Norwex MLM Review. Is it a good business from home?

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Norwex MLM Review

This post is to review the Norwex MLM opportunity.

You are probably here for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You heard about Norwex MLM, or you have been invited by some family or friends to know about it.
  • Another reason could be that you are just looking for good-quality, effective, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products.
  • Or, you are looking for a way to generate real income from home.
  • Most importantly, you are doing some research on your own before you make any investment.

There are many programs out there to make money from home. Some are online; some are off-line. Many are legit, and many more are blatant scams.

Back in the years, and even today, there is a popular method of making money from home. Not necessarily the easiest one, neither the most reputable. It is the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

MLM companies can be legit, or they can fall into a category of Pyramid scheme.

Fortunately, Norwex falls in the first category, and thus it is a legit MLM company with a legit activity.

This review will show you how it exactly works and what you can expect from it.

But most importantly, it will show you if this is the alternative to a profitable business from home.

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What is Norwex? Is it a reputable company?

Norwex MLM Global Site

Norwex is a company dedicated to producing sustainable products and materials for cleaning.

It originated in Norway, and their story is that Bjørn Nicolaisen, the founder, was introduced to a miraculous cloth. With this microfiber and just water, he was able to clear-clean a windshield full of bugs.

That was in 1994, and fast-forward the time, Norwex diversified the microfiber cloth business into more chemical-free household products and became a very reputable cleaning materials company. Their expansion is worldwide.

They also produce low-chemicals personal care, pet care, and car cleaning products.

The products are under a philosophy of recycling, less pollution, and less chemical harm for the health and the world. 

If you search for cleaning-products and sustainable and great-quality materials and reputation, you definitely can trust Norwex.

Their mission to a better, healthier, and contamination-free world is very respectable.

With all that in mind and the fantastic marketing efforts, one can think that this could be an excellent opportunity to bring that side income home.

But there are some downturns to consider, and here is my take on that.

How to make money with Norwex?

Norwex provides products and materials to their representatives to promote them and sell them. The business model is based on direct sales but mostly on the MLM concept.

That said, you will earn commission profits from the products you sell and cash and rewards from your downline sales (those who join invited by you).

Here is how it works, and my personal opinion based on my experience with similar systems.

1. Become A Norwex Consultant

To become a Norwex Consultant, someone may invite you, and that person’s name will be your referrer and direct upline (the same principle applies to all MLM’s).

Otherwise, if nobody invited you, you can pick a consultant living in your nearby.

Either you put the name of the person who invited you or choose a consultant, you will have to fill in your details and purchase a Starter Kit.

  • The cost of the kit is $200
  • It includes an assortment of some of the company’s products to sell and a website free of charge for 60 days. After that, it will cost you $10 a month. You will get some other promo materials.
  • The starter kit becomes free if you can sell $2000 worth of products in 90 days. My opinion on this is that if you are a complete beginner, it will be very hard. No matter how motivated you are. To sell that worth of products in 3 months from scratch, without having already an audience of your own, like an email list, for instance, it is challenging. In my opinion, a starter account to try a new business should offer some free-trial time.
  • It would help if you had a minimum sales of $250 every three months to remain active. Now that is not difficult to achieve in my personal opinion, but it makes people lack interest. You will earn just a percentage from $250 in three months, which is not enough money. That keeps people on a survival treadmill, but in the end, you are in for an income that worth it the effort. Something that you will be building in a more extended period.

2. Developing your Norwex business

  • That is why you need to develop your MLM. It would be best to create a downline, motivate them, and train them to sell as much as you do. And then you can earn good money.
  • With that said, you can sell the products online (without having to build a downline). For that, you need traffic; in other words, visitors to that website Norwex provides you. Here are the challenges:
  1. As this website is not yours, your ability to add content is limited. Therefore you will need to have your blog, which in turn will require additional investment. 
  2. Otherwise, you need to drive paid traffic to the website provided, which is even more risky, complicated, and expensive.
  • While the website is somehow getting exposure, you can sell the products with the other method recommended by Norwex: Hosting home parties. Consider the facts:
  1. You have to invite your family and friends. It will be nice of you to offer them great products. 
  2. However, the primary purpose is to sell them the products.
  3. Also, you will show them to do the same.
  4. The challenge with the above is, do you want to sell products to your family and friends? How periodically you think you can sell their products? How big can be your clientele? Do you like to offer them to be your downline to make money and earn more yourself?
  5. To host the parties, you need to invest in the products, there are various party plans. You can earn rewards aside from your commission that are paid in merchandise. Unless you can sell a lot, you will have an issue with stocking up. Below is an example of party rewards for consultants.

3. Earning potential

  • Your earning as a Consultant will be $35% of your direct sales. That is a very generous commission. Here is the challenge: The products are high-quality, but they are quite pricey. Is it worth the price? As I said before, I think yes, but not everybody thinks alike, and you will have to convince people. That means you need to have sales tactics, knowledge, and experience.
  • There are different associates’ ranks at Norwex with varying levels of income:
  1. Sales Consultant (35%)
  2. Team Coordinator (35%+3% of your direct recruits, under the same $250/3mo. condition)
  3. Sales Leader (35% +5% from your group sales + 2% of Team Coordinators personal sales + 1% of direct recruit sales)

From this point on, the compensation will keep increasing, but there is no mention of it on the website, neither there is the information on the requirements to acquire the various statuses.

  • Executive Sales Leader
  • VP Sales Leader
  • Executive VP Sales Leader
  • Senior VP Sales Leader.

If you need more information on the requirements for the different levels and the upper positions commissions, you will need to contact a Norwex Consultant. 

I don’t think they disclose this information to the general public. You will get this information most likely after you are an active Consultant.

I am not interested in finding out more than this, and for my review, it is more than enough.

My Final takes on the Norwex MLM

After reviewing the Norwex site and doing my research on various channels, I have come to the following conclusions:

What I like from Norwex

  1. Norwex is a legit MLM as they focus mainly on product sales rather than just on recruiting people, which will be an illegal pyramid scheme.
  2. The products are of excellent quality, and their mission for a better future world is admirable.
  3. They offer a fair compensation plan for its Consultants.
  4. Norwex is a well-established company with an excellent reputation worldwide.

What I don’t like about Norwex

  1. Although the products are of excellent quality, they make some refutable claims, such as cleaning 99% of bacteria with a microfiber cloth and water.
  2. The business opportunity is too challenging when you are trying to start a new venture.
  3. You need to sell products directly and also recruit people.
  4. Thus, besides sales, to be successful with Norwex is necessary to recruit and motivate people, growing through to the high levels (unless you are a sales star that can make enough profit by selling only).
  5. You will need to start with your close circle, family, and friends to achieve the required goals at first.
  6. The concept of hosted parties is outdated, the earnings volume potential is minimal, and it may end in broken relationships. And, this concept is also not very feasible in the times we are living, with all the upcoming lock-downs, unfortunately.
  7. Although you can also sell products online, it is required the knowledge and the investment in time and money to grow an audience.
  8. Given the above point, creating a website or blog to attract visitors who buy Norwex products limits you to that segment.
  9. With that, if you want to succeed with Norwex, you have to go all-in and dedicate only to it, limiting your opportunities to side income.
  10. If you don’t have the skillset for this type of business, you will have to acquire them, and you will fail and lose more money than you earn.
  11. There is a lack of information about the full compensation plan, the levels, and the requirements to achieve those levels. This information should be provided explicitly, in my opinion.

With all said, it is now up to you to decide if the Norwex MLM is an excellent opportunity to earn money from home or not.

I do not recommend it as a business opportunity unless you have the means and the reach for massive promotion.

A good alternative (the most recommended for starters)

Learn Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online

There are better ways to make money from home, and my #1 recommendation is Affiliate Marketing, especially for beginners.

With Affiliate Marketing, you will build your website on the interest of your choice. You will earn commissions from products that you don’t own or create, and you can start without investing a considerable amount of money and scale as it grows. You don’t need to hold stocks or deal with dropshipping or suppliers. Moreover, you will not have to recruit family and friends or anyone for the matter.

If you are interested in creating a passive income source, all you need is the right platform to learn and develop your Affiliate Marketing business.

I hope this review gives you the information to make a wise decision.

If you find it useful, please share it, let me know in the comments box, and if you have questions, I am happy to respond asap.

Thank you for being here.

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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4 Responses

  1. I am prejudiced against MLM companies.
    A couple of years ago I went to huge business seminars and always there would be a couple of people that were into MLM, approaching everyone during lunch and tea breaks in a rather aggressive way. I hated that.

    Then I met a woman who had a solution to my sleeping problems and even though I said right from the start that I was enthusiastic about the product and hoped that it wasn’t from an MLM company, she never revealed it was. So without realizing it I ended up investing €200 and only then discovered I was supposed to pay another minimum of €50 each month and had to recrute others to do the same. Grrr.

    What I dislike most is that the end product becomes too expensive. I see you mentioning something about price as well. If the seller has to earn, and the uplink, and who else as well, of course a product is too expensive. And the buyer pays.

    Your review confirms my opinion. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Hi Hannie,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. Definitely, the cost is high, but the products from Norwex worth the try. I can’t say the same about the opportunity to earn money. Some MLM’s are not aggressive, and I believe that is the case of Norwex, yet it is very challenging to make money being limited to a very specific group of people, unless you have an audience of loyal followers already. In other words, not a bad program, but not a program for beginners or people that do not have specific selling skills. For that matter, if anyone wants to start a business online, is better to try blogging as a business, and find the right platform for it.

  2. Hi Pablo,

    It’s interesting to know an MLM that sells clothes, and it seems working so well when it comes to cleaning at home. But, considering the nature of an MLM business opportunity, recruiting as many people as possible to earn commissions & needs to spend lots of money on the stock. I will not make money with Norwex. Affiliate marketing is a better idea for me, and your recommendation looks nice and worth a try.


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