts or questions. I will be gladly replying to you asap.

If you think this may help or be good others. Please feel free to use the Social Sharing buttons to your preferred network!

Finally, you can come back any time if you did not start or follow the steps yet, and if you did, then =>>see here the next post of the series with your next steps.

Thank you and see you soon!


If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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12 Responses

  1. You know, I have actually tried a lot of other platforms before that did not work out well for me. They were all really awful because at the end of the day, I wasn’t able to make any tangible thing from it and it was very sad. Recently, I have been looking for a good platform where I would be able to make money and I found this one. I will go for your recommendation and try the training out. Thanks!

  2. Hello, Thanks so much for sharing his post here and to be honest, I feel the need that this post is quite worthy and well spent time to read it. I have heard a lit on wealthy affiliate. The best thing for everyone is to do their best in making sure that they make the right research into which platform actually is the best and in my opinion, wealthy affiliate ticks all the positives. Thanks for sharing such useful tips.

  3. Personally, ialso did all this odd jobs that did not pay off at the end of the day. It is really sad but it is the truth and it is best to believe that making money online comes with patience and there is no real get rich quick platform out there. The best thing for everybody is to do their best in making sure that they make the right research into which platform actually is the best and in my opinion, wealthy affiliate ticks all the positives. It’s a fabulous place to learn a while lot.

    1. Hello Henderson,

      Great comments, many thanks! I am sure as a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have made those conclusions really easily. Is good to have more people telling the people the truth about business online, not lying about quick riches.

      So I am glad to be part of this group as much as you are.

      Hopefully we get more people to discover it before they have our headaches!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing his post here and to be honest, I feel the need that this post is quite worthy and well spent time to read it. I have heard a lit on wealthy affiliate but I never knew how to get started before but all you shared here are really encouraging. Thank you so much and I will surely be more focused on building my own website and making things out myself

    1. Hello Rodarrick,

      With all my Pleasure!. I really dedicated time to put this together, because I know people, especially when starting something, sometimes may get a bit confused or not know what to do first. So before jumping directly into the great Online Entrepreneur Certification, this is a small manual of how to’s that will save you time, if you follow along with action every step. To your Success and if you have any question or need any assistance, please let me know.

      Still you can check ahead this amazing training, so it is linked above.

  5. Hi Pablo, we all want to work from home and make some money with ease and most importantly, doing the working at our own convenient time of the day. The processes involved are very friendly for those who are willing and with a good training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, it is very achievable.  WA has a free membership for 7 days which gives you some insight about the platform and with a very cheap fee you can benefit fully from the platform and proceed with your training. 

    1. Yes that is a great feature of Wealthy Affiliate, to allow you to sneak peak the full features. Indeed that is why I became Premium Member right away! But is also my desire to succeed. If there is no passion or intention to work hard and succeed, WA is just a beautiful platform 🙂 Thanks for comments Benson!

  6. Hi Pablo

    I enjoyed your post, it is very informative. In fact, you have revealed all the great lessons that one can get at WA. And if someone is truly interested in creating a sustainable online business, they can see that it covers all they will need to create a successful and sustainable online business.

    On top of that WA comes with a great community ready to help and support each other. The live chat is available to discuss and share our experiences. Everyone has a blog also to write on what matters to them.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I thank you for your comments as it strengthens my post. Definitely there is no school online better than wealthy affiliate, not only for Affiliate Marketing, but for any discipline, for the cost and for the opportunity to have so many things to start for free, is not just lessons, is all the tools and support that you also mentioned.

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