Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

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Maybe you heard about Affiliate Marketing before, perhaps not. If you never heard about it, Affiliate Marketing, in a nutshell, is making money online promoting others’ products. The questions are: Is Affiliate Marketing for beginners? What do I need to start? What knowledge is required to do it? Is there any program to help me succeed? Will I waste my time? Will I be scammed?

And so many others that typically beginners are asking. Even experienced online marketers that never tried Affiliate Marketing wonder these questions sometimes. I will reply to some of these questions, especially if beginners can do Affiliate Marketing.

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A Brief Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most legit way of doing business online, generating income for hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and billions of dollars yearly.

Even seniors and retired people have adopted this model to generate income from home.

The concept of Affiliate Marketing is simple:

  • Define what motivates you
  • Build a profit ready website
  • Attract visitors
  • Convert your ideas into profits

1. Define What Motivates You

Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - Passion

Everybody have a hobby, a passion for something, an interest for some specific matter.

Whether is sports, fitness, house care, animals, activities, you name it, you also have something that you like a lot. Maybe you are already an expert in Windsurf for instance, or maybe you just like Windsurf a lot from the last summer, when you attended a couple of classes.

Or fishing, or camping, or education online.

Is your choice and no one else’s. That is the first thing to know about Affiliate Marketing.

As long as you have an interest for something, an expertise in that something or just curiosity to learn more about that, you are ready to do Affiliate Marketing.

Why? Because many others may have the same interest, and they are looking all the time for answers.

The main source of information for them is the web, Search Engines like google provide them daily with what they need, what you and I need to find, isn’t it?

So here is the answer to the first question, whether you never heard about Affiliate Marketing, whether you are a total beginner that is interested in making some money from home, and landed here, YES!

Affiliate Marketing is for Beginners, as long as you can identify what is that you really like and you want to learn and share about.

And there is no need to invest any capital on products related to your passion to promote them, they are there, available for you, there are thousands of Affiliate Programs almost for everything that you can imagine in any interest that you have.

2. Build A Profit Ready Website

Build A Website

Now comes the part where most beginners stop, but with a bit more research, and if you read on, you will find out that creating your own website, is very easy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are free options to start out there.

A profit ready website is a web address, (you know https:// or www.) where people can visit to see what is that passion that you talking about.

Your website needs to be functional, attractive, easy to navigate.

And it needs to be hosted in a safe environment, very important to be protected against hackers and fraud.

Fortunately for beginners, all those hurdles are sorted, because nowadays there are technologies that make creating a website a “breeze”.

Let’s then leave the Profit Ready Website sorted for now. That is not a hurdle anymore for any beginner, trust me, and I will show you in brief, how you can have a professional, great looking, and ready to profit website, in less than a minute.

So keep reading, because after you know everything you need about Affiliate Marketing, in these simple concepts, I will show you how to do it.

3. Attract Visitors

Attract Visitors

Now that you have a website, you may be really excited and you want people to see your creation, how good it looks and what they can find in there.

Here is the fact: To attract people to your website, you need to showcase that Passion that you decided is what you want your website about and your source of income.

That means that people looking for those interests that you showcase, in their web searches, will find you and land in your website pages.

But that will be only happening if what you have to tell them is really interesting, helpful and they feel identified with your passion.

So by writing content that is compelling to the interest of others, soon your website will be attracting a lot of visitors.

That is because Google and other search engines, match the searches that we do every day with the websites that talk about the things or topics that we are searching for. And show them in their results.

Your goal will be to offer content that will position you on the front page of the results, so more and more people will visit you.

Again, this is totally for beginners, something that anyone can do.

We will talk a bit more about it. But let’s imagine this has been already sorted out.

4. Convert Your Ideas Into Profits

Make Money

Now that you have a website and you have been posting interesting content. Helpful articles and information that is suitable for those searching for it, for those who are really interested in your “Niche” or decided topic. Then your site eventually will make money.

This is the key to Affiliate Marketing when the visitors will go through your pages. You will strategically place links to products that you will select carefully, or services, related to your group of interest.

People buy things online every day, billions of sales are done online daily.

And there are programs of affiliates such as Amazon Associates, Click Bank, Share-a-Sale and many others. They can provide your site with any product related to your posts and articles.

That is how your site will be profitable.

And that in very short is Affiliate Marketing, and all the discussed above can be done by anyone, regardless of background, knowledge or experience, age, gender or anything.

Definitely, only knowing what Affiliate Marketing is will not make it up for you. So here below I will give you the way to kick start your interest in this discipline. To create a sustainable business online made out of what you love.

There is nothing more fulfilling that being able to work on what you really love.

5. Everything That You Need

All The Features You Need

Now that you have seen that Affiliate Marketing is for everybody, you will need a few things to start, and those things are:

  • Website (and Secure Hosting)
  • Knowledge
  • Adequate Tools
  • Help And Support

I am writing a lot of posts about Affiliate Marketing from different perspectives. Because what motivated you to read this post, is not the same motivation of others. And I want everybody to have this opportunity that I have.

You may be wondering how to find all the needs to do this thing…

Well, is good that you know that the way I created this website, without any knowledge or previous experience. And how I write this post for you, and how I can say this is really worth it, is because I was lucky enough to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for beginners and entrepreneurs alike, where you will get all what you need to make your passion a thriving business.

If you want to have more detail about creating an online business through Affiliate Marketing see below.

How To Start For All Beginners And Experienced Alike

I have also this wonderful series of 5 posts, where I will introduce you step-by-step to the Wealthy Affiliate World.

Click on this link and you will see more in detail => How To Create A Business Online

There you can find my number one recommendation, but I would like to end this post with an invitation to check the Wealthy Affiliate platform for yourself. Explore and discover in detail the information that I gave you today.

See below some amazing stats!

Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners - WA Stats

By the way, you can start totally for free, and you will have options to upgrade, just so you know, but all what you need to start is FREE and all in one place.

If you want to take a closer look, with zero risk, click the button below and maybe I will see you soon inside fulfilling a dream.

Finally, help me to share this post and opportunity to others because many like you deserve it.

Simply share it to your social network of preference, and if you have any questions or comments, I would like to hear also in the comments box at the bottom.

I hope that you will have a closer look and at least if you do not, now you know what Affiliate Marketing is and that is for anyone, and that there is the best platform to start.



If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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    1. Thank you for your comments!
      Actually the biggest investment is time and dedication for your future. That is the most remarkable of Affiliate Marketing, you do t need to invest much and you can start with the minimum and then scale as you grow.

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