You Gen Bots Review – Automated Quality Content?

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You Gen Bots Review - Work And Earn From Home

You may have come across this software, so I am glad you came to my You Gen Bots review to see what it is to scoop from it.

If you ended in this review, it is most certainly because you are looking for a way to generate income. Whether you want some side-money or a full-income, there are good models to make money online.

However there is a flipside to that coin.

It seems that every day there is a rising of websites that offer ways to earn money in a few clicks. And no input or time or work is required. 

These pages are often filled with hypes, promises, and many guaranties of large sums of money. And that, with a little investment or entry fee.

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Some pages promote webinars, retail stores online, automated content generators that will make you win money regularly, just like magic.

The truth is, these pages share the same structure and advertisement strategies, making them easy to identify. 

However, not everyone can realize what is behind all the hype and fake promises. And sometimes, desperation makes people make decisions.

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You Gen Bots Quick Facts

You Gen Bots Review
  • Creators: Brendan Mace and Jason Fulton
  • Product: You Gen Bots
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Niche: Blogging
  • Launch Date: May 13, 2020
  • Official website: click here (Not an Affiliate Link)
  • Front-End Price: $13
  • Bonuses: Yes, (to push the sales)
  • Guarantee: Yes, 30 Day Money-Back, but Doubtful
  • Support Rеѕроnѕе: Not on my experience with similar products
  • Recommended: No

What You Gen Bots Offers in a nutshell?

You Gen Bots Software Review

I ran across You Gen Bots, and I realized that you could fall for the advertisement. And the promises, and all the benefits they are offering for a low entry fee.

Also, there are positive reviews and sometimes from high authority sources, but that doesn’t mean you can trust.

These positive reviews promote the offer, basically, so there is a lot of fluff on the reviews.

The website advertises a daily income of $350 or more, with just one click after acquiring the service. By activating the self-proclaimed bots that would take care of making you rich. 

Everyone likes the prospect of being rich with minimum effort. I happened to fall for these kinds of offers before because they were well disguised and expertly crafted to attract many people hungry for riches.

I decided to unveil facts and put the cards over the table, so you can make the right decision.

Why Wouldn’t I Buy You Gen Bots?

As a previous client of these kinds of software (a different one) and in particular, in this case, from one of the owners of this product, I experienced the frustration of falling for these commercial tricks and strategies, disguised as the holy grail of money-making. 

Here is my experience with another product: 1 Page Profits.

The interface of 1 Page Profits looks the same as You Gen Bots, so it is already something not to trust for me.

What is the You Gen Bots Promise That Is Not Possible?

Easy Money With Automated Blog Content

You Gen Bots offers to give you easy money creating automated blog post. After you get the service and picked a category, the bots will get to work and deliver the new content and funds to my account.

Because it is a service focused on blogging, the bots are meant to access any blog related to my interest, steal the content, and edit it to become original content. So I will get money with others’ work, doesn’t sound very ethical, does it?

Speaking about ethical, here is my number one recommendation if you want to learn how to make money online, and staying away from this and many other not recommended systems:

High Daily Income Fast

You Gen Bots are supposed to make the stolen content a great source of interest to the internet users, attracting millions of visits and net me a minimum of $350 per day. 

This is so extensively advertised that anyone without knowledge, desperate, and unprevented, could fall for that, without asking themselves a fundamental question: why aren’t more people rich with this? 

The answer is simple; just like with any website similar to this one, the main focus is to perceive the attention of potential unaware users, get their entry fee, and not do anything afterward. 

The ones that get comfortable income without doing anything are the creators of these webpages.

Inexpensive Fees For A Full Service

The page is offering hyped promises and exciting the benefits that we are supposed to have. The real content and minimum services are hidden in more expensive monthly fees, depending on what you pay.

For example, this site uses a constant pop-up when you enter, when you scroll down. And when you are going to exit the website. Pop-ups may be healthy to help you not to lose and opportunity, but enough is enough.

These pop-ups offer a “limited offer” of getting a special discount before 30 minutes elapse. They bombard you continuously with these limited offers to the point that you feel the pressure.

It is also something you can detect from the very beginning when you see that countdown on the page’s top.

See this short video below, how when I reload the page, the counter goes back to the same time.

Watch this short video for a clear example of False Scarcity

That is fake scarcity, they are making you think you will lose the opportunity of the offer, a better price, or a discount after that period, but that period is not real.

Making Money Like A True Blogger

Furthermore, the very promise of acquiring more than $41,000 on a slice of life blog, a recipe blog that earns you $46,000 a month, seems very unlikely; not even the greatest chefs and celebrities perceive that mucho with just the existence of a random blog.

Is It Possible To Make Money Blogging Without You Gen Bots?

There are indeed bloggers that perceive that money and more. But they have achieved that over time and with ethics and sacrifice, and using the right strategies and platform.

Blogging can be a fantastic way of income, mainly through Affiliate Marketing, but you need to learn the right skills and know there is a process. It doesn’t happen in auto-pilot, at least not at first. And it doesn’t happen in one or a few clicks. 

When you create and administer a blog, you need to be constant, proactive and update your content frequently to keep your hard-earned followers.

If you want to learn the real secrets of the true bloggers, and become a successful online entrepreneur, you need the best platform.

So What Is What You Gen Bots Do?

When you acquire the service of You Gen Bots, the artificial intelligence will do the bare minimum to create a real blog, with the promise of constant update and maintenance by the servers, requiring little to none input from the user. 

And it doesn’t end there.

You will get a lot of offers to upgrade to better features, and they are very costly.

Watch this video review about You Gen Bots, and you will make your own conclusions.

Another hype promise made by You Gen Bots is that the service will provide you with the required amount of followers and viewers for your content.

In other words, traffic.

The only ways to get traffic to your website are:

  • Have a real website
  • Write or outsource quality, engaging, helpful, and relevant content.
  • SEO Optimization 
  • Social Media Influencing, among others

These are things that you can learn how to do. I have put together a step-by-step guide. You can sign up below and get it in your inbox.

Is it You Gen Bots Any Good For Blogging?

Not Your Own Site Or Content

I am saying that the service doesn’t even meet the minimum blogging criteria for its clients. It makes the use of bots to steal new content and rearrange it and create new “original” content. 

Payments Up And Down. No Free Trial

That is the question and the question is also about the extra features that the software offers over and over to the user who pays the minimum entry fee to get the service.

The truth behind those supposed benefits is that any beginner client that lacks the basic knowledge about DFY and investment programs won’t be able to see the truth behind the walls of deception masquerade by a limited offer that gives you a product supposedly valued around $5,000.

There is not even an option for a free trial. The goal of this site is to take money upfront and in other upgrade pages.

Doubtful Testimonials

Like many other similar services, this website provides a chart that shows the income of many satisfied clients. The curious part is that you can find this same chart on many other websites with a similar scheme and advertisement. 

Not only that, but these pages tend to show multiple reviews from “satisfied users,” which only serve to give a testament about how they became millionaires in just a few days, with minimum effort.

Obviously those testaments are unreal.

Questionable Service And Guarantee

The truth about any system of this kind is that they only serve to get your immediate investment. And then wash their hands when you have any complaint or problem with the service you just acquired.

Or convince you to keep on buying upgrades. 

You can’t fall for these attractive promises of being rich within hours. Not with no effort, and only investing less than $20, and with no monthly fee.

And another possibly unreal commitment is the 30-day money-back guarantee, if it doesn’t work for you.

I doubt it, based on my experience shared above.

These services will give you so many promises that you may even leave your job and let the illusion of richness take over you. It happened so many times.

To stay away from these and gain true insight and vast knowledge, with real people support, you need to join my community.

A Legit Way To Make Money Online And Final Words

So looking at this product, I do not recommend it. You will waste your time and money; there will be an effort to put into some settings for sure, nothing is DFY in this world, nothing!

And so you need to know that, in opposition to these kinds of systems, there is a different program that you can follow and master to make passive income.

This program will show you how to be a real blogger and provide you with the tools to become one and monetize your blog ethically.

So if you want to have a real business online, click on the button below, and don’t worry. Unlike systems out there to take your hard-earned money, you will get value in advance.

It is a very high value in education and tools to start doing a real business online and to make yourself scam-safe. 

So you can try before paying anything to anyone, and you can upgrade when you are sure of what you getting. Most importantly: No hidden fees!

I hope you enjoyed my You Gen Bots review.

If you found this post of useful advice, please share it, and if you have any questions or comments, please use the comments box below, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being here!

If you think others will benefit or enjoy, share! Thank You!

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Pablo, another eye-opening review on your site, well done.
    Whenever I read of such fake promises, programs to make you rich in a blink of an eye, the same question arises in me as you asked in this review: if it is so easy and doesn’t require almost anything in return, why don’t we have every second man on the planet filthy rich? Only because some of us happened not to come across that particular program yet?
    And, how people’s mind don’t pop-up that question when they read the surrealistic “guarantees”?
    I guess it works exactly as it has been planned, targeting the inexperienced ones, who are searching for online business opportunities, and as such, they are sadly ready to believe lack of this or that program was the only one thing that kept them apart from a huge wealth. Sad.

    1. Indeed Kerryanne,
      Unfortunately, we will always have the problem of innocent being targetted, but also those that are not so innocent because they don’t want to move a finger.
      Either way, I hope this article opens more eyes, and more people opt for the best systems.

  2. Thanks for this post. It serves as a good reminder that you can get something for nothing. I fell prey to one of these sorts of systems once and it was a complete waste of money, plus it was pretty difficult to use and so was quite useless. I think you can always notice when content is created by a bot rather than a person. It’s never very good. Do you know if Google spots this type of content? Surely they don’t rank it so what would be the point. Thanks for the warning anyway.

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for your comments. Indeed, there is nothing that pays better than doing good work, and it pays exponentially.
      As exponentially as you will lose money by following these kinds of systems, some of them I also linked to in my You Gen Bots review.
      Now to your question: Google algorithm for rankings is hugely complex, and for the most, an absolute secret is only known by their top engineers and developers.
      And I do believe that there is no easy way to trick Google with spun content. They have that covered most surely, and if anything can be done to cheat rankings, it will be discovered with new updates to the algorithm, and the consequences for the content spinners will be disastrous in terms of ranking or even getting out of the index.

  3. Hi, great article, I heard about You Gen Bots before, and it was a review as similar to yours. I did a lot of search before starting at WA and happy to not have registered to Gen Bots. Thank you for this information

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