Turbo Niches Review – 5-Click Free Traffic?

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Turbo Niches Review - Work And Earn From Home

In this Turbo Niches Review, I will give you an inside look at this recently launched Affiliate Marketing software.

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative model. There is no doubt about it and is legit.

To start doing Affiliate Marketing is necessary to get the right knowledge and tools. Selecting a convenient membership site that fulfills those needs may be challenging.

This membership site/cloud software, named Turbo Niches, promises a done-for-you solution for your traffic needs, in autopilot, with three simple steps and five clicks.

For beginners who want to learn how to make income online, this sounds great, even for experienced marketers.

When I read about getting free traffic, from 1000’s of “unearthed volcanoes ready to erupt,” and without working, it rings all my alarm bells.

And if you are here, it may be because you are at the fence of buying this software, and you want to be sure.

I want to clarify that I base this review on my opinion, research, and experience, and I do not recommend or endorse the product. I use a different program that I consider the best for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

My review aims to help with your query and serve you to make a wiser decision.

So read this article to have more information before you decide anything.

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Quick Turbo Niches Facts

  • Creators: Jamie Lewis with David Kirby
  • Product: Turbo Niches
  • Product Type: Cloud Software, Affiliate Marketing, Membership Site
  • Launch Date: Sept. 15, 2020
  • Front-End Price: $17 
  • Upgrades: Yes (14 in total, seven upsells with seven down sells)
  • Guarantee: Yes, 365 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Support: Advertised (Not tested)
  • Official Site: Click here (Not an affiliate link)
  • Recommended: No, especially for beginners
  • Skill Level Needed: Highly Experienced
  • Legit?: The product is real; the way it is marketed is deceiving.

The Turbo Niches Premises

  • Free Traffic Discharge 
  • In Autopilot
  • In Seconds
  • Tap Into 2.5 Million Users
  • With 5 Clicks
  • Even If You Have No Tech Skills Or Experience
  • 9 Free Traffic Sources
  • Quick Start Video Tutorials
  • 365 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • “Get Results, Or We Will Send You $500.”

The above claims are quite bold, and I am sure some of them are unsustainable and undeliverable.

What Is It Turbo Niches Exactly?

Turbo Niches is a membership site, where you have a back office with a series of tools available on the main menu.

According to Turbo Niches, these tools are to help you gain traction faster with your niche site.

I know you may have some more questions now:

1. What is traffic traction for a website?

Is the ability of a website and the rate at which it drives traffic. 

It takes time and effort to generate good traction, which is typically a pay-forward effort.

The benefits in the traction of useful content that is relevant and optimized are seen generally within months. 

There are hundreds of factors influencing traction, and the main one is the site’s authority.

2. How can I earn traffic traction faster?

There are some principles to earn traffic earlier and grow it exponentially in time:

  • Original content of excellent quality
  • Backlink profile
  • SEO
  • Leverage of other platforms
  • Competitors analysis

By following ethical practices in these fields, and over time and with more authority, is the way to generate lots of traffic.

And you may know or not, but more traffic is the key for sales and affiliate commissions.

Organic traffic (free traffic from searches in Google, Bing, and others) is the blood of Affiliate Marketing.

So are Turbo Niches tool’s indicated for traffic traction in reality?

I took a peek at the tools available in this system, and I have concluded that they are not worth the time, money, and effort.

Below I describe each of the tools and why I think it is not adding to traffic as the system says.

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Which tools Turbo Niches Includes?

Turbo Niches Review Tools Included
  • Turbo Niches: Centralized Affiliate Marketing Offers from ClickBank with commission rates and other details. It is a cool feature but is simply the chance not to navigate away from the software to find ClickBank offers. That is all.
  • Turbo Business Calculator: Simply enter the rate you want in a time frame, and it will suggest you what you can do online: for example, if you input $10 an hour, it will recommend you to do Web Design, Fiverr Writing Gigs, Headhunter/Agent, and so on. It is, for me, out of point, why would you need this tool if you are aiming for traffic?
  • Turbo Biz Builder: This tool is simply an earnings calculation table to use with the different offers and determine the ROI for a given product based on its conversions. It is a tool to calculate ROI, not to create traffic volume and speed (traction).
  • Turbo 5 Click: These are five steps to launch campaigns: Niche select, download premade campaigns, create a landing page, create a squeeze page, and get traffic to those pages. You can do all this out of this platform using free tools like Elementor. Not suitable for beginners, for all the five steps, it is necessary to have some knowledge base.
  • Turbo Traffic Suite: By entering a keyword, it will display a series of offers with CPA options and costs. It is a tool to use for CPC and CPA forecasting, not related to free traffic.
  • Other tools included are A URL shortener, an article rewriter (spinner), a graphic editor, and a landing page editor. They are cool features and all located in the same backend, but to me, they are just shiny objects that embellish the product. They make Turbo Niches look cool, perhaps a little more useful. However, I am not sure of these editors’ quality, neither compare to top free editors like Canva. (Some reviews say so in the willingness to sell this product). 
  • To the above point, spinning content to get more traffic is an awful practice that can ban your site forever.

A System Created To Sell Offers From ClickBank And Warrior Plus

If you want to create a niche website, this is not the type of software that will help you with your rankings. Or if you’re going to have a real business online for the years to come.

If you simply want to sell all kinds of offers from ClickBank and Warrior Plus, then this software may help you, but I must advise you:

  • You will have to invest a lot of money in CPA, which requires a lot of testing according to the different offers. If you are inexperienced, no matter the budget you have, you will lose your money.
  • The free traffic options from this system are a hook, such as the low price and the “done-for-you-don’t-move-a-finger,” and it is a feature you will have to pay more money than advertised to enjoy.

You can see in the image below the features that are access-restricted (in blue).

These options are activated once you pay for the upgrades.

Is it all included in the seventeen dollars?

Of course not, and this is one thing I do not appreciate the most from these kinds of offers.

I have already shown you the above, but I will explain it to you further.

When you buy anything or access a free trial, you should know precisely what you are getting for your money or for free. The offerer should tell you.

And you should also know that other options are available at a higher rate.

When statements are made on a sales page for one price, and then you realize that some features were not included without further payment, it is a big shock.

Unfortunately, regardless of how cool this system looks, I have to say that is the case.

The Turbo Niches Premises that I started talking about in this article show on their sales page, but several are available upon paying more money only.

It is what is known as a sales funnel, and most of the time, it offers you something great for little money. In the end, you get swallowed by the horn and upsells and down-sells.

This post is an unbiased and honest review, but I have come across others that enhance the sales page’s claims.

So be aware that other people are endorsing this system (which is fine; they get commissions as affiliates, a legit model). However, note below that the example review says all you have to pay is $17 for a duplicate of Turbo Niches, and by showing all the features implies, it means they are included.

Turbo Niches Misleading Information

What do I like about Turbo Niches? 

  • Real owners offer real support and their personal Facebook contact, not unknown people.
  • Launchers are experienced marketers, and they have recognition from ClickBank for being top-sellers
  • The 365 days money-back guarantee (They state that Warrior Plus backs it up, and is sold through that platform, inspiring confidence). It is a genuine guarantee, in my opinion, but I will tell you a bit about the psychology of this a bit further down. Either way, most marketers selling through this platform do not mention it, so it is a good point.
  • Friendly interface and useful tools, maybe not for the right purpose offered (I am not willing to pay for the upgrades to find out), but it is a decent toolset for a $17 price tag. Not to make money, though, but it can help with it in some ways.
  • Video Tutorials show how to use the system.

What I don’t like

  • They make bold and unsustainable statements, such as paying you $500 if it doesn’t work for you (that is very unlikely to happen and is getting fashionable lately).
  • That, to me, is aggravated with the fact of such reputable marketers and sellers not teaching the real craft.
  • Hidden costs for features offered in the front end
  • A lot of Hype and Marketing Techniques used wrongly: as described below. 
  • One is false scarcity (those timers that hurry you, but if you refresh the page, go back to the same 30 minutes mark). 
  • Downsells are a technique that I dislike a lot. When you are on an upsell page and decide not to go for it, you will get a popup cutting the price half or more. That making you believe is a unique instant offer. But if you were going for it, you will pay the double fee without even knowing of that discount. 
  • The Free Traffic DFY requires technical skill as it using retargeting and remarketing pixels. You use their targeted traffic (they have a vast audience and colossal email lists) via a pixel for your very own campaigns. But this is something technical and not as easy as said.
  • Upgrades to have full features can pay for two years of an all-included total membership to Affiliate Marketing Training and Business.
  • No free trial (this is something that every program should have)

The Psychology of the Guarantee

Guarantee Turbo Niches - Work and Earn From Home

Trust is complicated to earn. So with a 365-days money-back guarantee, they try to build that trust. Furthermore, when saying their selling platform backs it up.

That sounds good, but here is the thing:

Many people may buy this product because of a dream of “a lot of money fast for a low cost” and “have nothing to lose.”

Those who buy thinking like that and then find this product not suitable may claim for it.

First of all, the help desk will intend to understand why you are not happy. They will try to extend your stay and maybe sell you something else (“the reason you are not happy is that you didn’t get this upgrade”). Trust me, these agents trained for that.

You may end going to WarriorPlus and claiming a refund, and under their pressure, the vendors will refund you, but most people who buy these types of systems do not even bother.

It doesn’t worth it all the trouble for $17, and as I said, you can still use those features for other projects.

So you will give up or not even try, and they know this before making the sales page, and they use it to build trust. And to generate more sales.

A tiny percentage of sales will be refunded, and maybe an even smaller portion will be used.

The Upsells across the funnel, what you can expect after you pay your $17

Even before you sign in to your Turbo Niches back office, you will be bombed with seven upsells and seven down sales. The name in marketing is OTOs for these upsell/down sales (One-time opportunities). You can always go back and buy them, and they never disappear as it is said.

You can get out, simply say no, or pay more money for more shiny features.

  • Front End Offer $17
  • Unlimited: $29 upsell / $19 downsell
  • Hands Free: $197 / $97
  • Instant Profits: $97 / $47
  • Profit Sites : $39 / $27
  • Partner With Us: $49 / $29 
  • Traffic: $97 / $47
  • Reseller: $67 / $27

So if you say no to the upsells, and yes to the down sales or discounted prices, until the end of the funnel, to get all the features and rights, you will pay $310 the least.

But many others will pay much more than that.

And do you remember what I was saying about the other reviews? Well, imagine, then don’t even research well, and they have the prices and updates all wrong. The goal is the sale, not the information.

Sales button for biased review sites
Regardless of the information below being inaccurate, the button above is ready to cash!
Turbo Niches Review for sales only

Wrapping Up: Is Turbo Niches Recommended? 

My verdict is no; I wouldn’t recommend this software to you. I think the reasons why I have made it very clear.

In the end, it is your decision, and I hope my review is of help, and I hope you take the right one, that you will not be disappointed after.

But I do not want you to leave here with one hand empty. Now that you have more information about this program let me show you also an alternative.

You may like to know more about other products in these reviews:

My Recommendation

At the beginning of this article, I said that I use a different program to create passive income with Affiliate Marketing.

In contradiction to Turbo Niches, where all “is magically done for you,” I learned how to research my niches, create websites, flood them with SEO content that is original and relevant, and generate traffic organically. And of course, make affiliate sales.

My program is Wealthy Affiliate, and it includes:

  • Excellent Training (Core: Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp)
  • Weekly webinars from experts
  • A full library of tutorials, classes, and live video training recordings
  • Honest Mentoring and 1-on-1 Coaching 
  • Help And Support (From the whole community) with a tremendous pay-forward approach
  • Real Industry Tools and Resources (Including the best Keyword Search Tool: Jaaxy)
  • And all that and much more for a reasonable cost of $49 per month.
  • Without hidden fees
  • But before you ever pay a cent, you have the opportunity to try it for free, seven days free trial, and a real Premium Member Bonus.
  • More bonuses and perks if you become a yearly Premium member
  • Your success in your own hands. Click on the button below to start your free trial

I said about having an all-in-one platform for an online business that is real and ethical, and without all the fluffy talk.

For example, in my case, I paid yearly, and I can have lots of businesses online, and cover the cost of my membership for two years, with the money I would pay for all the upsells in Turbo Niches. That is if I wasn’t making any money, but of course, I am.

I was one day as you, wondering where I would find the wormhole to become rich.

It does not exist, although the Turbo Niches owners say so:

I once had the bad luck of falling for these things, and once I got lucky enough to find Wealthy Affiliate and be rescued!

I will change the above statement image for this clickable one:

Back To You

I hope you enjoyed my Turbo Niches Review and find it useful!

Have you come across this system already? What do you think about it?

I also wish that you can take advantage of my recommended platform.

Would you like more help to make money online and that I coach you 1-on-1?

Let me know if I can help you further in the comments box, you can drop all your inquiries down below, and I appreciate that you share this article.

Thanks for being here!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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4 Responses

  1. I don’t know, man. I mean, any product that is offering traffic on tap and folds of cash on my bank account sounds like a rip off to me. After taking a closer look at your review of Turbo Niches, I don’t think I’m going to be getting into this system. To me, it looks like just another overhyped product that is looking for newbies who are a hunt for some push-button system. Making money online requires a lot of work and effort and not some magic software. I know because I’m talking from the experience. I’ve seen 100’s of these products. Do you know how many of them actually deliver those promises? Well, very little to none. In any case, thanks for sharing this review. The only thing that I like about this product is a money-back guarantee. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

    1. You are absolutely right Ivan, I also have seen 100’s of systems that deliver the minimum promised, and in reality, the main product is just a hook.
      I appreciate your comments and support.

  2. Hi Pablo,

    Another superb review, although I’ve come to expect that from you now.

    I must admit I’m sitting on the fence when it comes to Turbo Niches.

    Firstly, based on your review, everything from my experience screams “NO” at me.

    I mean 14 upsells/downsells is enough to drive you mad, although I do understand this tactic, especially when marketers are offering their products and programs at such low prices.

    I’ve learned to read between the lines, and typically skim over time or money-related promises, but again I understand this is a marketing ploy to get people hooked.

    The fact that there are certainly promises made on the sales page and now you have discovered that these aren’t strictly true, and require you to upgrade, well that doesn’t seem very ethical to me.

    However, from what you say, there is some decent material within the program, a 365-day money back guarantee is pretty hefty (I ‘m guessing as Jamie Lewis has put his name to Turbo Niches, he will definitely honour the money back guarantee), and it’s not exactly the most expensive program in the marketplace.

    I will admit it has piqued my interest somewhat.

    Pablo, really enjoyed reading your review.


    1. Hi Partha,

      Thank you for your comments.
      While I do not recommend this option, based on facts and aspects that I’m afraid I have to disagree with and don’t share, I must admit that the back office looks pretty slick, and some functionalities there seem interesting. But I have also given in this review my top recommendation free trial for Affiliate Marketing money online, without unethical moves.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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