How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate: What is it and How Does It Work?

You are wondering how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Probably you read some reviews out there and saw that people recommend it.

This article will shed more information about this online platform, how you can join, and how it can benefit you.

In fact, trust pilot score for wealthy Affiliate is 4.8. This is a Legit Platform.

If you haven’t heard about it, but you want to learn to earn from home without being scammed, make sure you read through to the end of this post.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money from home, then you are in the right place. 

Let’s dive in.

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Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, to products or services that I recommend, after thorough testing or research. By following these links, you will not have any extra cost in the event of a purchase or service acquired, and these affiliate links support the mission of my blog. For more information, you can read my Disclosures Page.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community and training program that helps individuals learn affiliate marketing. 

Kyle and Carson founded it in 1995, and they have become prevalent amongst internet marketers and thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Wealthy Affiliate has been proven to be a useful tool for learning how to make money online through a free online training curriculum for starters.

And a very affordable unlimited program for those who really want to scale a business online.

You can read here my full Wealthy Affiliate Review.

How Does It Work?

If you are looking to start your own online business or get out there and find a new side hustle, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best ways to go about it.

The training that Wealthy Affiliate provides is free for the first modules, and it will equip you with all the initial knowledge and tools you need to start making money online.

Create Your Website, Even When You Are A Total Beginner

The first step to starting an online income is creating your website or blog and create unique content; your target audience can read that.

To do this, you can join free online forums and use social media, and that way, your site can get started.

You may even want to write short articles that can be syndicated on blogs or other websites. This will help you build an initial flow of referral traffic.

You will learn how to link all the parts to make it work as a whole.

Learn To Be Found By Search Engines – Wealthy Affiliate Will Teach You

The second step that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you is how to use search engine optimization techniques. 

This is so important if you want your website to get any steady flow of targetted traffic. So you will need to learn how to write quality content, have the correct keywords. You will know to do the affiliate keyword research), link to your website, and include ads on your site.

Not only will you get the lessons on SEO. If you dominate SEO, you will know how to become wealthy with no money, literally.

Because you will dominate your website’s traffic.

You will also have what the ultra-wealthy and successful members have: The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool: Jaaxy.

Quality And Affordable Training And Tools For Everyone

All the interactive training that Wealthy affiliate offers are easy to follow. And will teach you all the skills you will need to succeed online. 

The training course will help you learn the basics of internet marketing and provide a step-by-step method. That method will show you how to make money online and promote your business.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most affordable online marketing programs. Most people can start using this program for $49 monthly $19 for the first month. Which is less than most membership fees that online programs charge. Not before you can make full use of the program in a Free Starter Account. This starter account will be for you to use and it will include some of the premium features for 7 days.

There are also no hidden fees to worry about, which means that you will not have to spend money that you might not have. Not until you have tried and started building a website and getting enough knowledge to improve it.

Many people have found this to be one of the most effective ways to start earning money online. You will learn all the skills you need to become a successful internet marketer and make money without spending a dime.

One of the best things about the Wealthy Affiliate program is that it is designed to be user friendly. You will learn all the skills you need, and the program will allow you to test them for a limited period before you commit to them.

People Learn And Succeed Through An Outstanding Community

Many other Internet marketers have also discovered Wealthy Affiliate program as one of the most effective ways to earn money online. The training program teaches you everything that you need to know to become an effective internet marketer, and it does it all in one place.

Most importantly, you will also have access to this Wealthy Affiliate community to help and get help from other members. And interact with other peers and learn a lot from them.

Wrapping-Up: How To Earn With Wealthy Affiliate?

What makes Wealthy Affiliate unique from other internet marketing programs is that the members can get the top Affiliate’s tips and advice. This is one of the great ways to learn how to make money online without spending any money and free training from experts in one place.

So that is how to make money with wealthy affiliate.

If you enjoyed this post, I hope your next step will be taking a look at yourself to this fantastic platform.

One last thing to say and is a great advantage is that you can use this platform for free for a very reasonable period, in which you can develop and scale your talent at your pace.

Following this training, using the tools provided and taking the chance of the community’s advice and mentors at Wealthy Affiliate is a route to success.

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for this informative article about Wealthy Affiliate, and I love it. It’s training courses, a keyword research tool, and the support is the best and affordable that I can find in the industry. I think I will embrace it till the next decade and see my own online success with it.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good works.

    1. Definitely Wealthy Affiliate is a program to embrace. What is and how does it work are the reasons to follow this program to the dot.
      I am glad you enjoyed my post and is helpful to you.

  2. Hi Pablo,
    This article is a good and pretty thorough presentation of WA. For years, I’ve been searching for a way to work online. I bought a bunch of courses on online marketing, practically whatever I could lay my hands on.
    Almost ten months ago, I stumbled upon WA (I do not understand how I managed to avoid it so far…). I decided to give it a try, and very soon realized this was the one I’ve been looking for all the time.
    It is the first time I know I’m really on the right path.
    So I can only agree with your recommendation.

    1. Thank you for your comments Kerry Anne,
      I am glad that you have come to find the pathway to success with Wealthy Affiliate. This is surely the best program and the one that gives you the most resources.

  3. Hi Pablo. Good review, and I agree with your replies to other peoples comments. I am slightly biased as I have been a member since October 2019 and a Premier member since Jan 2020, and I know a good thing when I see one. I think your review is fair and you present a balanced argument, well done.

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your comments.
      I can relate to you being biased, I am too, because what I have learnt and been able to achieve and pass on to others to have the same opportunities is just great.
      Still I try to give the most objective view.
      Wealthy Affiliate is simply brilliant.

  4. Hey Pablo

    Wealthy affiliate seems like a legit affiliate marketing platform. After doing all the training and setting up the website how long does it take for one to start generating an income? My second question is after one has upgraded to the premium level, what happens a year later for whatever reasons if one cannot afford the subscription any longer. Will I still have access to my website?

    1. Hi Maggie,
      Thank you for the comments.
      Setting up the website is the first step.
      Creating quality content regularly will slowly starting to build authority on your site, thus ranking higher and higher and so your affiliate links will have more exposure to be clocked and eventually become sales.
      How long it takes exactly I cannot tell you, it all depends on how much you dedicate to your business, but if you do the necessary consistently and efficiently, the average breakthrough happens after few months, while financial independence can happen in a couple of years, although some members hit a 4 figure mark in a year.
      The more you apply the training the better.
      Unfortunately if you cut your premium membership there is no possibility to keep your account as free starter.
      But if you put in the work for a year is very unlikely that you will turn back and is very possible that your site is already self-sufficient.
      You may find after a year investing in other goodies for your site as well.

  5. What is the “reasonable period” I can use this site for free, can I get it for more than 7 days? Do you actually get help from other people? I am looking at trying to make a go at the online income thing to supplement my family and I want to make sure if I spend money it will be on something legit. I do not want to get in over my head with an investment. I am starting from scratch with no knowledge. Thank you

    1. Hello Cheyenne,
      Thank you for popping by.
      Your Free Starter Account will be active for up to 6 months. After that, you will lose access. During the 7 days, you can try some Premium features.
      Honestly, you are always getting paid forward.
      And yes you can drop questions in the question bar, the average response time from members is below the two minutes mark.
      If you are looking to build something solid for your future, you will find it at Wealthy Affiliate without any doubt.

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