LearnWorlds Review | Best Course-Creation Platform

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LearnWorlds Review - Best Course-Creation And Marketing Platform
LearnWorlds Review - Best Course-Creation And Marketing Platform

This is a thorough and factual LearnWorlds Review. LearnWorlds stands out as the best platform for individuals, businesses, or enterprises dealing with online course creation, marketing, and selling. And this is mainly attributed to the powerful and practical tools it offers. With this platform, you can train your employees, partners, and even educate your clients quickly. 

Further, it supports multiple platforms such as PC, Tablets, and Phones to ensure no one is left out. Also, any update, fixes, or releases can be accessed from the cloud at ease with no versions, patches, or system downtime to track continuously. 

With these features, LearnWorlds is a plug and play system that enables users to focus on the projects that are important to their businesses rather than on technology, which they may not understand. 

That said, this platform is a great solution to opt for everyone ranging from individuals and businesses to large companies and corporations. Therefore, choose for LearnWorlds today and create a striking, flexible, and effective online school that delivers premium electronic learning, marketing, and sales. 

This post will show you in detail all these features, and what you should consider to create and sell your expertise online through interactive courses.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, to products or services that I recommend, after thorough testing or research. By following these links, you will not have any extra cost in the event of a purchase or service acquired, and these affiliate links support the mission of my blog. For more information, you can read my Disclosures Page.

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What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is an advanced and powerful platform that allows individuals, educators, companies, and corporations to create e-courses, market them, and sell them. Further, this platform is handy in employee training and customer education. 

Let’s dive to the features that you will use to create your courses or even an entire online school!

Even If You Never Did It, You Will Be Able To Teach Your Skills Online With LearnWorlds

Key Features

Are you wondering whether to opt for LearnWorlds or not? Well don’t wonder too much, with a quick look at what they are offering as features, you will be amazed. They provide some of the best and competitive elements in the market to ensure you have a great experience. 

And with these features, expect nothing less than the best content, marketing tips, and conversion. So let’s take a look at these incredible features they are offering: 

  • Special page builder
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Online assistance and customer support
  • Interactive Video
  • Customizable Course-Player
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ecommerce capabilities

General Features

The above key features are just but a few of what this platform has to offer. They are vital to consider, but you can appreciate the unbelievable power of this software when combined with the following specific features: 

  • Migration services
  • 24 hours customer support
  • Unlimited courses
  • Video library
  • Supports significant platforms, e.g., PC, Tablet and Mobile devices
  • Multilingual UI 
  • Lead Generation
  • Font Customization
  • Prebuilt Templates
  • Branding and Theme-editor
  • Bundles, Coupons, and Up-sells
  • Inbuilt social network
  • Learner profile
  • Automated newspaper
  • Conversion tracking
  • Learner analytics
  • Assignments, Quizzes, and Exams
  • Interactive eBook

Combine all the above features with a powerful Email Marketing Platform, and you will be engaging even more with your future customers and students.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free trial
  • Starter- $24 monthly (1 admin and a fee of $5 in every sale of the course)
  • Pro Trainer- $79 monthly (5 admin or instructors and free of transaction fee)
  • Learning Centre- $249 monthly (20 admin or instructors and free of transaction fee)
  • High-volume and Corporate- for prices, contact the company


1. Great Page Builder

With the robust page builder of this platform, you can create a great and user-friendly website. And this is one of the striking features that make this platform stands out among the rest. 

Page Builder is a winning tip in the industry that enables users to inexpensively come up with stunning content without the need for third-party add-ons or designers for hire. Therefore, once you choose it, you will never need any other tool in designing your e-school. 

2. Interactive video

The Interactive Video feature is a focal point when it comes to LearnWorlds. Through it, the user can formulate striking and engaging content. Further, it also boosts the knowledge retention of the learners and trainees. With an interactive video, you can easily add pop-ups, questions, and buttons, among other elements, to make it captivating and engaging. 

3. Amazing template designs

Great looking designs tend to deliver positive impact when it comes to brand experience and sales boost. That said, this software comes with over 300 pre-designed templates to customize to your advantage. With these templates, you can come up with incredible looking sales pages, landing pages, homepage, and course pages. In simple terms, you can create a website easily from scratch. 

4. Inbuilt affiliate management

For a chance to boost your sales through affiliate marketing, this platform is the best. Through its inbuilt affiliate management, you can market, and track your leads, clicks, and sales. 

Further, you can create a customized commission rate for rewarding your partners who are performing well. And lastly, you have access to data for the evaluation of your affiliate program success. 

5. Access to magical templates

The vast range of amazingly designed templates gives the user a chance to get the best design that fits their taste. With the instant preview, one can have a rough idea of how the actual content will look like once they are through. Further, the variety of templates allows one to quickly shift between themes and design to capture the clients’ attention. 

6. Legit White Label

Products and services with a legit white label from producers or manufacturers allow buyers to resell them with their logo or brands. And the same applies to the platform. You can use it to come with a great online course but sell the content with your brand’s name or logo. 

Further, through the white label, you can influence the appearance and feel of a common platform to fully express your brand and corporate identity. And through this, you have a chance to give your clients as well as employees a marvelous experience. 

7. Best customer service experience

This feature has been fully optimized by the platforms to ensure you have the best customer service experience. And this is through their excellent team of dedicated persons who are active and responsive in handling any arising issue you may be having while using this platform. You can access this service around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about working and non-working hours. 

8. GDPR Compliant

This platform offers one of the best full GDPR compliant e-courses. Through its industry-leading toolkit, you can collect your students’ data and manage it through GDRP policies. 

9. Various payment options

One of the effective means of boosting your revenue is through creating a flexible payment plan. Through this, your clients will be able to pick an option that fits their budget comfortably. 

And thanks to this system, you can also create a flexible payment plan for your clients. In this case, you can award each course an individual price tag or set up a package that permits payment through installments.  

10. Content Ownership

With LearnWorlds, you have the opportunity to own the content you create. It also has excellent features that assure users about the safety of their content when accessed by their clients. 


  • Ease of use
  • Effective service delivery
  • Supports essential learning tools like course compliance, certificates, quizzes and exams
  • Around the clock online help and customer support
  • Friendly for starters
  • Powerful affiliate marketing solution
  • Great copyright protection features
  • Robust online community-builder
  • Permits video editing and the addition of interactive elements
  • An excellent choice for both opener and professionally players
  • Supports mobile, tablet and PC platforms
  • Multiple payment options


  • Their platform offers gamification, but they did not entirely develop it. But it is stated to be in progress of being improved.

How can you create an Online Course using LearnWorlds?

Best Course-Creation Software

As mentioned earlier, this platform has an easy to understand user interface. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to come up with an online course using it. All you need is a clear guideline, and you will be a pro course maker within no time. So let’s start:

1. Come up with the Course Topic

It is a critical phase in creating a useful online course. You need to employ smart decisions to create something that your audience, and others, will be interested to learn. To simplify the process for you, consider the following questions:

  • Do your family, colleagues, or friends ask you for your knowledge about some expertise you have?
  • Have you ever solved a puzzle that was quite difficult for other people?
  • Are you an expert that many people want your assistance?

With the above questions, you will be sure about the topic you want to teach. But that’s not enough to motivate you to start an online course. The potential of the class to create revenue for you in return needs to be enough. You should choose a topic that can solve an issue or close a gap and that many people will be happy to pay for this service.

2. Do thorough research on the subject

Once the right topic is ready on the table, it’s time to do thorough background research and planning. Otherwise, it will cause your course, and you to be stuck. Therefore, considerable research ensures you deliver excellent content that your clients won’t get it for free somewhere else. 

And to make this successful, do your research online. Get to study the topic you’ve chosen comprehensively to ensure you have complete knowledge about it. Also, be aware of any updates because facts sometimes change with time. 

3. Decide on the course outline

If you have done thorough research on the topics you are handling, you should have a variety of ideas on the course outline. In this case, you can brainstorm and write down a list of subtopics until you’ve thoroughly exhausted your mind. After that, it’s time to organize them accurately while choosing those you will work with logically. 

4. Formulate the target and objective behind this course

The target and objective are also a critical part of creating an online course. It’s more of the heart of the whole process. Therefore, it’s essential to plan every stage with precision and clarity. That said, the target of learning is long-term, quite broad, but achievable. But the objective of education is immediate and termed as learning outcomes as they are associated with the results expected out of learning. 

5. It’s time to create the content of your course

It is yet another crucial step in the process of creating a great online course. You need to consider the source of your information and course material carefully. Thus, the only way to make this whole step a smooth run is by using a specific plan. In this case, ensure the content of your course contains the following:

  • Quizzes
  • PDF and eBook files
  • Recordings, Videos, and screen-casts among others
  • Audio files
  • HTML5 or SCORM
  • Blog posts
  • Graphic design
  • Presentations 

6. Presentation and Video recording tools

In this step, you have a variety of options on how to share your content. You can base it on texts, podcast recordings, or video tutorials. In any case, the use of images and clips is useful, mainly if your course trains students to carry out a specific learning task.

7. Finally, build a community around your course

Apart from studying in your course, another essential aspect of learning is student communication. And this can only be done effectively through a community as compared to doing it with you. Community discussion is vital in online education as they enable the learners to understand the course better through sharing ideas with their fellow learners pursuing the same journey. 

And as simple as it may seem like an expert, it’s impossible to answer your audience’s questions. Therefore, through creating a community around your course, your clients will be self-sufficient and dependent on the students’ community than solely on you. Once you are through with community building, your study program is fully ready.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who can use LearnWorlds?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a starter, expert, solopreneur, or a corporation. As long as you have a passion for course making, this is a perfect platform for you. That said, this platform is the missing link in your success as an online course maker. 

Q. Why choose LearnWorlds over the other similar ones?

Among the things that make this platform the best choice over the others is its all-in-one software. And what it means by this is that you can create content, market it and sell to make revenue all on the same platform. 

Further, it has a simple and easy to use user interface as compared to its counterparts. And this simplifies your tasks and prevents the need to learn about this platform before using it. To cut the story short, choose this platform if you want to create great online courses, and sell them. 

Q. How can you choose the best online course platform?

At this point, you are familiar with what an online course platform does. But with tons of them out there in the market, how will you know you have chosen the right one? It’s pretty simple; all you have to do is consider the following key elements:

1. Pricing Plan

Pricing is vital to consider, as it depends on the budget you’ve set. In this case, various course platforms have different pricing plans. But most of them often charge a fixed fee every month, and a few will offer an annual fee. 

In some cases, the platform may deduct a given percentage from the revenue you make from your sales. Therefore, it’s essential to consider these factors while taking into account the budget at hand and the state of your business.

2. Advanced features

It’s crucial to identify the key features you will need for your success in creating the course. Therefore resist being influenced by mere glamour and focus on what you require. But before selecting a given platform, you must first know the exact features you need for a better decision. 

And once they are all at your fingertips, take your time as you assess different platforms while looking for these features and additional advanced options that will make your experience even more thrilling. 

But that’s not all; you can also sign up for free trials you will find in most platforms. Test the platform, and be sure that it’s what you need before investing in it. Finally, consider the following list of striking features that are on-demand in this industry.

  • White labeling
  • Cross-platform support
  • In-built authority tool for eLearning
  • Multimedia support
  • eCommerce support
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Learner experience
  • Assessment and Testing

3. Website integration

This feature is essential, especially to those with a reliable website foundation. In this case, they can integrate the course platform with their website instead of starting one from scratch. Therefore, when looking at the various course offering platforms, consider those with CMS or WordPress integration. 

Most course creation and selling platforms provide a ready web and landing page to simplify things for you. And this includes taking care of web hosting, domain names, backups, and site security, among other things. 

4. Supported media

What type of content will you be using in the course you are creating? Once you figure out this, then you will be sure about the media that should be supported. That said, are you planning on an online video course? Or perhaps incorporate assessments, images, eBooks or PDFs? Therefore, ensure you end up with a tool that supports major media platforms you might currently or in the future. 

5. Interactivity

The best performing online course platforms are usually interactive. Therefore, choose a platform that permits significant interactivity in-course you will be creating. For instance, if you are targeting a direct interaction with your audience, it should support live streaming. Alternatively, it should allow a forum set up so that you can address your audience questions. 

6. Payment processing

What is your plan for pricing for your online services? Are you planning on a single payment plan, multiple payments, or any other method? Then consider a platform that not only supports this but can set it up for you as well. 

Some of the platforms offer advanced tools for setting up your payment plans. Some are flexible enough in various ways of pricing your course. With them, you are free to set-up coupons, payment plans, a one-time subscription or recurring subscription.

7. Features and tools for marketing

Marketing plays a massive role in ensuring you have a higher return on investments. After all, why should you create a great online course if nobody will buy it? As such, ensure you check the features and tools and marketing that the platform offers before opting for it. 

Specific platforms leave the entire marketing task to you, while some set it all up for you. Therefore, this feature is essential if you want to drive more traffic to your site and generate more leads. 

8. Options for customization

Most of the online course platforms offer templates that assist you in creating your course as well as sale pages. This feature usually allows a certain degree of customization; however, some allow more control as compared to others. Therefore should consider a platform that will enable more control over customization to meet your needs

Q. Are there hidden charges when using paid plans?

With this platform, all you have to pay for is your monthly flat-rate fee. There are no additional costs and no hidden charges to worry about. Therefore, it’s a legit platform focused on ensuring you succeed in your online course business. As a point to note, you will only pay an additional fee of $5 if you choose the starter plan. 

Final Remarks

It’s not easy to come up with great educational content so that many clients will want to have a piece. But with LearnWorlds, you have an opportunity to make the whole process simpler and faster. And being an all-in-one platform, you cany create great content and market it and make good revenue out of it. 

So, if you were still wondering whether to opt for this software or not? The answer is simple. It’s a great opportunity that you don’t need to think twice before choosing it. You can also enroll in the free trial to eliminate your doubts about it and dive in wholeheartedly.

I hope you enjoyed this LearnWorlds Review and please share this article if you feel someone else may find it useful.

Thanks for being here!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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2 Responses

  1. This sounds like a great platform to have if you have something to convey to the world. The starter price is reasonable and one can slowly work his or her way to higher plans if he/she wants to expand his/her business.

    I will keep this in mind for when I want to teach an online course. A good recommendation, thanks.

    1. Hi Clark,
      I agree, and I am also planning to do an online course soon, for which I will use LearnWorlds, as I have been checking many other platforms, but with LearnWorlds, I found everything I need.
      Thank you for your comments, and I am glad my article is of use to you.

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