Is it Profits Passport Legit? – $16500 per sale in auto-pilot?

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Is it Profits Passport Legit? Can you make money with it?

If you landed in this article today, you are trying to find out if is it Profits Passport legit.

Regardless if it is legit or not, I am delighted that you decided to check it out first. There are many ways to make money online ethically, and others I do not recommend.

And so you being here shows that you are wise to check things at least out and find out the better way before giving away your hard-earned dollars.

Read this article, and you will know the facts and my opinion about this system.

Let’s dive into it.

Quick Navigation

Quick Profits Passport Facts

  • Creator: David Dekel
  • Product: Profits Passport
  • Type of Product: DFY Funnel
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing(?)
  • Official website: (Not an affiliate link)
  • Front-End Price: $0
  • Bonuses: Yes, (to push the sales)
  • Support Rеѕроnѕе: How-To-Use explained
  • Legit: Yes, but promotes not legitimate products inside
  • Recommended: No

The Sign Up Process To Profits Passport

These are the steps during the sign up process to Profits Passport.

1. The Main Page With A Very Bold Title And Intro Video

Is Profits Passport Legit - Front Page

At the main domain, you will find David Dekel, making a charming introduction that more or less says:

“Are you looking for an easy system to generate $10K  to $15K from home?

And with the following advantages:

  • Don’t need to build a website
  • Don’t need a product
  • No technical-dealing stuff
  • Don’t need fancy skills.
  • 100 % DFY

This system does all  the telling, selling, follow-up, and closing of the sales.”

And in a nutshell, the video tells you you will learn the system when you give your email address and go to the next page.

This first page is what we know in the funnel jargon as a “capture page.”

One interesting thing I noticed is that a requirement is that you sign up only with a Gmail account.

Sign Up Only With Gmail

It sounded curious to me, and I honestly researched on this fact. All I found out is Gmail is one of the only readily-available global authentication mechanisms that can be trusted.

That was just a first impression, I don’t think anyhow is something to worry about.

2. You have entered the next step

Testimonials and big bold claims that maybe happened only once

You are now in what we know as the “bridge page,” where you will see lots of video and screenshots testimonials that I can’t confirm as authentic or made by well paid good actors. Many of them are real.

If you want to check out this page, here it is, without giving your details.

For those testimonials that are truthful, there is a reason for it that we will talk about a bit ahead.

Now you have the option to continue to learn how to make so much money fast with the system.

Moreover, you have given your email address, and now you are subscribed, so you will be receiving all the email follow ups, which is totally normal and legit.

But hold on, if you did not sign up yet, check out what I have to share with you before you do it.

I already did all the sign up process and to part of the inside sections as well, so save your self from that for now.

The welcome email from Profits Passport
From my email inbox

3. The Webinar Page And The Profits Passport DFY System

Profits Passport Webinar Page

This page is a webinar (nearly 2 hours) that shows you how the system works, with somewhat detail.

And is filled between lines with the testimonials, most of them from the same people from the previous page.

On this page, you also have the multiple income systems, where you will enter your affiliate suffix on each of the methods you sign up for. And links and instructions to sign up to each of them, to get that suffix.

And this is the Done For You system, is just a 3 step funnel, very well created, very resourceful, that intend you and those you will share this page with, to sign up for those income systems to make money.

So the DFY is the funnel, that you can promote, but the sign up process to each of the offers inside, is a DIY (Do It Yourself).

Needless to say, you will receive emails from your Sponsor too, and from each system that you sign up to.

Only from Profits Passport, I already received more than ten emails in one day. Seventeen in less than 24 hours, so far.

I filtered out the emails from the systems inside that I signed up to do this review. Pretty aggressive marketing!

Emails Received from Profits Passport in less than 24 Hours
17 emails received in my inbox in less than 24 hours!

Most of them include a testimonial, same testimonials seen in the bridge and webinar pages.

Those are the proof as a part of the DFY funnel.

And as I am doing this review, I got another 5 emails, all at once at 12:00 PM. Speaking about aggressive marketing!

More emails in one day

👉 If you want to get genuine training, tools, and help, to earn money from home, sign up below and get a free step-by-step guide 👇

So once you sign up and get your links, you promote them, and anyone who clicks on them will visit these pages. They may sign up and get all the emails to follow up with all the proof.

This is a sound system and is a minimal set up from your side, but how will you make money?

To that question in particular: Are you ready to build a thriving business online with Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to be guided through, without false statements and hiding fees, here is the place to start:

What are the income systems in Profits Passport?

The income systems are in their majority, just membership sites.

They have no physical or digital product to sell, and all you want is to get more people to sign up for these systems, to pay the fees, and then you can earn the commissions.

That includes administrative fees too, for the use of the platform.

That is why I question if this is Affiliate Marketing. Yes, you have an affiliate code, but you are endorsing air that you have to pay upfront.

Some systems commissions are 100%, but your second commission goes to your sponsor/referrer.

Other systems’ commissions are 50%, what you will earn depending on what you pay for first.

And what you are promoting, you will only earn if you buy it first. 

And that is the inside scoop. You will earn a hefty commission if you buy the big product first.

I signed up for 2 of the systems, and I found a total waste of time to continue because I knew already what the Profits Passport system was all about by then.

Below you can see my admin areas screenshots for those 2 programs:

Easy 1Up Backend at Profits Passport
Easy 1Up backend
FunnelX Backend at Profits Passport
Funnel X Advance backend

The reality is that inside these memberships, you get barely any training or any value that you can keep as an asset. It is mostly permission to sell a product by buying it upfront.

The products are just a higher status, and a higher, and a higher with a name, nothing else, within the membership. 

Thus my recommendation is totally the opposite. Is a real platform that includes all the resources to build your Affiliate Marketing real business, without risking your economy.

Which are the money income systems within the funnel?

  1. Easy1Up – Memberships up to $2000
  2. Funnel X Advance – Memberships up to $1997
  3. ROI Panel – Link Tracking System similar to ClickMagic, (but extremely more expensive) up to $1497
  4. Forsage – Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding
  5. Udimi – Solo Ads Marketplace
  6. OPM Wealth – Cryptocurrency High Tickets up to $27500
  7. Ringless ALN – Voicemail Traffic Commissions

I can say that some of these programs I know, and they are 100% legit, like Udimi or ROI Panel, they sell clicks and solo ads, and these are digital tangibles.

But the other systems are doubtful, resembling Pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

For instance, Forsage being a very doubtful scheme, according to Bitcoin:

“Additionally, the Forsage scheme has continued after the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published a warning about Forsage.”

Udimi has an excellent reputation, but the reason why Udimi is included among these opportunities comes written in the instructions. 

It tells you how to buy clicks to your links to the system. 

And permit me to advise you that solo ads are not always practical. 

There is a lot of split testing to be made before finding the right solo ad seller, with updated email lists,  the best solo deal, and the offer that works with the solo ad.

And the testing until you find your perfect combination that works takes some investment that after you need to recover.

As a bonus, you will get some free traffic sources, but they work with link rotators, which is like a lotto game.

Profits Passport also shows options to finance the payments for the memberships.

If you don’t have money for this, will you risk going into debt?

Is it Profits Passport Recommended?

Those who provide their testimonial are promoting Profits Passport, and they claim and show proof of earning a lot of money with the various systems. 

However, they had to risk big money for the opportunity to make the profits, and I doubt their success goes as far as the owners and mentors of each of the offered income opportunities.

Only a few of those people are showing consistent testimonials, and some of them just show one or two commission as a success.

And of course, to the owner of Proffit Passport, who makes a commission on each of them he sells, and on each of the sales of others, and each solo ad you run.

I wonder how much money they make in profits, after taking out all the money in paid advertising.

So is Profits Passport legit?

I do not recommend Profits Passport for the following principal reasons:

  • Suspicious programs to earn money, Pyramid, Ponzi, and Crypto-schemes.
  • You should never pay money in advance to join an Affiliate Program or to promote a product
  • Membership programs that do not offer any value but the chance to provide memberships
  • There is a very high risk of losing a lot of money (Range between $50 to over $30000) or even going into debt.
  • Not convenient or as easy for inexperienced people as claimed

And speaking about claims, a lot is concealed, and a lot of sayings are unrealistic. For instance, the Done For You funnel is real but is not 100% DFY. It is kind of free for a testimonial when you make a big commission, as proposed by the owner, as your way to pay-back for the DFY Funnel.

Those testimonials are, whether authentic or not, fueling the funnel with proof, another thing that is offered as done for you.

You don’t even get to keep the leads you generate unless you do the work to add another step before the funnel.

But if any of the said by Profits Passport I can agree, is that stated in their earnings disclaimer. You may not make any money with this system, and you should use only risk capital.

But that is just the law, and they are being compliant.

Final words and good recommendations

If you want to make money online, find a program that, first of all, you can try before paying anything.

Starting with Affiliate Marketing is not costly. Neither to get the right tools and resources for an honest and reasonable fee.

Did you know that there is a platform in which you can learn and build real business online assets, and passive income?

Ideally, it should offer you the following:

  • Quality And Easy Training
  • Honest Mentoring and Coaching
  • Help And Support
  • Real Industry Tools and Resources
  • And all that for a reasonable cost.

And here is my recommended place to find all that, without risking any money upfront, and being able to build real assets.

In the end, is your decision, but one of the claims of Profits Passport I am against 100% is this:

“This system is a turnkey”… May it be? It could, but the machine can take different directions, and some of them may be disastrous.

There is no turnkey, dear reader, that money magic does not exist.

But some open doors show better ways to build the turnkey.

I hope you enjoyed my post and it helps you to make the right decision.

I do not recommend it because of the high risk it carries, especially to beginners.

Like it says initially in the video by its owner, “it is targetted to babyboomers searching for retirement and easy big money.”

If you need more information or have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below, and I will answer you asap.

Have you come across this program? Did you come to this article searching for something else?

Thanks for being here!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Pablo,

    A superb and thorough review.

    I must admit I did laugh a little at the initial title, intro, and indeed the picture of David you’ve provided at the beginning of your review.

    Just the wording and the way David looks (sorry if you’re a good guy David) took me back about 10 years, perhaps longer, when you had all these one-hit wonders who would scourge the internet claiming to offer you the Earth, but with very little susbtance.

    More often than not it was nothing more than a way to get you to part with your hard-earned money with nothing in return.

    Delving a little deeper into your review you have mentioned that there are indeed some legitmate opportunities/companies to promote, but something struck me the more I read.

    I’m glad you’ve made reference to it as well, but this almost seemed like a pyramid scheme, a poorly thought out MLM, and potentially a ponzi scheme.

    Based on your review Pablo (I’m now learning to trust your honesty) I’m out, this isn’t a business opportunity for me.

    Thanks as always for the great information, and above all your honest perspective.


    1. Hi Partha,
      Thank you very much for your honest feedback and I am really glad that my review is of help for you.
      Like I said, a good DFY funnel is a good product, but overdoing with the follow-ups and what is inside is what kept me away and made me think of writing this post.

  2. Hi Pablo,

    Who wants up to $2,000 cash payments delivered to your mailbox? When I see this, I know something is up behind the system. And, later on, you received 17 emails that show you the same testimonials to push you purchase the upsells, and there are not enough training courses that teach you how to build an online business. I will not join Profits Passport!

    Instead, I like your tip to try the platform that is free to join, so I will definitely take a look at it soon. Thanks for sharing this useful information on Profits Passport, it does help me to know all about it.


    1. Thank you, matt, indeed very enticing, but the reality is different. That is something you will find out a lot of useful information about Wealthy Affiliate if you are going to give it a try.
      Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Hey,

    This is a very informative and important review. I’m not a fan of systems who say you can earn thousands on auto pilot or in 30 days. It is just not possible, we have to do work to earn these commissions. We cannot just earn money without doing any work. The national lottery is the only way to can earn money by not doing anything.

    Thank you for sharing a great review and exposing this system. I definitely will not be investing in this.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you, Tom, for your comments.
      Indeed not possible to make money like this, and if you can, it wouldn’t last for long.
      I am glad this post helped you decide well.

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