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I empower individuals to have the same tools and resources I have, to create the lifestyle they desire, through Generating Passive Income Online… JUST LIKE I DO!

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Don't fall for shiny objects and scams!

Learn the exact business model & strategies I'm using to create a Monthly Passive Income stream and Financial Independence.


Learn all the skills and get all the tools needed in no time, with step-by-step training and mentorship.

In just few days you can have your business online up and running. Anyone can!

Wealthy Affiliate Community


Wealthy Affiliate is a huge online community with over 2.2 Million members from 195 countries worldwide.

It is the exact place where I am going from a complete newbie to a full-time affiliate marketer.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?: Just Learn 4 Simple Steps And apply Consistently

Chose An Interest... Anything that you love should do!
Build a Website... In 30 seconds flat! No "tech" knowledge needed.
Attract Visitors... Create engaging content. No "writer skills" required.
Make Money... Turn your Passion into Profits.

At Wealthy Affiliate You Will Get All You Need In One Place To Learn And Succeed. Platform, Training, Tools, Websites, Help... Start Free And See It For Yourself!


You Don't Need To Know Anything About Building Webites!!!

From Newbies To Super Affiliates, See What Others Say

Success Is Happening At Wealthy Affiliate 24 Hours A Day... Professionals, Students, Seniors, Stay-At-Home Moms, Retirees, Hobbyists, Workers, Non-Workers... Anyone Can Do And Succeed!

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This Is Your Free Ticket To Your Success Journey!

After many times I tried different ways of making money online, I was jaded. MLMs, surveys, online jobs, all I tried gave me everything except any success.

Then I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, and the story changed completely.

If you want to create a sustainable business and passive income, join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

Included With Your Free Membership:

(No Credit Card Or Bank Details Required)

  • State Of The Art Platform
  • User Friendly Dashboard
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification, Module 1, 10 Lessons
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Traning Module 1, 10 Lessons
  • Community Help And Support
  • Access To Some Premium Features For 7 Days (Live Chat, Live Webinars)
  • Training Libraries
  • Website, Secure Hosting, SSL Free, Templates
  • Site Content Platform Integrated 
  • Jaaxy – Keyword Research Tool (20 Free Searches)
  • Coaching 1-on-1 (7 days For Starters)
  • Your Own Wealthy Affiliate Blog

Your Free Starter Account Is Free To Start And To Keep, You Can Develop Your Skills And Scale To Premium Whenever You Are Ready, Unlocking Amazing Value For Nearly $1  A Day. No High Tickets In The Background,  No Crazy Hype, And No Rabbit Hole Of Upselling Pages. 

All Is Included In The Price.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely not. Absolutely Free Starter Account. No Credit Card or any other financial information required, only your Name, Email, A Username and a Password defined by you.

Your Free Starter Account is Completely Free to use for 6 months. There are no automatic billings until you decide to upgrade when you are ready.

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you can stay as a Starter Member for as long as you need within 6 months to create your business without any investment and move from there. There is no obligation to upgrade and your Starter Resources are available without restriction for that period of time.

It is highly recommended to sign up for a Free Starter Account, start training and progressing and exploring all the different features.

Whenever you are ready, you can go ahead for the Premium Option (See following FAQ)

The Premium membership at WA is a monthly cost to unlock all the tools features you need to scale your business. It is really affordable and for the features you will get, is really almost nothing. There is no high tickets at WA, you pay your membership and you get all the Premium features.

All the features available in the Starter Membership with notorious and very useful enhancements for serious aspiring online entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to build or grow a business online:

  • Unlock all 50 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Unlock all 70 lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp
  • All Classrooms and Libraries
  • Jaaxy lite with unlimited searches and 100 automated site rank searches monthly and other features unlocked
  • Live Training Every week by experts, without miss. Access to all previous broadcasts more than 400  hours of recorded live broadcasts.
  • More SiteContent Features such as 1 million Royalty Free Images integrated
  • More Security and Monitoring of your site
  • Hosting of your own domains, domain marketplace on board
  • Hosting 2 free and 10 own websites
  • More than 3000 niche websites and other site styles templates
  • Direct Private Messaging with Any Members, including the Owners
  • For Affiliate Program, double commissions
  • Live chat 24/7
  • SiteSupport: Technical support 24/7
  • And much, much more!

The cost of Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is $49 per month (A cost that has not change for the past 15 years!. That is how much they care for your success)

Wealthy Affiliate has one cost for everything.

There is no “secret” or “hidden” cost behind the scenes, except if you want to upgrade Jaaxy, which is a separate tool within WA. But for most Premium starting and even for experts already, is not needed to upgrade, as you will get Jaaxy Lite with unlimited Keyword Searches and other automated features.

Domain names are to be purchased separately, but they can be purchased and installed directly at WA for $13-$19 per year.

In fact there are two main discounts for Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership:

  • First Month at $19 instead of $49 (61% discount) If you are serious about building your own business online, this is another assurance that you can check well before going to full monthly payment.
  • Yearly Membership at $495 (12 months for the cost of 10) When upgrading to yearly any previous monthly payment is deducted)

For Yearly Upgrade the following bonuses apply:

  • 50 dollars yearly in community credits (Platform Currency that can be used for boosting comments or other perks)
  • 1 Free Domain Name
  • The before mentioned discount of $495 instead of $588

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