What is the Website ATM Scam?

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What Is The Website ATM Scam

What is the Website ATM Scam? That may be the question that brought you here, and I will answer it for you in this review.

While Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative business for anyone willing to do it honestly, it is also excellent and lucrative for those who don’t.

That is basically because they convince people they are doing the right thing.

Is Website ATM the right way to start with Affiliate Marketing, and foremost, to succeed with it?

Nothing seems illegal, and disclaimers will cover everything up.

However, it is the way to play with people who need to learn how to make some extra income, which is bothering.

I am not an affiliate of Website ATM, or it’s website domain, yourdreamwebsites.com.

I do not endorse it whatsoever.

The way I learned to do business online is completely different, legit, and effective.

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The Website ATM Scam in a nutshell

  • Creator: Nick Harvey?
  • Product: Website ATM or Your Dream Websites?
  • Product Type: Cloud Software, Affiliate Marketing, Membership Site
  • Front-End Price: $47 
  • Upgrades: Yes up to $997
  • Guarantee: Yes, 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Support: None aside of tutorial videos
  • Official Site?: Click here (Not an affiliate link and not secure)
  • Recommended: No
  • Legit?: No, it is a Pyramid scheme, and in my opinion and thorough research, a changing faces Scam.

What Is The Website ATM System Saying will do for you?

When I see these pages, I want to run for the hills because of my own experience.

I pretty much know what they will say, and it takes part of my time to check this out.

My experience is that I was a victim of these scams in the past. And ever since, I have exposed many of them.

Here are some other of my Make Money Online software and sites reviews.

Sometimes, I swallow the bitter pill for you and others, so I watched the video, to tell you what they say, signed up to see further inside, and save you the pain.

The Website ATM Says This

  • First of all, the creator of the Website ATM is Nick Harvey. No one knows who is Nick Harvey. There is no information about him. In the access page, the one who is talking says his name is “Jake.”
  • Jake says he has just created you an online business that he will put into action “right here, right now.” And he shares the image of your “Brand New Money-Making Account.”
What Is The Website ATM Scam
  • He “will turn it on by clicking the mouse a few times.”
  • “Now, the account is making you money while you watch this video.”

So I stop here for a moment, and ask you, do you believe this is possible? 

A lot of people without experience online get attracted to that and slowly get involved.

A few things that you should know right now: 

  1. No system will make you money online in a few clicks, in seconds or minutes. 
  2. And no system will make you a consistent income online in a week or a month (unless you invest a lot of money in paid advertising, with a high risk of failing).
  3. Not even in a few months, unless you are doing the needed.
  4. It would be best if you went through learning and doing the right things process.
  5. And for that, you need the right tools and guidance, in other words, the right platform.
  6. The good thing is: It is not so complicated. The start is relatively easy and at no cost.
  7. Building a business online further doesn’t have to be a rip-off in terms of cost.

Now to continue with what is said in the Dream Websites or Website ATM:

  • Jake (formerly Nick Harvey?) tells you that you will see how much money you made by the end of the 7 minutes video.
  • But first, you will see a few testimonials of people making lots of money, none of them says it is with this system, so this is just footage.
  • Now Jake reminds you that the system is making you money while asked to keep listening.
  • And he says that his doors will not be open forever, closing “tonight.”
  • Jake says you are fortunate to be here, and you can earn $1000 a day with his websites (it was one but now are more?). He says others are begging to be invited.
  • He tells you that the Online World is full of Scam Artists. (Really?)
  • He shows banks accounts with millions. He claims he made more than ten million in 4 years.

I will not transcribe the whole thing. These are just some of the boldest claims that “Jake,” a paid voice-over actor, makes.


  • Jake will create websites that will make money for you.
  • You just need to check them a few times a week to see the money coming in.
  • After more blabbing, he will show you that your account has made $135, and you will get this account when you sign up for the program.
The website ATM Scam fake promises

So What is Website ATM?

It is a copied or duplicated network of websites, offering precisely the same you are being offered, but with an affiliate link.

It is not free, after you pay, to have this “Done For You” Solution, you will need to upgrade to their $997 plan to have it.

And it doesn’t end there, these websites need traffic, and the only way to drive traffic to them is by paying more money.

Why?. Because these similar websites are taken by Google as duplicates, and will never rank them. Not against the many legit Website ATM reviews like this one.

And what affiliate marketing you will be learning and to promote which products?

All that resembles Affiliate Marketing from this system is that you will get a link with an affiliate reference to selling it.

There is no product to offer. You will be promoting the same page or similar ones, with the same bold claims.

Your Affiliate Marketing knowledge will be reduced to some video tutorials on copying and pasting affiliate links in social media or where to get paid advertising.

Here is a tutorial video from this system, where you can see they are already promoting GetResponse to you (an Email Marketing Service).

By the way, I am a great GetResponse and AWeber user, fan, and also an affiliate or advocate, so the links here are affiliate links.

Related: Best Email Marketing Service 2020 | AWeber Review

Here is the difference: Affiliate Marketing is a legit business, and one can do it honestly.

To that point, there is nothing wrong with promoting GetResponse here or on that site, but there are other things that are unethical about this and other systems.

You will need Email Marketing, but they are not telling you, there is an extra cost for that.

These programs may have a free trial time as well, so it is worth it to check some email marketing services.

Still there is work to do, the “done for you websites” fails its promises.

How to access to Website ATM?

You will have to give your email address, to which you will surely get a series of follow-ups and other offers via your email address, daily (if not hourly as per my experience). There is nothing wrong with email marketing. The thing is to worry if coming from a Website ATM subscription.

And you will have to pay the initial fee on the payments page. It will not end there; it will redirect you to the upgrade page.

Every system online, unless it is offering something of real value, should give the opportunity of a free trial.

Is Website ATM a Pyramid Scheme?

If you look at the full video, something that I have already done for you, you will see this at some point:

Website ATM Bold and Fake Claims

So now we know who is “Jack,” it will probably be your name when you start promoting this page. Or the other “websites.”

So everyone who promotes this Website ATM is “Jack.”

As it clearly says, he needs another 15 more people on his websites to start making $1000 a day, including this website, I guess. 

He needs another 15 people, but he doesn’t say how many are required in total to earn that sum daily. But it is expected that each of them does the same.

The official website will have some suffix, some affiliate code in the end. Something like this:


Why do I think Website ATM is A Scam?

In case I failed to mention something or to make it easier to understand, here are some points:

  • According to my research, the website access to this page is not the first one, neither the only one. And it has been changing through time, most likely due to complaints against it. It probably will continue adjusting and having various access sites, to which be alert of similar offers. One of them was profitwithoursites.biz that currently is parked.
  • The main website is not secure: it is not necessarily proof of a Scam, but no evidence of care for the users or the website’s reputation. It is just a sales page, and that is it.
  • Bold claims of Impossible money (not this way at least)
More bold claims of the Website ATM system
  • A blatant Pyramid scheme and unashamedly confessed 😱
  • They present the video as your “unique opportunity here,” but is public on youtube.
  • You can also see the other videos aiming to sell you the hidden costs inside. This video will be seen when you pay the front pay product.
  • They are on YouTube channel where all their videos are public, so there is no “Exclusive Access” at all, and nothing is “closing tonight.”
  • By the way, The name of this channel is the name of one of their sites previous site domains.
  • That “Closing Tonight” is just false scarcity.
  • The timers reset all the time, false scarcity. The original video countdown starts at 7 minutes and 38 seconds. If you reload the page, the counter goes back to the same 7:38.

And more proof

  • The same happens with the Checkout Page, and more: Watch below the video I made in real-time. The countdown is in seconds that are faster than seconds, and it always reset back. Plus other scarcity horrible techniques.
  • The product’s name has nothing to do with the website name or website names that continuously change.
  • Presenting fake video testimonials and fake payment screenshots, made with free stock pictures. (Very childish and poorly done).
Fake Images at the Website ATM scam
Images are from stock, not real people.
Fake Check at the Website ATM scam

A simple search in google shows other pages use the images above:

A simple search in google reveals the stock pictures used
Stock pictures revealed
  • Hidden fees
  • Immediately after I first signed up, in the email field provided, I got this email right away in my inbox, and probably I will get a lot more like this:
Email follow ups offering something different

And another one signed by “Job Quitter”:

The Website ATM Scam, More Spammish Emails

The link “Payment Summary” on the first email led me to an irrelevant page (see below). Of course, I knew I didn’t sign up for any of these emails; neither made any payment.

Offering more of the scam systems

The second email is a bit more relevant but still takes me to another crazy offer:

More systems offered after signed up, via email, with BS claims

I got another one before finishing this email, offering another shiny object known as WS Domains International, nothing but another MLM. More recruiting, no products, just hosting.

Do you get the picture? Do you see how this system works? How is needling the net?

Isn’t that, in your opinion, deceiving? Wasn’t I signing up for something else in the first place?

Final Verdict

I will not entertain you longer, as I am sure that you are now aware of the Website ATM Scam.

My verdict is 0/100 for this website and system.

I don’t like it when people try to be too smart online and take others’ hard-earned money.

Please be cautious if you are checking this system out, despite this review.

My recommendation if you want to make money from home and be scam-safe

I want to give you an alternative to this system. It is my number 1 recommendation for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

If you like to succeed with Affiliate Marketing, you need to understand this:

  • It won’t happen fast.
  • You have to work and be patient.
  • It is essential to do the right things step-by-step.
  • If you follow the right principles and steps and work time enough to produce results, you will see results.
  • The above points are real.

So if you understand that, and if you are tired of seeing scams everywhere, I recommend you:

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate as Alternative to Website ATM
  • Is a Real Site, and the creators are real
  • You can create a free starter account.
  • It is an instant start of training and applying to business online.
  • Education is second to none, best for Affiliate Marketing, to learn the real model.
  • You have seven days to try premium features (paid features)
  • Access to a 2.2 million community of real, honest people (you can see the real testimonials inside). This includes me as a Premium Member.
  • The premium membership is very affordable, $49 per month. 
  • You can pay your first month at just $19, so you have a full online business that you can run for a whole month for just a few cents a day.
  • You will focus on building a real online business, passive income over time, and you will be away from scams. Nobody will create websites for you; you will make them yourself.

No Hidden Fees

  • Upgrading to Premium to have a real online business will be necessary at some point. But you have the chance to try things first without paying upfront.
  • If you join Wealthy Affiliate with my links here, I will earn a commission paid by my endorsee, only if you upgrade. You will have no difference in the price (that is, Affiliate Marketing). As honest as it gets. But you will get my help and support from the start and along the way. 
  • An additional fee to your Premium Membership will be a domain name that you can purchase for $13 per year.
  • There will be no other hidden fee that you will need. Some other upgrades are not of real need until you are making money.
  • You will learn the secrets to driving free traffic. Paid advertising is an option, but you will know to do it in time.
  • Email Marketing may be needed in time too, but you can use free services to start. I recommend you Email Octopus.

If you think you have it on you, just give it a go! You have nothing to lose.

You can learn more in my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

And you can also sign up below to get my free step-by-step guide.


I  hope you have found this review useful, and it has exposed you to the reality about this system that will not give you anything but headaches.

Unfortunately, systems like Website ATM give Affiliate Marketing a lousy reputation.

But Affiliate Marketing gives millions of people a real income and a dream-lifestyle without owning or selling any products. 

So whether you start from ground zero or you have some online experience, you can succeed too.

Do you have any experience in online business? Have you tried some system? What do you think about Website ATM? Please share your comments in the box below, and if you have any questions, I will reply asap.

Thanks for being here.

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Pablo,
    Thanks for this informative article about Website ATM, and it’s a good one that shows me what it is(a pyramid scheme and a scam). Any programs that claim to make you easy and quick money are proven scams, so Website ATM is no exception.
    I don’t think a duplicate website with duplicate content can generate online income for me because it’s just like what you mentioned here that search engines hate it. Therefore, we do need a legitimate platform to guide us on how to build an online business from scratch. Your recommended platform seems a better solution for me today, will look closer later on.


    1. Hi Matt, thanks. I appreciate your comments and being here.
      Yes please, try Wealthy Affiliate. You won’t pay a penny until you really learn amd use it enough to decide that you are in the right place. (Or not)…
      Keep in touch!

  2. Well, I can believe HE made millions. Deceiving poor naive people, who can’t help it, as they probably have not encountered enough scam systems, false promises. Unfortunately, systems and websites like this will always exist and they will always be able to find their new victims to drain money from. They are shameless enough and insolent in the same time to put the gist in front of you and expect you to be delighted by the “possibility”, as they are aware that many can’t actually “see through”.
    I like very much how you went so far to even search the images (I do it also, whenever I suspect it’s not real, so it made me smile).
    A very good one, well done.

    1. Thank you, Kerryanne, for your contribution.
      You are right, and I am telling you that it is easy to spot these things; I know all these techniques are suitable to use, but they use them poorly. Others don’t see that difference, or they don’t know and believe the fairy tale. But it is not their fault; they don’t know.
      I hope my article not only serves to spot one terrible thing and join one good recommendation but also to spot other nasty things. As you said, they will always exist.

  3. Wow, I had never heard of the website atm scam before now. I am really glad I stumbled across your article because this could save someone like me some trouble. There are so many internet scams that claim to earn you fast money and this seems right up there with the best of them. Thank you for shedding light on this subject so that more people don’t fall for it and lose out. I will check out some of the legit ways to earn money online with affiliate marketing that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hmmm..what a thorough and insightful review. I’m pleased to learn that there are honest and ethical people like yourself out there.

    Where there are no strict regulations, there’s always abuse. The way these scammers are carrying on is going to make things harder for honest people to operate their businesses online.

    The bottom line is anything that sounds too good to be real run for the hills.
    I’ve never come across the Website Atm scam, but I came across something similar here on the internet. These scammers always sound desperate on their email marketing campaigns or newsletters they usually send out.

    They don’t sound like established businesses at all. They practically beg you to spend your money in exchange for those bold claims they make about their so-called products and/services.

    They first make it seem like whatever product or service they are promoting is cheap, and the next thing they want more money out of you telling you about something else they have never mentioned earlier. In contrast, they have not yet delivered on what they promised the first time. This way, they lure a person to what they referred to as a cash cow. They don’t disclose everything initially until you’ve signed in and made the payment, which later translates into more money to pay before you can get the so-called product/service.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with your review. Keep exposing them.

    1. Hello Maggie,

      Thank you for your comments. We will as much as we find these deceiving things, to help the people who want to stay away from this and other scams successfully.
      If more people join Wealthy Affiliate, more business opportunities would be created and less people would be deceived.

  5. Hi Pablo,

    I’ve have learned to now completely trust your honest reviews, and I would only ever purchase a program based on your recommendations.

    I must also say that your research is extremely thorough and your readers actually get more value from your website for FREE than is typically offered by many paid programs. So, thank you for that.

    I’m now base my comments on your review alone, as I know I don’t need to do any further research.

    This is a blatant Pyramid Scheme and it appears that the only way to make any real money from the program is to invest vast sums of your own money.

    As you’ve rightly pointed out these “click-and-point” turnkey websites have absolutely no chance of ever ranking in the search engines, so paid ads is the only way to get any traffic.

    Just everything about this review and indeed the sales page (oh the old “countdown clock” method does make me laugh) makes me squirm and want to completely avoid Website ATM.

    Even the name, “Website ATM” tries to imply that making money online is extremely easy, when it’s anything but.

    What worries me is that many unsuspecting newcomers to online marketing will fall for these underhand tactics.

    Let’s hope your review ranks higher in the search engines than the actual product itself, so people can see what a terrible proposition this is.

    Great stuff as always.

    1. Hi Partha,
      Thank you for the loyalty!
      I really hope so to that I get seen, as I have been a victim of things of the Website ATM style, and I really try my best with every review to give useful and insightful advice.
      So I am glad that it is perceived that way, because that’s how I intend to help.
      I also hope people get to know that there is a better way.
      Thank you for stopping by!

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