Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?

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Is Mary Kay A Pyramid Scheme?

Someone proposed you to make sales from home. And you’re thinking about selling Mary Kay products, but is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme? Will it be profitable?

To get a little ahead of this review, no, Mary Kay is not a scam. But is this an excellent opportunity to earn money legitimately and from home? We will also answer this here.

We know about Mary Kay that it is a multi-level marketing company, but not a pyramid scheme.

On a side note, definitely the most sustainable and legit way to make money online is Affiliate Marketing, and there are some great networks to join and some great and legit independent affiliate programs.

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What is Mary Kay?

Mary Kay is a cosmetic company founded in 1963 whose line of skin treatment is recognized worldwide.

It also offers the opportunity to make sales from home, giving better prices and profit margins.

It is to promote the product at the retail level and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising.

Since its inception, it has been one of the first to use multi-level marketing, along with Tupperware.

Multi-level marketing is a business model in which the seller is independent, and they sell their products directly from the company.

They can also create a network of affiliates that sell and earn a commission. It works because there are people who prefer a product recommended by an acquaintance than an advertisement.

They resemble pyramid schemes. But they’re not.

What are pyramid schemes?

Is Mary Kay A Pyramid Scheme? NO

The pyramid scheme is a company that promises its members a monetary reward for recruiting people into their company: the more people, the better.

You earn more by recruiting than by selling company products. It is already a prohibited practice since not everyone can make money like this. And it is unsustainable, in addition to being suspicious and in more than one opportunity a scam.

Does it have a cost?

You must pay $ 100 to join and $ 75 monthly to maintain your membership, whether you sell or not. We are talking about $ 1,000 a year that only keeps the profit. It is quite a hard hit. But it offers you a 50% discount on the products, and that’s the hook. Then you can “play with the price” and give a more tempting offer than going to a store.

Is it profitable?

If you have sales skills, it is. But it is not easy to make money with Mary Kay. Direct sales often have this. The more you sell, the more you win, but it isn’t easy. It has a lot of competition in the market. And their prices are relatively high.

So you will have to sell a lot, to everyone if you can, but it will not be enough. You can also recruit people to work for you and earn bonuses for their sales, which is what puts these companies on the “pyramid scam” radar.

How do I make money then?

1. Direct sales

You Earn 50% profit. If a product costs $ 100 to you, a member will cost you $ 50, which allows you to play with the price. And even do promotions. Creativity drives sales here.

2. Down-line Sales

This is a 4% commission on your affiliate sales. The more your affiliates sell, the more you will earn and increase your rank.

3. Team building

It is like a club where the more you sell, the more percentage and benefits you will have. They always tend to be confusing, and this is no exception.

To summarize, you need two things:

  • Sell a lot
  • Recruit people who sell a lot

Pros and cons of Mary Kay

1. Pros

They have a 57-year history in the market: It will not disappear tomorrow and leave you hanging.

It has earned billions in sales: This causes credibility in your products.

There are many positive reviews about their products on social networks and tutorials on YouTube.

It is a world-famous brand. It is not a small local brand only known in your city. If this were a scam, no one would see the brand, and it would no longer exist for a long time.

It tends to its product quality. Mary Kay has been on the rise in the market for 57 years.

2. Cons

Their products are expensive. They are of quality and reputation, but they are costly, and there are equally good products with other more affordable prices.

You have monthly expenses. Each month you must sell 70 PV, which means from $ 70 to $ 80. If you don’t sell them, you will have to pay for them. There are many options on the market with competitive prices.

There is high competition, and more when it is working from home model. So you are likely to find other Mary Kay or similar sellers in your area.

Is it a pyramid scam in disguise?

You must pay $ 75 each month to stay an active member. So how do you maintain it without spending money? By recruiting others to work for you.

You assure them they will earn money if they sell $ 75 worth of Mary Kay products each month. If they can’t, they should buy that amount with their money. And only a small percentage is who earns a lot of money, about 1 in 200 people. And the rest do not make more than $ 100 in a year when you have to pay $ 1000 only in monthly payments.

All this is summed up to a pyramid scheme, although it is not because the axis is the product. But low sales drive to prioritize recruitment than the product itself.

So is it a scam?

No. Mary Kay is not a scam. The company has high-quality products at competitive prices. It is legitimate and pays its customers and members as promised. That also answer to the question if Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme, which is not.

The problem is the mandatory sales quota. If you don’t sell it, then you must pay the difference out of pocket. You are highly competitive, and the only viable way to shake off that pay is to recruit

Although it’s not a scam, in the long run, its members will turn it into something resembling a pyramid scheme, making it unsustainable.

I hope this review is of help for you to decide what to promote in your efforts to make money online.

Thank you for being here, and if you have any comments or questions, please drop them in the box below.

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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