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When you search for the top affiliate marketing software, you are looking for solutions to make affiliate marketing work for you.

I will show you in a very concise and clear article, how you can get the best of the best, without installing any program, yes, on the cloud, and have the best tools for your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Beware Of Scams

First of all, you really need to be aware of this. In the Online World there are a lot of people that makes money by selling all kinds of products. Even those not created by them, or tried or tested.

There are a lot of reviews and reviewers of these products, software and platforms. And for the most of the reviews, you will see and hear wonders about those programs.

Even thought the knowledge is not there, they talk as if they know.

By means of very catchy website pages, where all the hype is put-on, they urge you to get these items, and they sell the product with the page created by the developer or software owner.

Obviously, their ratings and reviews are leading you to those selling pages. Once you go in, you will be pushed through a funnel of upgrades to those products, that they call OTO’s (One Time Opportunities). But you will have them many times as long as they can sell, so that is only rushing you.

So all what they say is good, in most cases, is without knowledge and they leave you at the explanation and functions of the product. Directly from the owners in those really well made pages, but you are not having the help of the reviewer, their only purpose is to sell.

They will even fill up your inbox with emails, once they capture you on those pages. But the emails will come twice or 3 times a day.! You will get into a list that has emails for every day of the week and for every one of these products.

Many of those emails are free webinars, which are more like free “sellinars”. They will try to sell you for more money!

Sales, Sales, Sales!

Some programs have up to 8 upgrades, varying in price and normally in increase. Starting from the basic software, and then you will have an “extra access, or tool, or faster super duper booster for your traffic”. To end with personalized coaching upgrades or even licenses to make the product yours.

Here you have some examples that you may want to know about:

Those pages offering software that will bring you lots of traffic with the push of a button and in 30 seconds, you really need to be careful, if you hear those things, well here is the raw truth, there is no such traffic for your business in those terms!

You will get tons of roaming traffic but they are not really looking for you, they just get sucked by these software creations to your site and those of others, making your Analytics literally crazy, giving you metrics that are totally fake, and in the end you will not make one penny out of it.

There is no specific software mention here, this is in general what is really happening, and you will be ready for it, whenever you see one of these characteristics, you will know that you have to proceed very cautiously.

So you have been warned!

What Do You Really Need To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?

First and foremost, to create an Affiliate Marketing based business, you will need traffic. That is THE MOST trendy offer for software and platforms out there, scam or no scam, it is a fact.

Because the most traffic you have, the more they will see your affiliate links and banners. And the more they see, there it will be more chances that they click and buy the products or services that you promote.

So that is logical, but before hitting that high traffic goal, there are some other things needed. In the real world of Affiliate Marketing, not in the world of the “push a button and become a millionaire in 45 seconds”…

Growing and audience for any business, whether it is a physical one or an online one takes time, work and dedication. Consistency.

If the actions that attract your customers, audience, guests, are repeated and done consistently, then they will keep coming back, no matter if it is a hotel or a website.

But first you need to build the trust. Offer a quality service, quality products, over and over, and the most important part of all, product aside, but more related to the service is this: help. If you help people, if you answer people questions, if the people is empathetic with your message, then they will be back, and call others to come too.

That is how you build traffic. So “mystery cash machines that bring traffic in a second”… wait a moment: It is not real.

How Do People Find Your Website?

You may be or maybe not familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And it literally means that you are optimizing your site to be found according to what the people are looking for in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others).

So again the most important is: Are you giving the searchers what they are looking for, in one way or another? Are you serving them? Helping them?

Am I helping you somehow to understand how this works?

And in order to optimize your content for search engines, we use keywords.

Now there are hundreds of techniques out there in millions of articles, on how to find keywords, what keywords drive traffic, how keywords work. And even lots of tools that are free (and may be that not all them really work well), and some others that are paid.

Not necessarily all that is paid is good, but chances are higher to have a better software and a better technology involved in its development. So that means you can get better results (without being assaulted by ads).

Now I will show you, what I use to research my keywords, and why I think this is the top Affiliate Marketing software.

Introducing Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a cloud-based software which technology allows you to:

  • Research keywords and from a broad field break them down into very specific.
  • Automate the research of the keywords you are using in order to provide you with reports of their performance.
  • Save your searches in convenient lists and search them historically.

And much more. (Really much more!).

Below here you will see some of the features of Jaaxy better explained:

1. Search Keywords And Extended Searches And Ideas

Find the keywords and their metrics, how many searches are performed monthly for each exact keyword. Also, how much traffic would they bring if ranked, and how many competitors (sites) are using the same keyword.

Jaaxy Search - Top Affiliate Marketing Software

You can search individual keywords or phrases, see related searches for more ideas and save them to your Brainstorm feature.

Top Affiliate Marketing Software - Brainstorm

Search keywords in Jaaxy below:


2. Alphabet Soup Searches

Millions of ideas in a technique that is always effective, but automated for you.

Top Affiliate Marketing Software - Alphabet Soup

3. Saved Lists

Organize your searches in specific lists, by topics or keywords for ease of access.

Top Affiliate Marketing Software - Saved Lists

4. Search History

Forgot something you searched for? All is saved!

Keep Track With History

5. Search Analysis

Which sites rank higher for keywords selected, for each of the major Search Engines. A detailed information of the post or article, word count, links on site, Alexa rank and other metrics.

Search Analysis

6. Site Rank

Where is any of your articles or pages on your site in the main Search Engine ranks, and automated tracked searches.

7. Affiliate Programs

Shows you an infinity of products that can be promoted and the information of their earnings and popularity. It is organized by Affiliate Programs.

Jaaxy Affiliate Programs

8. Jaaxy Help

Dedicated video tutorials to show you every aspect of Jaaxy features and functionality.


9. Free Starter Account

Test many of the Jaaxy features with this Trial Account.

Click here or on the image below to test Jaaxy

Then select the Starter Trial Option


10. The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy also offers you the possibility to promote them with an incredible affiliate program to earn money by sharing the service. With great affiliate links, marketing tools, and plugins. Earn money with Jaaxy, and track every movement from the platform, with great stats screens.


Final Word And A Huge Plus

I am happy to share this post with the world, because there is no better software or tool for Affiliate Marketing and to really attract visitors than Jaaxy. Jaaxy is the top Affiliate Marketing software, bar none!

In addition, by creating your Starter Account you are automatically joining the most successful community of Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneurs. Experienced and beginners, with a great deal of support, other amazing tools and resources and state of the art training.

The best bundle that  you can ever get!

Blow away the “Money Machines”. Come to see Jaaxy and then let me know in the comments below what you think.

See you in a next post!


If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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