The Wealthy Affiliate Login Page | Take A Sneak Peek

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Wealthy Affiliate Login Page

The Wealthy Affiliate login page is the gateway to this fantastic platform, but what is so special about this sign up/login page comparing to other marketing or interactive platforms?

Once you have created your Wealthy Affiliate free starter account, you will be logged in to the platform. And, more precisely, you will be on your dashboard screen.

If you let your browser remember your username (email address) and password, you will be skipping this login page and directly opening your dashboard.

Maybe you logged out or did not choose the option to remember your password and closed. Then your credentials need to be entered again to log in.

But what exactly happens inside? What is after that login page that so many people are connected and find in there?

Let’s find out.

Quick Navigation

Are you a member of Wealthy Affiliate or not yet?

Wealthy Affiliate Login Page

Wealthy Affiliate is the hub and the most recommended platform for affiliate marketing ventures.

Take a look at the picture above, this is the login page, where you have to enter your credentials to log in.

But if you are not yet a member, use the top right corner green button “Join Now!”, and in a few simple steps, you will be.

Please note that creating the account is free, and you will not be requested to share any credit card or bank information.

All you need to input is the email you will be using to connect, a username of your choice and a password to your account.

Wealthy Affiliate Login Page Sign Up

Your Login Page To Wealthy Affiliate Is Giving You Hints

Now let’s take a look at the dashboard page, I use my very own account as an example below:

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Ok, now you signed in you can see members posts, questions, new members to WA, new Premium members, and a lot more information in the dashboard.

But as you can see, the side and top sections of the site haven’t changed at all.

Those are your hints and the main sections of the Wealthy Affiliate hub.

Are platform Sections Visible Even Before Signing Up?

It is one of the Wealthy Affiliate transparency indicators. Not only will you not be asked for financial information to start, but you can even see features and a great deal of what to expect before signing up.

Definitely, there is much more to see and mainly do, once you create your free starter account, but before that, take a look at these essential sections in the login/sign up page.

1. The Main Menu 

Your left side bar is your menu to all the tools available for you at WA; you can see what these tools are about even when you are not yet signed up.

By simply clicking over the menu arrows, you will see those hints of what is waiting for you inside.

For instance, when I am logged out, I can click the “Training” menu indicating arrow, and I will start seeing the training modules and options at WA. Look at the screenshot below, logged out, on the left menu, simply click on that option, and a sub-menu appears with the information:

More that you can see from the login page at Wealthy Affiliate

2. The Live Chat

On the right side page section, you can see a live chat that is updating in real-time.

These are real members interacting at any time the page is viewed. This live chat is a Wealthy Affiliate Premium feature, but you can test chatting with your fellow members, asking questions, and getting answers for your first week as a starter. You do not need to use the live chat at first, while your main goal is to learn critical skills, but it will become handy after when you need immediate answers.

3. The Top Menu and questions Bar

The top questions field is a significant section, where members ask questions freely about any related topic, and they get fellow members answers, generally from those more experienced.

This is a free starter feature, and not to match it with the live chat, but the average response time for questions in this section is less than 2 minutes.

Topics covered are broad, from WordPress management to navigating inside WA, to CSS, to SEO.

Look at the example below, at the Wealthy Affiliate Login page, in logged out status. Merely typing one word in the search bar produces incredible results. From video training to certification modules, to blog posts, to questions and answers among others.

Great deal of information without login in or signing up. That is transparency.

It is now time for you to try yourself. Not just because it is a free account and to make use of the essential tools. Or to start creating your own business online. Moreover, now that you know that you can even explore the platform even before signing up for free.

More reasons why you should try Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Have your website created by yourself (anyone can do it, despite any trade of life).
  2. Learn how to create fantastic content to it and how to make use of SEO to your advantage over the competition
  3. Attract visitors and engage with them through your site and social media
  4. Learn how to monetize your site, how to make money online with affiliate marketing techniques
  5. Become part of the most helpful community online for self-growth and online personal success
  6. Stay away from tricky scams online
  7. A free trial period of 6 months, nothing in the industry that compares to that
  8. The best set of essential tools
  9. Advanced tools with a month trial period at just $19
  10. Real online entrepreneur full certification for a minimal cost

And much, really much more.

So I hope you go now and check it out, go to the Wealthy Affiliate login page, explore yourself. Create your free starter account, get the training, and rock your future!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and now on to take a sneak peek from the fence. Before you jump in.

Thanks for being here!


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2 Responses

  1. What a great article to help those who are just getting started with Wealthy Affiliate! I have been with this program a while so I forgot how difficult it could be to log in for the first time. My information is set up to automatically save or to always keep me logged in. If someone were to ask me questions about the log in page I would probably have to log out to check! So glad you thought of posting an article specifically addressing this issue. I will be sure to pass this along.


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