vSuite Review – Good Video And Traffic Software?

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vSuite Review

If you’ve been searching for a reliable breakdown of vSuite, you can find it here in this exhaustive vSuite review. I’ll be discussing key features and investigating the software’s claims to find out if you can trust this program.

vSuite is one of many software programs offering to solve common web traffic issues. As it operates in an overcrowded market, it’s important to take a close look at its features and associated benefits to see how they compare with rival products.

There is my personal experience with this product involved in the review too. So not just research, but user experience as well.

I do this because I have a personal interest in technology and because I want to help people find the trustworthy products. There are so many scam programs out there and, if you don’t have the right tech skills, it can be hard to spot them.

So, I write honest reviews of software products and, hopefully, help you make informed choices about the ones you buy.

vSuite first came to my attention because it makes some big promises to users. Its brand website is full of bold claims, so I wanted to put them to the test. In this article, I’ll share my findings and let you know if vSuite is worth your money.

My Dashboard
A Screenshot Of My vSuite Dashboard. The Look And The Feeling Are Really Good, However It Is Not What Is Offered, In Many Ways.

I am surprised I still have access to my dashboard, because I got refunded, my personal experience is below for your reference.

Quick Navigation

The Promise

The Promise Of vSuite

Some Basic Details About vSuite

Software Type – Video Marketing Application

Cost for Software – $17.51 (add-ons available at cost)

Web Address – https://vsuite.org/brand-new

Developers – Yogesh Agarwal, Billy Darr and Venkata Ramana

Initial Launch – April 21st 2020

Recommended – No

My quick summary – before we launch into a more detailed review – is that vSuite isn’t anywhere near the best video marketing app available. Is it a scam? No. I didn’t find any evidence to suggest the software is untrustworthy even if some of its features are weak.

What Is vSuite And What Does It Do?

In the simplest terms, vSuite is a video marketing application made to generate slideshow videos from freely accessible Creative Commons content (Basically YouTube). It also comes with tools for designing and running online events. There are some tutorial guides and tools included in vSuite’s software package.

Currently, vSuite costs $17.51. I say ‘currently’ only because it’s not unusual for costs to change in the first few weeks and months after an app gets launched. This isn’t a dodgy change provided the company or manufacturer is very clear about doing it. It’s certainly not uncommon. At the time of writing anyway, vSuite costs $17.51.

You do have the option to pay for a range of extras. I suggest you go check out vSuite website’s for the full list. I’m going to stick to reviewing the main product. However in order to see the extras, you will need to buy the basic product.

What’s The Deal With The Free Buyer Traffic? Can I Really Get It In 4 Clicks?

vSuite’s website clearly states users can get free buyer traffic in four clicks. This claim is located right at the top of the homepage, so you know the developers want you to see dollar signs. The question is, are they telling the truth?

Truthfully, this isn’t a lie but it’s also a crafty use of words. It’s not impossible for amateur or newbie content creators to get free buyer traffic, but it is unlikely. For results to occur this quickly, you probably need a large pre-existing subscriber list, or a website with enough authority that actually drives massive traffic.

Again, it’s not impossible for YouTubers to earn $100 a day with this software as vSuite suggests. It would take an awful lot of work though. Maybe if you don’t have a full time job doing something else you could invest the necessary amount of time. Otherwise, it’s an exaggeration to say you can earn this much, doing this little.

I still don’t think the program is a scam. Does it take advantage of simple stereotypes about the wealthy YouTuber? For sure. If you know anything about earning even a small online income, you’ll know it can take many years to get there. For faster results, you need a pre-established digital following to fall back on.

If I Don’t Like vSuite, Can I Get A Refund?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. It’s something I always look for when reviewing these online products. It tells me a lot about what a company is trying to get from customers. No refund: it’s usually a scam. Not always, but often enough. The good news is vSuite can be bought and then returned (for a refund) within 120 days.

The company offers a money back guarantee. I suggest you take full advantage of this. As already mentioned, there are some key weaknesses within this video marketing app. Maybe you’ll totally disagree with me and keep it. There is a lot to like as well. The important thing is you get a chance to return it if it doesn’t suit you.

To reiterate, you have 120 days to return vSuite if you don’t like it.

Refund Guarantee

I’ve Seen Many Positive Reviews Of vSuite. Can I Trust Them?

Mostly. Though, there’s always a handful of reviews that have been written for cash. Keep your eye out for these. Most of the review posts I’ve seen are genuine, but some will have been bought. Be wary of any review that doesn’t discuss a product’s limitations.

A lot of the reviews as I said are for money, and they are promoting vSuite through affiliate links. So if you buy, they earn, no wonder they will only pitch for the great.

Even iconic products like Windows and the Apple iPhone have weaknesses. So, it’s not realistic to believe an app comes with zero downsides particularly when it only costs $17.51. Any blogger or tech reviewer who completely avoids negative opinions might be getting paid to publish the review.

To clarify, I don’t think this is morally wrong or says anything about the integrity of these reviewers. We’ve all got to earn a living. It does mean it’s hard to trust their reviews. They’re not objective. Bloggers have no reason to write honest product breakdowns when manufacturers are in the background providing cash incentives not to.

Be aware of this possibility when reading reviews and researching vSuite. I strongly recommend reading more than one software review to try and get a balanced, unbiased opinion. I can tell you I’m not earning any money by writing this review, and none of the links on this post are affiliate links.

If I say a video marketing app is the best ‘get rich quick’ software I’ve ever seen, you’re just going to go out and buy it. Then, you’ll find out the truth for yourself. Offering bloggers cash for positive reviews is an industry that makes sense. Whether it actually helps to sell more products, I’m not sure, probably does for the blogs with big audiences.

I think most people can spot a genuine, unbiased review from miles away. Trust your instincts and, remember, there’s a 120 day money back guarantee as security for your purchase.

What Do vSuite’s Creators Say About the ‘Free Buyers In 4 Clicks’ Claim?

vSuite’s creators unsurprisingly double down on their claim of near instant earnings. The makers say the program can get users hundreds of free buyers from Google in less than three minutes. It’s a big promise and one I’ve already told you has problems, but let’s dig a little deeper and question the claim further.

vSuite is an app that generates marketable video content from existing videos already published online. These videos must be available via creative commons licence. This just means the original creator has given permission for their use and reuse.

I do like the app’s live streaming and event functions. They provide an easy path for vSuite users to start marketing their videos. With these functions built in, it makes the notion of earning money fast a bit more believable.

As I outlined at the very top of this review, vSuite’s three creators are Venkata Ramana, Yogesh Agarwal and Billy Darr. All three have worked in the digital marketing industry and have demonstrable experience of designing social ranking apps.

For instance, Billy Darr has contributed to or been directly involved in the making of apps Affiliate Accelerator, Auto Traffic Machine, Traffic Robot 2.0, 100 Bucks Daily, Instant Commission Machine, Slick Daily Profits and more. Making money from free buyers and community content generation is something this developer has been doing for a long time. This lends authenticity to his claims. He sounds like knows what he’s talking about right?

However, there is more to know about, because the claims for the product are sales-oriented for the most, including the, I must admit, great presentation of the pages and the psychology involved for sales.

Whoever is interested in reselling this material, surely has tools to do so.

What Type Of Upsells Does vSuite Offer?

Done For You Upsell

You already know the basic vSuite app costs $17.51. According to the company, this is equivalent to approximately $3,700 in savings. Yeah, that’s SAVINGS.

The website says vSuite’s actual value is closer to $3,737.

It’s another hard claim to dispute. The features and benefits listed – seven days of training, world class support, platinum bonuses, agency licence, etc – can be valued differently by different developers and software users. Unless the figures are based on real statistics, I’d take them with a pinch of salt.

It’s likely customers are getting a lot for their money. After all, $17.51 is a low price for an marketing app. Whether it amounts to $3,000 in savings, I don’t know. Here is some information on the upsell opportunities offered.

  • Upsell 1 – Unlimited – $39.00
  • Down Sell 1 – Unlimited – lite – $34.00
  • Upsell 2 – Automation – $39.00
  • Down Sell 2 – Automation lite – $34.00
  • Upsell 3 – DFY Traffic – $197.00 (More details below)
  • Down Sell 3 – DFY Traffic lite – $67.00 (More details below)
  • Upsell 4 – Reseller – $39.00
  • Down Sell 4 – Reseller lite – $34.00
  • Upsell 5 –Luxury – $197.00
  • Down Sell 5 – Luxury lite – $87.00
  • Upsell 6 – Ultimate – $197.00
  • Down Sell 6 – Ultimate lite – DS – $97.00
  • Upsell 7 – 1K Daily – $39.00
  • Down Sell 7 – 1K Daily lite – DS – $34.00

I’ve Just Bought vSuite. What Should I Do Now?

First of all, you will need to manage to escape the sales pages, which will drag you through a funnel of up sells and down sells that seems never ending, you always have the choice to leave.

The ‘4 clicks’ claim is all over the vSuite website. The developers make a big deal of the promise you can use their marketing app in four clicks. Is it true? Well, here is how it’s supposed to work.

  • Click One – Log in using the personal profile you created.
  • Click Two – Add keyword. Pick from the selection of ‘ready to go’ videos generated by the keyword search.
  • Click Three – Input the targeted traffic link. Affiliate links can be used here.
  • Click Four – Launch the application. Then, let the software do the hard work for you. Once operational, it should find you free buyer traffic in just a minute or two.

If you want to create a new video – instead of using a video by generated by the keyword search – it’s going to take more than four clicks. You’ll need to bring up your chosen image, add a suitable audio file, pick a background, arrange the watermark and create any text captions you need for the video.

This is obviously more than four clicks. Although, to be fair, using the pre-configured videos is a lot faster. It’s still a stretch to say it’s only four clicks but close enough.

Whether you’re using a generated video or an original video you’ve created, you have the necessary tools to publish it on Tumblr, Twitter and other social platforms. Most of us are familiar with doing this, so it should take two or three clicks only.

Advantages Of Using vSuite

  • Genuine developers (these guys are real and so are their track records)
  • 120 day money back guarantee
  • Quick video/content generation
  • Fast publishing to social platforms
  • Low price for a lot of different tools/services, but as said, you need to be experienced with many other things
  • The product can be leveraged for experienced marketers with tons of traffic already flowing

Disadvantages Of Using vSuite

  • Only the basic version is $17.51 (watch out for upselling)
  • Not a scam but pushes the limits of what’s realistically possible
  • Only the most basic actions take four or less clicks
  • Works best for YouTubers/content creators with existing followings
  • You’re probably not going to get rich quick and unless you invest in paid ads, something is claimed not needed you will not make a dime
  • Is not newbie friendly at all
  • Although this is a real product, it is hiding a deal of “stuff” behind
Unrealistic Claim
More Settings You Need To Do
Some Of The Not Easy Settings Need To Be Done By You

My Personal Experience

I purchased the basic product and 2 of the upgrades, the Unlimited, and the Done For You Money Machine…

The DFY Traffic is not even an upgrade for the product, but basically what it is you have to get a Pixel from Facebook, that they will install in their sales page, and it will drive traffic to your Facebook Page or Profile.

Having said that, this is not something easy for newbies, I have some tech experience, and it was quite difficult to do this, and the support was there, but not exactly soon. Having said that, I figured out by myself to create the pixel, then I thought now the DFY, which was Done By Me, is ready to make money… Nope!

I got to find out that this traffic is traffic that I can re-target after with Ads with anything I want to sale, or affiliate links. This was informed to me of course not during the sales process, but after by some support agent.

But for that, you need a Facebook account, a Facebook Business Manager Account, a Facebook Ads Account, means to pay of course, whether PayPal or Credit Card. Then you need to have knowledge of running ads in Facebook, something they provide as well, but not with the downsides of creating ads, it is not easy to target audiences and create ads in Facebook. You need to learn some tricks.

So nothing was DFY as claimed.

With the DFY upgrade, they make a claim that they will pay you $1000 for making you waste your time if you don’t get any results with the product.

Well, to cut the long story short, I requested a refund for all 3 products, which was granted, because I was pretty incisive, and of course the $1000 dollars is not true!

Below you can see graphically, the short cut story, the long one is really long!

What I Bought Done (Nothing Done) For You Upgrade

Done For You Offers
The DFY Promises

What I Had To Do

Everything Is Done By You

Of Course I Asked And Claimed! Till The End Of The Story In Few Shots

The End Of The Story

What Was Bad

  • Software works, but not exactly as indicated
  • To be able to use the software, you need a YouTube Channel, Enabling Live Broadcasts, and the OAuth Key from Google Developers, tasks that took a lot of time and for newbies or beginners are not friendly at all.
  • I got this product right after launching, and even upgrading, the World Class Service was not there. They were too busy with the sales hype of the launching
  • Upgrades are not related to the product, but to the sales page and to more work and time and effort for something that is claimed Done For You.
  • Wasted a lot of time and got a lot of frustration
  • My email inbox exploded with many emails A DAY, trying to sell more stuff, and they come separately from each member of the team vSuite.
  • Sales hype in every page, especially with the time and with the payments, is really overwhelming, you want to try something, or upgrade, but is never ending. Need to be high endurance for dealing with this sales HYPE! Below Examples
Time Urgency
  • Tricky payments, I could have paid $197 for the DFY, but if you are getting out, exit pop-ups will stop you with the down sales, which I ended paying. If I would have accepted the first price, that is what I would pay, for the exact same thing.
Dont Go Pop Up

What Was Good

  • Learning experience
  • The refunds were done seamless and fast, without much argument. I was offered before refund with more products, but I refused



Review Score

Overall 1.5/5 (Some features are good only in the original product)

Personal 0.5/5 (for the quick refund)


There is nothing wrong to try new software whenever they become available, know that most of the features offered are usually pushing for massive sales, there are a lot of marketers involved in selling the same products, normally they sell each others products and they have extensive email lists.

Be ready to be bombed by emails trying to sell you more things, if you ever buy this product, you are giving your consent.

I hope this review and my personal experience are of use for you to consider if buying this product is worth it or not.

See also Affiliate Profits Blueprint Review

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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34 Responses

  1. Hello dear, thanks for the info, wow what wonderful content you have here, I practically read it to the end before knowing I’ve done so, because your choice of words and writing skills was amazing, thanks for sharing such exclusive concise information with us, I already saved these post so as to come back for future reference

  2. hello dear,

    I so much more appreciate your effort and time sped I’m putting up such and insightful preview on traffic says software.. as an online marketer or a digital marketer it will be in the best of your knowledge to know that traffic is the brain behind a successful marketing, these traffic can be boosted by traffic says softwareryd6fwty… it will be best of interest to get the best software to boost your profit traffic in your business

    1. Hello Evans,

      Just to clarify this is a negative review of this software, and I hope you got that picture, because your comment seems to appreciate the information as positive. I am not recommending this product at all, is not trust able.

  3. Helooo,

    A friend of mine actually talked to me about Vsuit traffic sales software,but you know before thinking nor joining any platform it’s very important that proper research is carried out to avoid any issue. Anyways I am so glad that I am seeing this review, basically all the informations i needed to know about Vsuit are fully detailed here… Vsuit is not a scam but I think it’s too has over hyped up claims.

    1. Definitely do all the research before joining any venture. As it is easy to fall for incredible magic solutions.

      Key is work and doing the right things.

      Than you for stopping by.

  4. Such a very detailed, comprehensive and informative review there, I got to know about Vsuite from a friend when I was discussing with him on the need to me to start something online where I can be getting passive income,  so I decided to do some research on it to cinfirm it’s legitimacy and this review here has given me almost all the answers to the many questions in my mind. Thanks to sharing.

  5. Thanks for reviewing this. After reading through your post, I’m going to have to say that VSuite is not something I will be spending my money on. It just seems like there is too much risk of it not delivering on what it promises. Those are some major up-sells as well, which makes me wonder how good the base product actually is. Is there any traffic and sales software that you would recommend?

    1. Hey Steve, thank you for being active on my site.

      Since you mentioned in other comments that you are active with Jaaxy, that is my preferred tool to attract traffic, because SEO is so important, more than anything, when creating content, and having the edge of being able to research and get such good metrics, as you know, makes Jaaxy the tool for excellence for traffic generation.

      Although it is a Research tool, I consider it an all in one research and traffic assurance tool.

      I personally haven’t come across a traffic software that really works, and I do not think it really exist. If you are willing to invest, then advertising brings traffic, and I suggest PPC over any other. 

  6. I’m glad that you point out that there many reviews of vSuite that are biased and only made for cash, as it is very apparant when the writer does not have a balanced review of their product. However, I like how you point out its benefits but also it’s shortcomings, which makes me realise that vSuite isnt for me. 

  7. The basis of buying these software that enhances your potential to understand marketing trends and leverages are immense, and when you invest that sort money and it doesn’t work for you is tragic

    your content sugest a level of engagement and technical advantage when applying these tools to bring in revenue and raise your game in the social media and website development arena

    The extensive reading and understanding from our page is overwhelming to many newbies, and will either drive them away of challenge the hardened personalities, its cut throat 

    I expect this is leveled at administrators, experienced internet and marketing groups

    so unless you are marketing or tech savvy this will be tough take on board

    your long and short story on reclaiming funds on purchased items proves that it takes a persistant and single minded person to get whats due to them


    1. Hello Chris, 

      Thank you for your comments.

      Indeed it was an experience to share with others to prevent the disappointment I had.

  8. Wow, thanks for the really in depth information about this product. I haven’t heard of it before seeing this review on it and I’m glad that I stumbled upon this article before finding out about this software.

    I’m usually very suspicious of anything that says that it will make money for you. I just don’t believe in stuff like that, the only thing that is guaranteed to make you money and get you where you want to be in life is by putting in the hard work yourself, that way any failures or frustrations are on you and for you to work on to improve.

    Thanks for taking the risk to bring us honest and truthful reviews and suggestions on products like these, I wouldn’t be brave enough to do it myself. I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Ryzehn, thanks for your comments and I am glad this helps.

      Honestly is not about being brave. Is about saying what I believe and have seen first hand.

      I will definitely make more reviews and they will be positive or not so positive, and as accurate as possible.

  9. vSuite sounds too complicated for me. Also, if anything sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Usually when a product is sold for a very low price, you can pretty much be sure there will be upsells and downsells. Just like you indicated. 

    Often the story given is the basic product will provide great benefits as is. But to get the really phenomenal benefits, add ons are essential. That is where the profit is made.

    i found it amusing that vSuite works best after a lot of work is already done to generate traffic. Like raising ones website to an authority site.. If so, whu bother with vSuite?

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I was wondering the same, I wasted so much time in set it up that I could have done much more for my website, honestly, for my real business. Lesson learned, and thank you for your comments. Thus the review!

  10. Helo thanks for sharing this amazing and insghtful article in Vsuit, comprehensive and traffic sales software. I have heard some few things a about the Vsuit so I thought it wise to make some more research on it. Judging from this article Vsuit is not really a good recommendation for newbies which I am and it’s even very though to manage. So I think I will just go for something else. Thanks this article bwas helpful. 

    1. Thank you for your comments, there is a lot of technical needs indeed, it took me a lot of digging around to even do the very initial set up. I felt DFY was not the right description, although late, but worth it the experience.

  11. Hello there, thanks for this review, this will give guidance on investing in “Vsuite”.

    I have read other articles on Vsuite and they sounded good and I almost invested. Your article is straight forward and sharing your personal experience with the software gives one a clear picture of the software. With this review I don’t think I would want to invest because it is not as it seems. Thanks.

  12. The article you have written about vsuite gives a vast amount of information. They seem to have a great deal of up sells and down sells that would put me off to start with. The claims made are ambiguous at best. I have not joined vsuite and after reading this I’m highly unlikely to. Thank you for the great information. I’m glad you got your money back.

    1. Hi Lisa, it was not pleasant thought to have to deal with the refund process, although they did not make it complicated, I would have loved this to work, as the interface was really neat, and I was wondering if finally something good was in my hands. Then the rest is already told….

  13. believe the products are nice it really gives a finishing touch to those out there in need of these product vsuits saw some reviews about these product some months ago. Testimonies there were superb . I believe These program is to help you succeed in promoting the products. .and the amazing part of these is that its cheap and affordable thanks for the info I will surely do some recommendations

    1. Hi Skuchmane,

      Thank you for the comments. I do not recommend the product. My review is an advice for better outlook when buying products, and in this case, unless you really are experienced in Internet Marketing, is not for good to buy this product.

  14. I must recommend your effort In putting this to the notice of every one especially at a time of this ravaging pandemic that has kept everyone indoors and out of job…it will be best they see jobs that can help them earn online and that’s what you just did…. thanks for the review…

    1. Thank you Evans. Yeah is crazy times, and offers are abundant, of all kinds. Although this is a real product, I do not see benefit for those who are seeking for income from home, especially those who are now, due to the circumstances, just starting trying. It is attractive, but it is not what it seems.

  15. Hello,

    I never heard of vSuite, but I’m glad I found your review to know that it’s not something I would purchase.  I actually have been looking for some video tools for my YouTube channel, but I look usually for the freebies and not the ones that cost.  

    I haven’t clicked on your recommended “Drive traffic this way” link yet, but I’ll check that out later today since I do need to drive more traffic to my youtube channel.  Since I started having to work from home, I find that I’m online more and more to find ways to generate income, but that’s most of the world right now.

    Thanks for sharing your review of this software though, it was definitely a good read and I’m glad I found it.


  16. Hello there, tgank you so much for this very detailed and informative review on Vsuite, I understand that for a post like this alot of conscious, delete and calculated effort have been put into it, and this has really help a lot of people out there to make investment decisions especially newbies online. I alao like the fact that money invested can be refunded if one doesn’t like vsuite. 

    1. Thank you for your comments. Whenever trying something new, first thing is to see if the investment worth it, then if you will give a go, always check for a refund policy, but I have a better way to do business online, and is free to try, and to keep.

      Always do your research. Sometimes a bump or two is needed for learning, but better if it can be avoided.

  17. Hi Pablo, I must commend you for taking out time to prepare this article for the benefit of everyone interested in earning from home. Indeed the Vsuit review caught my interest and I intend to get the more training on how I can go about it. I’m currently doing my research now.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

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